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Recently, Shulan City, Jilin Province appear clusters of disease.From the morning of May 10th date, Shulan is the only high-risk areas.Currently the city has started PARTY and six centralized quarantine medical observation point, centralized quarantine close contacts under medical observation for all close contacts and close contacts fully implemented.Home quarantine of close contacts under medical observation in close contact with close contacts implement.2020 review focused on what the record?National People's Congress Law Committee, responsible person, in 2020 the record review priorities include: strengthening the filing and examination system and capacity building, so there are pieces necessary, the trial will be well prepared, mistakes must be corrected to ensure the implementation of constitutional law.Trial, the prosecutor presented evidence, Ni Zheng-wei and his defense cross-examination, the prosecution and defense to fully express their views under the auspices of the court, Ni Zheng Wei also conducted a final statement, and pleaded guilty in court, repentance.The news media and the community masses more than thirty people attend the trial.(F) the implementation of corporate epidemic prevention and control measures.Enterprises should grasp the timely and accurate Employees especially from high-risk areas and in the flow of foreign workers, establish and improve employee health records, strengthen employee health management.For employees to carry out normalization of body temperature detection, and supervise the implementation of personal protection requirements, reduce personnel gather and group activities.To further improve the working and living conditions of workplace health, focusing on workplace, canteen and tableware cleaning and disinfection.Expand the nucleic acid detection range of close contacts, immigration officers, fever outpatients, inpatients and new accompanying persons, medical staff, Inspection and Quarantine and border officials, regulators place workers, social welfare pension agency staff and other key groups "inspection should check to make"; other people "willing to do inspection check.".Also in May 15, Jilin provincial party secretary, the provincial epidemic prevention and control work leading group leader Bayinqolu hosted the Provincial Standing Committee Conference and epidemic prevention and control leading group meeting.Railway authorities to remind, the secondary screening, all tickets, certificates, people are inconsistent or travel dates, you can not stop when discrepancies trips, non-stop ride without a ticket staff.In 2003, Song Zhigang became president of Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court, worked for 10 years, until 2013 retirement.Zheng known circle (micro letter ID: wepolitics) noted that since the outbreak Shulan, as party secretary Allen on May 8, May 10, May 11 and May 12 respectively chaired the Municipal Standing Committee ( expand) Conference and epidemic prevention and control leading group meeting.Original title: People's Bank of China successfully issued 30 billion yuan of central bank bills in Hong KongUpon completion of resignation program, Su Tseng-chang immediately start the personnel consultation work, because of the recent new crown pneumonia epidemic is not yet over, the new team is still top priority is prevention, and the revitalization of bail, does not expect significant changes in personnel, it will only slightly reorganized to to reassure. Editor: I wish GabayMay 15, according to Shanxi Province Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC news: State-owned Capital Management Co., Ltd. Shanxi Province Party Committee member, full-time deputy secretary, vice chairman Zhanghong Yong alleged serious violation of law, currently under review and monitor Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC discipline, Shanxi Province.Wuhan had been seized by doing inspection should, in principle, willing to check on the inspection of teachers, medical personnel, transportation workers, bank super staff, prison staff and pension institutions and other "five people" carried out a comprehensive nucleic acid detection.Then gradually extending the coverage of final-year students, and staff back to Beijing from the Han Chinese who returned for testing.

2003.03-2013.01 Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court president, party secretary (during the period: 2003.09-2003.12 participate in the Provincial Party School of the 40 city level cadres training class to learn)Bayinqolu pointed out, Jilin, Shulan epidemic prevention and control work is related to the overall situation of the country, the central concern, national attention to the situation as soon as stability control, must not be adversely affected by aircraft, must not lead to local outbreaks.A feasibility assessment of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued expressed certainty that the nucleic acid can explore the mixed sample test, but should not be mixed with the sample number over 40, and must be judged positive samples detected in dynamic situations.Wuhan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Matilda ongoing work to adjust the detection system to detect polyculture.The latest results show that there is still a medium-scale test false-negative rate, pending further verification test large sample.Chen Lili, general manager of the company describes, in terms of the ability to improve the nucleic acid detection, early tests have been carried out pre.After the parts have been approved nucleic acid detection agent comprising one single single tube, by changing the shape of the product, the lyophilized reagent into the liquid reagent, the detection sensitivity can reach the current standards and samples into the extraction site prior specification does not link conflict, ideal for large-scale population screening.(C) substantial medical material reserves.The establishment of autonomous regions, municipalities, counties (cities, districts) medical emergency protective materials repository, the establishment of medical protective material needs regularly submitted to the system and shortage of materials, ie anomalies reporting system to ensure that the number of units of each material using a reserve of not less than the daily prevention and control 10 demand.Increased protection for medical, surgical masks, disposable medical protective clothing, gowns, goggles and other 13 categories of medical isolation medical protective materials production and purchasing and storage.For higher disposable protective masks, medical caps, medical rubber gloves, medical protective shoe covers, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, disinfectant and other six categories of production capacity, adequate supply of goods, the implementation of market supply to ensure adequate medical protective material reserves.In 2011, Zhanghong Yong sending served as deputy director of SASAC of Shanxi Province in 2014 formally served as the post office for nine years.

Public resume show Allen was born in August 1964, Han nationality, Provincial Party School graduate, a former rock Municipal Committee, vice mayor, director of the CMC rock Economic Development Zone, Jilin Chemical recycling economy demonstration park management committee deputy director, deputy secretary of Jilin City Longtan District.Source: Beijing Youth DailyExpand the nucleic acid detection range of close contacts, immigration officers, fever outpatients, inpatients and new accompanying persons, medical staff, Inspection and Quarantine and border officials, regulators place workers, social welfare pension agency staff and other key groups "inspection should check to make"; other people "willing to do inspection check.".Fourth, strengthen nucleic acid testing to ensure accurate resultsFirst, the CDC working group stationed units stationed epidemic occurred, guidance prevention and control;Wen: Health News reporter Yan Wei little click to enter the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieAt present, Shenyang City, a CDC investigation has close contacts in 3 cases of 354 people, including 220 people in outside Shen, information cross provinces and 134 people; close contact investigation and the close contacts of 366 people, including 331 in Shenyang man, 35 provinces and cities outside the cross; close contact with an investigation of close contacts close contacts of 542 people.In which case Shen Hao XX in close contact with those 165 people, XX Sun cases in close contacts sink 11 (and other close contacts of cases repeat Hao XX), XX Lu cases of close contacts of people 44.

Meanwhile, to further strengthen the initiative to review local laws and regulations to carry out a special review of food and drug safety and other areas around the CPC Central Committee and decision-making arrangements, conscientiously study the state organs and social organizations, enterprises, organizations and review the recommendations submitted by citizens, processing, feedback work, revoke and correct the unconstitutional normative documents against the law, the legal system to safeguard national unity, sanctity and authority.Strengthen theoretical study record review, and promote the exchange of theory and practice and promote each other.In addition, the platform extends downward, to achieve full coverage of the legislative body.Currently 31 provincial-level people's congresses have built a record review information platform, except for a few remote areas, local people's congresses review of the record information platform has been extended to all the city's districts, autonomous prefectures and autonomous counties, and in some places also extends to all county.Fourth, initially built state laws and regulations database.To review the record information platform based on the constitutional law, administrative regulations and judicial interpretations, local regulations and other data into the database.The basic data to find out the family property laws and regulations, standardize the data content, improve data quality, database generally released with conditions, has made important initial results.Original title: Office official Norwegian post three months, sacked2001.07-2003.01 Ma'anshan City, deputy secretary of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Government Office for Rectifying DirectorSecondary screening refers to passenger ticket before entering the train station, screeners for passengers and their carry-on items for the first time a comprehensive security.Before passengers on the train, when ticket, screeners again to take the relevant train passengers and their carry-on items for security, real-name identity check passengers again.Original title: retirement is still bribery hall official, trial"Inspection should check to make" the costs borne by local governments, "is willing to do inspection check" the costs borne by enterprises, institutions or individuals; medical institutions to carry out testing shall be formulated by the regional health bureau medical service price guarantee detection; disease control and other non-medical institutions to carry out testing, development fees detected by the regional pricing department.In 2020, the "two sessions" held on the eve of the National People's Congress Law Committee said relevant reply on the above issues Red Star News, the construction of the record in terms of censorship, "regulations, judicial interpretation of the filing and inspection measures" already by the tenth three times chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, forty-fourth meeting approved in principle, working methods including general principles, for the record, review, treatment, and public feedback, reporting, Supplementary seven chapters, in which the review is divided into review responsibilities, review procedures, three standard of review, a total of 57."The introduction of working methods, the NPC Standing Committee will review the record of more institutionalized and standardized, but also provide specific guidance for the local People's Congress at all levels to carry out regulatory documents and the filing and examination of reference."Then a helicopter flight to the top of rescuers put a rope rescue system, established after the rescue connection, using a winch and hoist rescue workers were rescued and sent to land ground quickly medical examinations and assistance, followed by another helicopter back to the scene to rescue staff back.Chengdu fire for the first time linked the waters of aviation trainingFirst, the circumstances surrounding the casePassenger Train ride public, may be appropriate to reach the station early, wearing face masks ride.March 1999 to March 2003, he served as Jincheng Coal Industry Group research room of secretary section chief;Fourth, strengthen nucleic acid testing to ensure accurate results

2001.06-2001.07 Ma'anshan City deputy secretary, director of the municipal Office for RectifyingEnter the epidemic prevention and control at the same time outside the normal implementation of prevention and control measures, continue to follow the central and regional requirements concerning the implementation of the work plan.Second, the observation of isolated units fully implemented centralized risk groups;1.Case XX Hao Shen staff is back to Jilin City, his father, cousin, Tangsao are new confirmed cases of pneumonia crown.April 30, Hao XX back to Jilin City to visit relatives, back to the evening of May 5 Shen.May 8 to the hospital sample, May 9 Shenyang Center for Disease Prevention and Control nucleic acid test result is positive, May 10 confirmed cases diagnosed with the new crown.(B) improve rapid response mechanism.Fever cases continue to strengthen monitoring and network direct reporting of infectious diseases, various medical institutions at all levels to discover new crown pneumonia suspected cases, confirmed cases and asymptomatic after infection, direct reporting network within two hours.CDC at all levels around the clock monitoring of the epidemic dynamic, complete epidemiological investigation of cases within 24 hours, do a good job for close contacts of determination and tracking management.Timely confirmed cases, suspected cases for isolation and treatment of asymptomatic infection, close contact with 14 days to implement centralized quarantine medical observation.Contaminated sites for possible full terminal disinfection.January 1995 to March 1999, he served as secretary of Jincheng Mining Bureau Research Office;Original title: Wuhan after a couple trips have been diagnosed with the new crown death?Hanyang District official rumorThe circular pointed out, Song Zhigang judiciary as leading cadres, abandon the principle of party spirit, trampling ethics, law violation, abuse of power, to the case of profit, long-term collusion with the evil forces personnel, act as a "networking", trading power for money and vigorously judicial corruption, a serious violation of the party's political discipline, organizational discipline, honesty and discipline and work discipline, constitutes illegal duties and bribery crime and bribery crime using their influence, their behavior has seriously damaged the image and credibility of the judiciary, a serious nature, vile and should be dealt with severely.Sixth, Jilin City 3985 people in addition to Shulan, according to the conditions of isolation implementation of centralized or home observation, starting today, has been pressing Shifang Zhi Bulletin No. 17, will be concentrated into home quarantine isolation.National People's Congress for the record review information platform also communicate with the electronic filing system of the State Council, to achieve a unified filing.National People's Congress for the record by reviewing information platform will be reported to the local laws and regulations while pushing electronic filing system of the State Council, to promote the work of filing convenient and standardization.First, to further improve the prevention and control mechanism for the normalizationIn February, Zhanghong Yong Shanxi Province was transferred to state-owned capital operation Co., Ltd. Party member, full-time deputy secretary, vice chairman, to overwhelmed checked.

2008.01-2010.03 Weiyuan County deputy secretary of the CPC county




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