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  2020-05-30 23:11:17,SEO研究中心Ambassador Liu: In China, no one in reporter activity since been detained, some people were detained because of illegal activities.In China, no one is above the law, equality before the law.Reporters identity can not provide cover for any offense.Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) reporter noted that this group of candidates in the publicity including the proposed exceptional promotion "after 70" cadres Cuizhao Lei.Original title: temporary license and renewal Huawei had planted two moves could bear fruit。。Cuizhao Lei, male, Han nationality, Chinese Communist Party, was born in November 1976, a native of Anhui Dangshan, Provincial Party School graduate education, the current deputy director of Huaibei Municipal Research (presiding).。

  Case 2, female, born in 1975, the Department of May 13 confirmed cases in Jilin City, Jilin Province notified the fullness area close contacts 1.Jilin Chuanying joy to address the new legislation Village Township.Through close contact with nucleic acid testing positive by screening initiative, May 14 by the expert consultation province, city, diagnosed as confirmed cases.Liaoning aspects have been of three cases of close contacts and indirect contacts 1093 people were focused on observation or home quarantine, the risk to other people or 6434 people implemented a centralized home quarantine observation.Shenyang City, the 13th issued a circular to the requirements of Jilin Shen staff since April 22 changed all centralized quarantine for 21 days and carried out three times a nucleic acid detection.2003 occurred in Anhui's Fuyang "Big Head" event, and set off to denounce the siege of inferior milk powder, still smarting, aching.Today, Big Head reproduce, milk is an accident, but also hurt the infant, public opinion once again boiling.By news search, you can find, President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong May 6 afternoon went to the School of Journalism and Communication Research.。

  Article, Peng Gang said: repeated research school, careful decision-making, decided to significantly expand the scale of Graduate School of Journalism master's degree, college personnel training in the future mainly at the graduate level.。。

  Schools repeated research, careful decision-making, decided to significantly expand the scale of Graduate School of Journalism master's degree, college personnel training in the future mainly at the graduate level.,The wireless industry association CTIA urged the US Department of Commerce approved permit "long-term" on the grounds that "now is not prejudice the time operators around the world to maintain network health capabilities" "continuing but limited Huawei to secure market equipment and devices can be reduced US consumer risk the destruction of equipment, so that they benefit ", and also the restoration and revise its standards development work prior to authorization, to allow communication with Huawei, and promote the development of global telecommunications standards.。

{标题}:According to Bureau of Statistics, in April, retail sales 281.7 billion yuan, down 7 year.5% decline narrowed compared to March 8.3 percentage points; growth of 0.32%.1--4 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods 10.6758 trillion yuan, down 16 year.2%, a decline of 1 - 2 March narrowed.8 points.  Editor: Liu Debin SN222
Second, we must continue to strengthen the study of the basic principles of journalism, basic theory, lay a solid basic skills, and promote the study of journalism with Chinese characteristics, has made excellent lead of the high academic achievements;

  2020 May, issued to employees at a Huawei phone, "SMIC20" foundry mark appeared in the back of the phone, which was interpreted as a foundry SMIC 14 nanometer FinFET mobile processor chip on the phone a large-scale production and commercialization.,恐2020 May 13Moderator: Ambassador Liu, thank you.Regardless of when to carry out an international investigation of the source of the virus, I would very much look forward.Thanks again for your guest to our show tonight, and answer my questions.According to Tsinghua University School of Journalism and the spread of Communist Youth League official micro-channel public number Message: May 14, Tsinghua University Journalism and Communication, held a meeting of all faculty by way of remote network site plus online.Peng Gang, vice president of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Dean of Journalism and Communication Mr. Liu, executive vice president Chen Changfeng, party secretary Hu Yu hospital and more than 40 faculty members participate.Meeting was chaired by Hu Yu.。

  Not long ago, "New York Times" published an open letter by the more than 70 experts and scholars from China and the US public health affiliate, noting that the spread of rumors or conspiracy theories spread of viral origin, which worsened bilateral relations practices "no place for" appeal to avoid politicizing the epidemic."Rejection pot", blame-shifting attempt unpopular and unhelpful, the most current needs of the international community, but scientific attitude, fight against SARS in force.The new crown pneumonia epidemic proved once again, only to build the human community is the fate of human right.The global outbreak growth continues, the rational choice, unite and resist hatred, scorn, this is a shared responsibility of people.However, at the same time, the US government tried to work through the company's technology for the next generation 5G network development software, to reduce the impact of Huawei.This program will agree on a common engineering standards, which will allow software developers to run on any hardware manufacturer of machine code.。”但For now, this chip is more symbolic, from chip design, manufacturing to packaging and testing aspects, the first time all domestic.SMIC had previously announcement, the 14-nanometer advanced technology and follow-up project was the third quarter of 2019 and production continued expansion by the end of 2020 will reach 1 per month.50000, SMIC South SN1 plant planned production capacity of 3 per month.50000.Worth wake-up call, production and sales of fake, "especially with the powder," the solid milk powder sold as a drink, have appeared in the country and more.So, on the matter of the investigation should not end the issue, temporarily, to a.What this is exactly the source of consumer fraud?Whether there is interest chain behind ugly?How to really put an end to judicial and regulatory tragedy?We hope that these issues can have a clear and powerful answers.BIS finds that, since 2019, it will be Huawei and 114 overseas affiliates included in the "list of entities" since, Huawei continued use of US software and semiconductor design technology, and the use of US equipment by semiconductor foundry commission, which destroyed the "entity list" intent setting.In the second announcement, BIS particularly mentioned Huawei Hass semiconductor business.。

  Chang'an Avenue governor (micro letter ID: Capitalnews) noted that, following Shulan, plump and Shenyang City district, this round of the epidemic spread to the Jilin City under the jurisdiction of Chuanying: A female patient born in 1975, was previously patients diagnosed fullness area close contacts, now living Chuanying joy Township village, diagnosed 14.Statistics show's official website, Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University was established in 2002 April 21.Former editor of Science in 1985 and the direction of the Chinese Department, established in October 1998 and the establishment of the Department of Communication.In 1995 she won the right to grant master's degree in journalism; in 2000 the right to grant additional master's degree in communication studies; in 2003 won the right to grant a doctorate in communication studies; 2006 PhD Journalism rank disciplines; in 2007 approved the establishment postdoctoral Research Station.School of Journalism selected the first batch of colleges and universities characteristic specialized construction 2007 .:Wei Jianguo in view, taking into account the implementation of China's new foreign investment law this year, continue to improve the business environment, strengthening the favorable factors for foreign investment promotion and protection, is expected by 2020, China absorbed foreign investment is expected in the last year based on "higher level ".(Li Yu) Editor: Zhang Shen。






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