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  2020-06-22 09:08:14,SEO研究中心State-owned enterprises is an important pillar of the national economy.In epidemic prevention and control, the state-owned enterprises into full play the role of the main force, the force.In promoting the return to work the complex production process, the state-owned enterprises operating at full capacity, the first to return to work the resumption of production in order to "point" with "chain", driven by the upstream and downstream businesses, seize the opportunity to lead the reform and innovation, is the main force, the new force, but also the Chinese economy "pillar" "ballast stone", as do the "six steady" work to implement the "six guarantees" mission to make a positive contribution.He told several angles knife brother.China Telecom vigorously promote cloud network integration, accelerate the digital transformation.At the same time, strengthen the research 5G core technology and promote industrial maturity 5GSA.China Telecom Guizhou company with cloud monitoring, travel trajectory query, epidemic prevention and control in telecommunications and other big data and big data applications online services, help re-strikes.。。Vice president of a logistics company in Shenzhen China and the EU to help customers booking trains freight services Mr. Yan said that since February, there are some new customers came to the door.Yan said that shipments of personal protective equipment accounts for part of the additional demand.In addition, for the first time to use the rail services shipped to European retailers in the spring series of apparel suppliers, as well as Germany and the Netherlands to fulfill urgent orders automobile factory auto parts suppliers, but also during the outbreak companies list.。

  Yan said that during the epidemic, the customer sees as compared to maritime transport, air transport reliability of rail services, I believe they will choose long-term Central Europe Trains.(Author Teli Fu Moss, D Yuqing translation) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang JianliAlthough in recent years the international community in Washington to do more and more unpopular things in the world "tired of the United States" or even "anti-American" sound enhancement, but the United States remains the world's number one power, in many areas of economy, trade, science and technology, education, etc. stay ahead.Trump such words relentless, no matter afterwards will not be changed to, we are not just talking about it when he.American stubborn anti-China faction also recognize that this "strong in the United States and weak", that this is to "contain China's rise," the last time to the.While decoupling even sever all ties with the US will also suffer losses, but those anti-China faction careful accounting, found "strong in the United States and weak" environment of the lower cost of the United States, and therefore will be intensified.。

  Observers pointed out that the United States and Europe vaccine competition is not a bad thing, so that more countries can be concerned about human health problems.(Aoki translation) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Liu Guangbo。。

  Requirements for screening, in principle, municipal and district financial 1: 1 ratio of share.Wuhan City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters appealed to the public to dispel concerns, and actively cooperate with the screening, and others responsible for their own.,Xi Jinping pointed out, accelerating the epidemic from spreading in Africa.Under your leadership, the South African government adopted a series of measures to deal with the epidemic, achieved positive results.China will continue to give firm support for South Africa and assistance within its capacity, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in health.China is ready to maintain regular communication in South Africa in the BRIC countries, the Group of Twenty, the United Nations and other multilateral platform to strengthen cooperation, promote South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership development, and jointly safeguard the fundamental interests of both countries and the developing countries.。

{标题}:Electronic grade polysilicon material as the basis for integrated circuits forefront of strategic raw materials, production technology and the market has long been the monopoly of foreign.After the completion of the first domestic annual output of 2,500 tons of electronic grade polysilicon production line, the Yellow River State Power Investment Company is committed to promoting technology upgrading.Currently, IBC efficient battery production efficiency up to 23.3%, and 23 are formed.5% Production efficiency programs; N-type TOPCon production efficiency bifacial cell average efficiency breakthrough 23.2%, to achieve industry-leading levels of.
But the United States will be ready yet?of course not.On technology products, it lost the Chinese this huge market, you want to Zhaobu, will be very strenuous, Moreover, the decline in sales will weaken the US high-tech research and development of power.US markets will slow down the company's R & D.

  Original title: Jia Xiuquan thumbs up women's progress three years, they are truly the next generation of women's football!,恐Lack of Sino-US cooperation in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, exacerbated by a pandemic worldwide.In fact, there is no lack of opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.First, global health emergencies is not a zero-sum.US denigrate China's role in the epidemic to global anti-Chinese agitation, changing not change the power, but also help to curb the spread of the virus, it will destroy the economic costs and make the deaths to a minimum of cooperation.Secondly, cooperation needs China to be transparent, for scientific cooperation to curb the epidemic and treatment as soon as possible.Third, the US must re-establish dialogue with the Chinese senior expert, optimize collaboration, timely response to potential crises.Finally, the United States must abandon unilateralism, cooperation with China, to strengthen the leading role of the WHO in the fight against global diseases.On the economic level, the United States would pull its allies, including Western European countries, Japan and South Korea, to build independent trade finance system, this system is definitely exclude China, Russia and other countries.In this regard, China may also be self-contained, to the time of the world economy, it may not globalization, but "hemisphere" of the.National Grid Zhang Liming Tianjin Binhai power supply branch employees in addition to visits to check the power supply facilities every day, also became a member of community prevention and control duty.More than a year ago, when he was general secretary of the Tianjin to visit the scene vividly cordial exchange."General Secretary encouraged us to concentrate on business investment in innovation, so that we are very excited!"Said Zhang Liming.On the basis of good prevention on the national grid in 3205 construction projects all return to work in mid-March.Qinghai - Henan HVDC, Zhangbei - male Ante high-voltage AC and other nine in the construction of UHV construction project has entered the high-intensity state.。

  Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee Executive Vice President, Marvin vice mayor of Beijing, said Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee attaches great importance to the sustainability of the winter working to implement it as "green, sharing, openness, honesty and" do an important part of the Austrian concept, as practice the spirit of innovation "Olympic agenda 2020" of specific initiatives.Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee set up a sustainable winter leading group, set up a sustainability consulting and recommendations of the Committee, mobilizing domestic forces to jointly promote the Beijing Olympic Winter Games sustainability work.In order to further strengthen the protection of labor rights of women giving birth, Tan Lin Ti the following recommendations:。”但National Grid to adjust the annual amount of investment in fixed assets, increase new investment in infrastructure to spur social investment 900 billion yuan.UHV construction project billion dollar level of firepower, the new energy vehicle charging facilities projects focused on linkage started, driven by strong power supply, electrical equipment, energy-using equipment, raw materials and other supporting industries resumed production complex.Vanguard: the first to return to work to resume productionMay 14, Wuhan held a "strengthening of the city to speed up the detection of nucleic acid screening of asymptomatic infection" will work to deploy the next period of time, the public will be the city of Wuhan and orderly conduct of nucleic acid testing, asymptomatic infection further to find out the real, then effective control, people across the country assured, so people feel at ease in Wuhan.。

  Talk about the future, in the present juncture, leaving China, the United States needed masks, breathing machine who will supply it?As for the "national security", "diplomacy" and respect the personnel on both sides, Taiwan media have disclosed that, "Defense Minister" Yan Tak will remain, but the "National Security Council Secretary-General" may turn Renhai Ji Li Dawei be chairman.14, and the island vibe "Presidential Office Secretary-General" Chen Chu or take office."United Daily News" said, "national security team" reshuffle involving the two sides, "diplomacy", Tsai Ing-wen attaches great importance to non-finalized until the last moment will not easily."Wang reported that" analysis said that China and the United States recently moves frequently, Taiwan caught in the middle, "foreign minister" Joseph Wu to follow the US "anti-China", also own when the main character, into the drama too deep, in fact, Taiwan is just bit-part player, "too grab sooner or later they will be kicked out of the field of play. ".The Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Chen Ming-tong think good communication, but into the Internet age technology becomes clumsy, "Joseph Wu and Chen Ming-tong fate of the two men, are clear-cut political signal.".:Manufacturing is the lifeblood of the national economy.General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about the development of the manufacturing sector, in the study of iron equipment in May 2014, put forward the "three changes" an important discussion."We are actively practicing general secretary of the important instructions of 'three changes', to seize the technological high ground, to promote the industrial chain to upgrade the quality, production and sales for three consecutive years in the world."Railway equipment party secretary and chairman Tan Shunhui briefed reporters, iron shield machine production equipment procurement chain scattered around the world, moving upstream and downstream chain of nearly 800 companies.During the epidemic, more than 70% of suppliers was severely affected.Companies active docking, strengthen information linkage, to achieve production were bought for the same resonance frequency, open up the supply chain "last kilometer".。

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