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  2020-07-16 10:51:32,SEO研究中心May 11, the mayor of Shulan Jinhua said Shulan will enter a state of war, to take the most stringent control measures, go all out epidemic prevention and control. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieMaren Yi: the punishment is, in my company does not have employees on safety education and training, as well as failing to display warning signs at fire shutter button on the grounds that the company fined 280,000 yuan; for me personally, I say mismanagement punished 10000 multivariate.I refused to accept this punishment, I punished myself to accept, I accept my management is not in place.Penalties for businesses, and I think the accident at the building site, construction site management should belong to the enterprise, our business is the production and marketing enterprises, security management responsibilities to the scene of the construction site shall be borne by the contractor and subcontractors; we installed when there is wearing a helmet, but when debugging should be managed by a guard or security officer construction site.Also, I produced the fire shutter doors are weak, not a high-risk enterprise, there is no significant danger or risk factor, our industry did not need to say that the relevant provisions set up warning signs.Security training, because the deceased made a security officer certificate, even set up, I think I should not be the company to set up warning signs.I was not satisfied with the process of these administrative penalties on the grounds that after the incident, deal with this matter of administrative coordination through my company and construction companies, etc. A few parties.A construction company since then been punished for their qualifications influential, was coordinated by the money come out of them, let us bear the punishment.We consulted three times, subcontractors are anchored in the A private construction company, when accidents occur they are not in the field, the project manager, safety officer, construction workers are not on site.Zhang Jun: a certain way to the scene of the fire shutter doors for debugging, it should be said to have experienced it?。。Maren Yi: The main is the time of their construction, the door is (need) to open, go after he found the door closed, he just wanted to open the door.。

  Zhang: If you have finished commissioning and acceptance, then you have the obligation to do what you company?The commissioning of the day is to fulfill contractual obligations or contracts outside?Hohhot Intermediate People's Court hearing that the defendant is found guilty of accepting bribes Qin, the crime of illegal issuance of loans, sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property; Qi Qin identified accomplices guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to five years and fined two hundred thousand yuan.Zhang Jun: This is a long term negative impact?Maren Yi: Zhang seized by these words that you speak of, I think I will stop here today in this case, the state in which the rule of law and a development process.。

  Original title: Do not panic stabilize!Jilin Shulan ready Contagion ready。。

  Zhang: As a company manager, you want to supervise, in any case should pension, a good deal with the aftermath.,Zhang Jun: You are always horse's assistant?。

{标题}:According to reports, during the previous closing, Park museum practice "not close the exhibition closed," since the Spring Festival accumulated push science topic line "garden online classroom" more than 50 in number and other official public platform, involving museum collections , exhibition, landscape, plants etc..Meanwhile, on the line 720 ° panoramic virtual tour system, "says Garden," let the audience in on the phone and the computer "stroll garden".
Maren Yi: 1.35 million has now been put in storage, then pay taxes now and December may have 1.6 million yuan to 180 million yuan in the way.From my starting a business has never owed a penny over employees.

  Original title: two-day discovery confirmed cases, there is a big movement in Wuhan,恐Maren Yi: I heard today seized Zhang, Li said such inspection, I could also go on to tangle, today, I can see you is how I can imagine, never expect to meet today's higher offices and leadership, did not think the Attorney General I can personally liberating case.Lirong Chen: I want to track, we should continue to implement.Zhang Jun: just send procuratorial proposals, and their leaders to communicate the decision on punishment wavering, unclear situation.At that time know to deal with this matter may be fair, but let the parties, the people did not feel.I work in the judiciary, we have some comrades that such an approach.I met a big city leaders said the judiciary to petition the people: "You go tell it on Beijing!"Extremely irresponsible.Finally, because this person was convicted of taking bribes sentenced.So I said we should learn a lesson, this is called the Correctional day, this day is the people.。

  Zhang: Good.Overall listen carefully.You know, I just returned from Beijing this is over, we come to understand the work of the prosecution's case.This case is just to know.Why not liberating Beijing?That requires us to petition work, and strive to send home the law, trying to send you the door of the complainant's fair.Solve business troubles and worried something is Xi Jinping, general secretary of the instructions and requirements.I have a whole down to listen, think you, as executives of enterprises, is very competent, very pattern, and some of the families of the victims of our past, or only focus on their own or reception is not very objectively describe different things, I think You really make my heart very admirable.So your business development was also very smooth, especially for the thoughtful way of a consideration as their employees, dedicated staff after the accident to deal with the aftermath, did not let it become a social problem.You do to corporate responsibility for employees, but also to make corporate social responsibility.What you have done is very good indeed, you did it.Just listen to down a whole, you have a strong sense of responsibility, which you gave me a deep impression; second, it is the case, this is a comprehensive liability cases, is a tragedy.Overall, the accident comprehensive responsibility for the accident, your company was punished, subcontractors responsible people have been punished, Supervisor also was penalized, on the whole is quite balanced in this sense is.After an administrative penalty you go to court, the court after the first trial, second trial and retrial in the High Court proceedings are maintained, and the court is designated jurisdiction, originally dealt with by a district court case assigned to another district court, but also in order to prevent the court the possible impact of the executive authorities, from the program or fair.Can you still believe in the entity injustice.But you appeal court has maintained, no change final referee.By law you to the prosecution appeal that is legitimate, is in line with the program, we accept branch, in charge of the Attorney General is directly responsible for, but also reflects the high priority.As early as 2010, Shanghai started "high-quality care activities", continue to promote quality care resources to the grassroots level radiation.Currently, the city all the secondary and tertiary hospitals have achieved full coverage of quality care, community health centers continue to create unique quality care.With "Internet + care" and long-term care insurance system, promoting quality care to the community and extended family.。”但Zhang Jun: These are companies out humanitarian, for their own employees or feel more guilty about the money, right?Zhang Jun: Brothers feelings.Ok.Original title: Do not panic stabilize!Jilin Shulan ready Contagion ready。

  After East Lake Evergreen Street, San Min district of cases diagnosed six cases.May 10 the same day, Hubei prevention headquarters issued a circular that Wuhan East Lake to adjust the level of risk from low risk to medium risk, the province's other counties (cities, districts) are maintaining a low risk.The emergence of new cases for two consecutive days crown pneumonia community clusters of disease, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the Liaison Group has been to the Wuhan East Lake Sanmin district, Wuchang District, China Resources Oak Bay Area, Hengda the capital and the surrounding market area, on-site investigation inspection, supervision guiding the implementation of prevention and control measures.:The reason I say this is actually some of our investigators, law enforcement judicial capacity shortage problem, which is very possible, what we would like to send procuratorial suggestion of the executive branch: Zhang Jun.Later, you can continue with the appeal Lee seized.Or you feel today after our conversation, your own is to continue to move forward, the development of stronger business, or how to choose ah?。






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