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Netizens have commented(C) promoting convergence of high-quality industrial data.Organize industrial resources survey data, guide enterprises to strengthen data resource management, data visualization, manageable, usable, credible.Statistical data integration and data monitoring key areas, raw materials, equipment, consumer goods, electronics and information industry, building a national database.Support enterprises to build data aggregation platform, multi-source heterogeneous data integration and aggregation."I did not check out the infection in case of positive, negative, or check out the sick, how to do?"In response to this worry the public, Peng Yanqiong said that if the nucleic acid testing positive, conscious without any symptoms, that is asymptomatic infection, due to possible contagious, asymptomatic infection need to obey the command of centralized quarantine medical observation management, with checks timely medical treatment; if nucleic acid testing negative, consciously related symptoms, must be to find a specialist hospital for diagnosis based on symptoms and test results, to be rule out other suspected cases after treatment.(15) Strengthening industrial product development data security.Conduct encrypted transmission, access control, data security, etc. desensitization technology research, to enhance the anti-tamper, anti-theft, anti-leakage ability.Accelerate the development of key enterprises security, enhanced data security services, foster good ecological security industry.Naval vessels reply:Wuhan Qiaokou Liujiaoting Street Community Health Center nurse Peng Yanxia said: "After we finished picking everyone nucleic acid, will be disinfected and then sampled as the next person, so there is no cross-infection."Today startedOriginal title: Shenyang No. 17 issued notices to postpone back to school back to schoolWhen crossing the Gulf of AdenIt recommended that the whole family to do nucleic acid detectionEmployment as people's livelihood, is the top priority, but also with the "Six stability" among the "steady employment" coincidence.Worst hit by SARS, more this year to reduce employment needs of enterprises, some recruitment delays or cancellations.In the first quarter, 229 million new jobs in cities and towns, a deceleration of 95 million people, visible to the naked eye pressure.Carnegie Moscow Center of China and Central Asia expert Jie Muer · Umarov said the economic situation in each country is different, so the response to new outbreaks of different crown.He said some countries have announced substantial economic stimulus plan, while China has been focusing on the recovery of domestic consumption and help SMEs.Wuhan many people have already received the messageAlthough the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the world's second largest economy China's economy caused by the attacks, but some experts believe that China has long been preparing for possible crisis.

(Viii) development of industrial data demonstration.Organize big data industry application pilot demonstration, summed up the promotion of industrial big data application methods, develop evaluation criteria application level big data industry, to strengthen the assessment of the status of local and enterprise applications.Today startedChina Earthquake Networks officially measured: May 16 00 31 points in Wuwei City, Gansu Minqin County (latitude 39.10 ° N 103.65 degrees) occurs 3.Level 3 earthquake, the focal depth of 19 one thousand meters. Editor: Zhang JianliThe meeting stressed the need to continue to maintain substantial inventory, good quality, safe storage of momentum.At the same time, expedite the implementation of laws and regulations building food security, efforts to strengthen the policy of food Chengchuqiye internal controls and the main responsibility.Wuhan Qiaokou water community party secretary Yaohan Hua said: "The great battle, let us find out the real, the actual situation of our district, our hearts even more bottom, help us and carry out prevention and control."

Hubei University of nucleic acids, antibodies detectionPeng Yanqiong said nucleic acid testing detected only reflect the state at the time, and also to rule out the possibility of false negatives.However, the public need not be too nervous.The new crown is diagnosed with pneumonia and related clinical symptoms and other test results into account, if a fever, cough and other symptoms immediately to the hospital for investigation. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengLong live with family members, as long as a family member to do it on the line of nucleic acid detection check?First Hospital of Wuhan recently received a lot of public calls, as well as the necessity of infection among family counseling family do nucleic acid detection.Experts suggest:Subsequently, the reporter went to the Port District water plant communities Rongqiao Jinjiang district, the old district is not the point here though screening, but the pre-infection rate is high, there have been more than 40 cases of confirmed cases, therefore, the notification to the General Assembly at war after community to act quickly, set the detection channel, to take "a course, imported not only into, do not stay, do not gather" test form.MIIT micro newspaper micro-channel public number May 13 news, Industry and Information Technology recently issued "Guidance on big data development industry," clearly the promotion of industrial data aggregation sharing, deepening the data fusion innovation, improve data management capabilities and strengthen data security management, focused on creating rich resources, application of prosperity, industrial progress, governance and orderly industrial big data ecosystem.And to speed up the convergence of data and promote data sharing, deepening the application data, improve data governance, strengthen data security, promote industrial development, strengthen security, and other 21 organizations guidance on seven areas.Wuhan many people have already received the message

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments (Big Data industry department):Trial, prosecutors presented evidence that the defendant Zhao and his defense attorney cross-examination, the prosecution and defense to fully express their views under the auspices of the court, Zhao made a final statement and pleaded guilty in court repentance.Ministry of Industry and Information Technology guidance on the development of large industrial dataI did not expect to soon receive a replyMay State Council executive meeting held on the 6th stressed the need to make "six guarantees" as the focal point of the "six steady" work to stabilize basic economic plate.Institute for Economic and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the world Sergey Luke Ning said the Chinese economy has become more stable in the past decade.He said, "They now know where to go," especially during this crisis all contact with the Internet and digital services together.Tomorrow the second batch, will be front-line staff and epidemic prevention have resumed the administrative staff for testing.May 11, Wuhan City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquartersMay 11 meeting of the National Federation of Democratic Party Central Committee leaders and personages without party affiliation on behalf of the forum, Li said the policy adjustment stable focus should be placed six, the sixth security, security of employment prominent residents, protect the basic livelihood of the people, insurance market players, energy security, food security, supply chain security chain stability and keeping the grassroots operation.(Xix) a sound working mechanism to promote.Provincial industry and information technology departments (Big Data industry department) to establish a working mechanism to promote industry Big Data, Big Data will coordinate development of local industry development.Encourage local conditions around the strengthening of policy innovation, research major issues, evaluation of the implementation of policy advice, help industry innovative big data applications.International expert Mr Leung also expressed a similar view.He said: "China always has a long-term strategic thinking, China better able to cope with any crisis."▲ May 10, China Jinan Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Jinan Public Works machinery segment working at the construction site.In recent days, a stock Road reconstruction at Central Europe as well as the Beijing-Shanghai railway trains, Jinan important railway hub along the railway, China Jinan Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Jinan West Station.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kaishe)Central Discipline Inspection Commission website issued a document disclosed tonight, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State Oversight Committee has been seized, sealed and transferred to judicial organs involved in the case of Zhao property equivalent to a total of about 6.3.1 billion yuan.At the same time, also seized, frozen and Zhao real estate and equity-related, totaling about $ 100 million.Yan Zhijian his early years working in Lanzhou Municipal Office, Municipal People's Congress, Yuzhong County, the city government, Anning District, Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, etc..Since December 2013, Yan Zhijian as Lanzhou municipal government party members, the deputy mayor, until December 2016 went CPPCC office."Emergency Notice on the city's new crown viral nucleic acid screening of"

(Vii) the promotion of industrial application data depth.Speed up the whole process of application data, data-driven development of new formats to create new models to guide enterprises with good business aspects of data.Feng Limin said the white deer, white deer, etc. are regarded as national treasures or fetish in ancient times, found a history of very rare white deer.In addition to 1981 found that one in Inner Mongolia, white roe deer literature dates back to the Qing dynasty Qianlong.Today, we take a look at Wuhan East LakeAnd how to be part of the community of Port DistrictState Council executive meeting held on April 28 this year a good job in talking about deputies and CPPCC members suggestions and proposals for, calling for "the focus on doing 'six stable' work to implement the 'six security' mission, extensive listen to all sectors of society comments, delegates and members need to ask asking asked policy ".If I call for help.In addition, the current global epidemic to the inflection point yet, inside and outside the complex and challenging situation, energy security, food security, supply chain security chain stability and keeping grass-roots operation, sucked economic development initiative firmly in their hands an important starting point.Moon Jae-in said that under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, China's new crown to fight pneumonia epidemic achieved significant results, I highly appreciate, I wish the upcoming Chinese success of two of the country!South Korea and China ideas and initiatives to combat the epidemic similar to fruitful cooperation in the fight against SARS, in particular, launched the first "fast channel", delivered a strong signal of solidarity and cooperation between the two countries, but also set a good example for the world.The Chinese side is willing to continue to communicate ROK cooperation, strengthen mutual trust and solidarity to promote the international community to play an active role to overcome the epidemic.South Korea expect to maintain close communication with China to push bilateral relations have developed. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang ShenOriginal title: South Korean President Xi Jinping with Moon Jae-in phoneOriginal title: South Korean President Xi Jinping with Moon Jae-in phoneBeijing News News (Reporter Yang Yijing) began in late March 2019, the country had over the quantity and quality of food stocks a large inventory of nearly a year.May 13, the national policy of the quantity and quality of food stocks a large inventory summary video conference was held in Beijing.It was noted that the current number of food stocks to meet consumer demand for more than one year of normal national population, food quality is generally good.Central Discipline Inspection Commission website issued a document disclosed tonight, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State Oversight Committee has been seized, sealed and transferred to judicial organs involved in the case of Zhao property equivalent to a total of about 6.3.1 billion yuan.At the same time, also seized, frozen and Zhao real estate and equity-related, totaling about $ 100 million.

The group mentioned that this is the year in January and April respectively Vale do Rio Doce, another new progress after Australia's BHP Billiton completed the first single of RMB cross-border settlement and continue with.So far, Wu Po between China and the world's top three iron ore suppliers have been achieved RMB cross-border settlement of iron ore deal.Reuters website screenshot




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