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  2020-05-26 08:35:14,SEO研究中心The number of college graduates this year reached 8.74 million, an increase of 400,000 year on year.The new crown by pneumonia epidemic, downward pressure on economic and other factors affecting overlay, complicated and grim employment situation.In a news conference on the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education Student Division Wang Hui, the Ministry of Education has introduced a number of initiatives with the relevant departments.Among them, Undergraduate, graduate enrollment will be an increase in the size of 51.10000.Chen Ji analysis, under the macro fiscal and monetary policy to stimulate and guide the financing needs of the real economy continued to recover in April.April 3 total social financing.09 trillion, higher than the same period of the last two years.Agency financial growth rebound to some extent represents the will of the real sector credit expansion.From the data reflects the current situation in terms of the domestic economic recovery is on track, although not 100%, but the trend is positive and optimistic, floor effects of macroeconomic policy is also significant.Source: Department of Ecology Environment micro-channel public number Editor: Zheng Yapeng。。United States accounts for less than 5% of the world population, the number of newly diagnosed crown pneumonia accounted for about 30% of the world."New York Times" laments, United States 8-week death toll crown pneumonia, was more than eight years the number of deaths during the Vietnam War.As the best national medical conditions in the world, the United States confirmed cases and deaths actually highest in the world, to become the new crown a major exporter of pneumonia epidemic, causing huge pressure on the global epidemic prevention and control, it is incredible.。

  Series of special recruitment activities organized Hubei graduatesYangtze Estuary Chinese Sturgeon is endangered aquatic organisms and mystus, knife anchovy fishery resources such as spawning grounds, feeding grounds and migration routes, to protect the Yangtze River estuary tidal wetlands of great significance.But City Water Authority (city Oceanic Administration) wetland conservation work on the Yangtze River Estuary inadequate attention, failure to require strict control of beach development activities.Since 2013, Shanghai Land Reserve Center implemented nine laps around the beach project in the Yangtze River estuary, where the four projects without obtaining the river construction project approval procedures, illegal occupy the beach 7.33 acres.Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing Wuwen JuanHong Kong's education that have long to solve this problem, first of all sectors of society should reach a consensus, a comprehensive review of the education sector has long suffered "spiritual opium" against.You know, condone, "Huang Shih" is condoned stretch black hands of young people, is poison the next generation; faire "toxic materials" hatred and violence spread unchecked, it is to put students into the dark and dangerous.。

  Whether it should take responsibility for hidden epidemic?In the end when the epidemic was first appeared in the United States?Throughout the United States last year, the so-called "flu" in possession in the end how many new cases of pneumonia crown?US tight-lipped about why key information on its function, use a safety factor of biological laboratories in the world such as the establishment of?The United States can invite WHO and national experts to look into?。。

  Original title: The five-day!Shandong summer college entrance examination registration fee May 25 launch!,One end of a full range of on-line sales, the rapid expansion of users.。

{标题}:Original title: Henan Xinyang a primary school face brushed into the campus for a fee local Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC involved in the investigation
Exposure to American politics virus epidemic

  May 12, the first 105 games in Beijing novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control press conference.Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Xu Jian gave a presentation, to continue to do prevention and control of epidemic situation of judgments and assessments.School districts to implement the main responsibility and territorial responsibility, adhere to the case of a school, the class as a unit to achieve closed-loop management, in an orderly return to school to resume classes.,恐Hong Kong SAR Government to respond positively to the education sector should also appeal to the majority of parents, strike out, ban "Huang Shih" "toxic materials", strengthen the management of teachers, training and assessment, to strengthen the audit checks of materials, thorough purge of the current education in Hong Kong all the chaos.Teachers to spread hatred and violence compliance with professional codes of education, how to deal with?Distortion of the facts, fabrications "poison textbook" is how to enter the campus, should be how to regulate?How to adapt to the establishment of a "one country two systems" teachers?This is the Hong Kong SAR Government can not shirk responsibility for education sector.According to the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau informed that the recent weekday morning and evening peak urban traffic pressure, part of the passenger stations, some hospitals surrounding traffic jams more frequently.Cooperation between government and business platform, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure to meet the "new service" demand for new infrastructure."New service", the focus is not the flow of dividends harvest, but a new infrastructure.This new class of infrastructure not only include hardware, such as 5G, intelligent logistics facilities, and other things, but also includes various software and service platform.Software should be actively developed by a variety of "new services" platform.By government-enterprise cooperation, and promote the construction of new infrastructure.Again, no catering truck, catering cabinet intelligent, smart courier cabinets and other facilities, is of great significance for the development of new services.These facilities are large upfront investment, long payback period, need to have some policy support.In some areas, you can pilot a new service policies related infrastructure of public services.。

  However, from the point of view of productivity of the service sector, the general view is that when the economy to service stage, it may tend to decrease productivity, which is the cost disease services (Baumol's cost disease) problem.China's service industry labor productivity has been about 80% of manufacturing sector.For the service sector, a large number of areas that require face to face service manual service, which is an important reason leading to the rapid increase of productivity can not.Early life digital services, most start from the consumer side, emphasizing the value of traffic, emphasis on the use of digital means of drainage.To services digital life into a representative of the "new service", not simply expand the flow, the flow is not simply to expand the line to online traffic, but through the whole process of digital operations, improve service efficiency, continuous improvement of quality of service to enhance the consumer experience.。”但So, where residents' deposits go of it?Fourth, the "new service" has changed some of the inherent characteristics of the service economy.Inspectors found that, in recent years, with a substantial increase in the amount of nanotubes sewage, sewer overflows straight row cases have become more prominent.Municipal Water emphasis on the lack of sewage treatment capacity is not a problem, the sewage treatment capacity-building overall progress is slow, this should be on building the "five-second" period Taihe sewage treatment plants, Anting sewage treatment plant expansion project and other projects progress lags behind.2018, the city's sewage treatment plant sewage overflow traffic up to 58 tons / day, an increase of 45% compared with 2016 first-round Inspector.。

  During a recent morning rush hour, East, West, North Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road East, the North Fourth Ring Road, the southern section of the West Fourth Ring Road, East Fifth Ring, the North Fifth Ring, Chang'an Avenue and the extension cable (Wukesong Bridge - Trade Bridge ), Guangqu, Fushi, Lin Shi Road, River Road, Park Road viaduct and other urban main road traffic concentration, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengde, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway, Airport Expressway, Beijing Tong Quick Sihui bridge to bridge will double high speed traffic tide appears to Beijing, International Trade, Financial Street, Evergreen, new hair and other regional transport pressure.In particular Xizhimen - official Park Bridge traffic pressure, Wukesong, highlight sections of the new bridge.4 the end of deposits 202.26 trillion, an increase of 9.9%:During the evening peak, east, west, north of the city's Second Ring Road, Third, Fourth, Fifth Ring and Chang'an Avenue, Fushi and other tie-line traffic pressure, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengde, Airport Expressway, Beijing opened high-speed Beijing-fast, Fushi and other tie-line direction of Beijing there will be traffic jams.。

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