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  2020-05-26 08:23:36,SEO研究中心Ambassador Liu: First of all, Dr Lee was not arrested, the media report is not accurate.He was summoned by police.Including Britain, to qualitative infectious diseases must be cautious of any country, is responsible, not panic.Dr Lee posted on the Internet three days before doctors Zhang has reported first cases of pneumonia of unknown causes to the local health department, local health department immediately report the case to the central government, China is followed by Dr Lee in a website posting the next day informed the WHO, the Chinese side there is no concealment.The central government is very concerned about the issue and the importance of Li Wenliang, send investigation team to understand the actual situation in Wuhan.Finally, Li Wenliang was posthumously martyr, it was considered a hero.Earlier, the Institute of Medical Laboratory Animal Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Qin Chuan team used transgenic mice to clarify hACE2 pathogenic novel coronavirus, the establishment of an international first new animal model crown.The new crown science and technology research, animal models is one of the five main direction.Since the Qin Chuan team to accumulate in animal model development and application of previous infectious disease since SARS, the Ministry of Science and arrange the team hosted an animal model research tasks.The research team for the virus infection and replication in vivo, clinical symptoms of the disease and imaging, pathology and immunology reaction, transgenic mice infected with coronavirus receptor humanized, lead in establishing a new transgenic mouse coronavirus infection pneumonia model, broke through the key technology bottlenecks vaccines, drugs from the laboratory to clinical translation. Editor: Yang JieGiven the current global situation, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, in order to effectively prevent aggregation of the epidemic, the number of Fair Organizing Committee after careful consideration, decided to temporarily hold 2020 China International Industry Fair data.Announcement follows -。。According to "People's Republic of China Labor Law", "the State Council on working hours of employees" (State Council Decree No. 174) "Paid Annual Leave Ordinance" (State Council Decree No. 514) "National Holidays and Festivals approach" ( State Council order No. 644), the state organs and institutions unified working hours, nationwide unified and New Year Day holiday.Therefore, the National Working time and leave arrangements belong to the central powers, should be unified regulations of the State Council.。

  Moderator: The international community does not trust another reason China is the Chinese side refused the International Independent Investigation.If you do not hide, then why not the Chinese side Wuhan international community laboratory, "wet markets" investigation?So far, a total of four in risk areas, including the area of Jilin fullness, Chuanying, Wuhan East Lake, Sujiatun District of Shenyang City.Shulan City, Jilin is the only high-risk areas.At the same time, Huawei announced the latest progress of the global ecological HMS, disclose a series of numbers, including more than 1.3 million registered developers, the number of applications exceeds 5 access HMS Core.50,000 models by the end of 2019, HMS month live users has more than 400 million.In addition, Huawei disclosure App Gallery 2019 annual application distribution application market reached 210 billion, the highest single-day amount distributed 1.3 billion.Virus traceability is a serious scientific problems, the new crown origin of the virus has not been determined, the first to report the epidemic does not mean China is the source of the virus, which has become a broad consensus of the scientific community.World Health Organization responsible person has repeatedly said that all available evidence suggests the virus is not new crown or manufacturing laboratory manual intervention comes; many scientists have studied the new crown viral gene sequences, confident that the new virus from the natural world crown.Microbiology and immunology at Columbia University expert Vincent La Nile believes that the so-called virus may be man-made or laboratory leakage "and many other myths are driven by politics, there is no scientific basis.".British "Nature" journal editorial has three bursts of incorrectly crown new virus associated with Wuhan, China, and with an apology, calling for an end to the virus associated with a particular location irresponsible practices.。

  March 2020, third-party organization Dell'Oro Group report shows that in 2019 ranked by revenue market share is the highest communications equipment manufacturers Huawei, with 28% market share ranked first, Nokia accounted for 16%, 14%, Ericsson, ZTE was 10%, 7% of Cisco.As the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei, in 2019 sales revenue of 858.8 billion yuan, of which 34.5% from business operators, from a regional perspective, there are 9.6% from the Americas.。。

  2020 May, issued to employees at a Huawei phone, "SMIC20" foundry mark appeared in the back of the phone, which was interpreted as a foundry SMIC 14 nanometer FinFET mobile processor chip on the phone a large-scale production and commercialization.,Original title: Heavy!Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University undergraduate canceled!。

{标题}:Construction 5G, the United States can put aside Huawei?
Moderator: According to intelligence agencies said that China supports the hackers trying to steal British and American scientists study information on new viruses crown.Why the Chinese side to do so?

  Original title: National Bureau of Statistics: in April the main economic indicators have improved China's economy is gradually to normalize recovery,恐Case 3, female, born in 1981, the Department of May 13 confirmed cases in Jilin City, Jilin Province notified the fullness area close contacts 2.Jilin City area full address Hongqi Street Metro Agile.Through close contact with nucleic acid testing positive by screening initiative, May 14 by the expert consultation province, city, diagnosed as confirmed cases.About temporarily hold 2020 China International dataModerator: IMHO, from China Wuhan virus has caused 450 million people infected worldwide, nearly 30 million deaths, which is a global tragedy, why should not you as soon as possible to carry out a global survey by world-renowned scientists?。

  Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Academic Committee of the subordinate units of the system error in the writing process inadvertently appear with a picture of deep regret, and said, "will strictly strengthen the management of scientific research in the future, the researchers requested data and charts on paper carefully detailed and rigorous review."Ambassador Liu: Do not mention it. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang Jie。”但Reply content: Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the governor of Internet users to "About 2.5 days a small holiday proposal "reply to commentClick to go to the Beijing News reporter Deng Qi topics: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieAmbassador Liu: is a summary and assessment, but it should be at the appropriate time, but not now.How can we do better when the purpose of the assessment is to carry out scientific analysis, sum up experience, in response to the next pandemic.This is the purpose of the assessment, rather than accusing China.。

  Cuizhao Lei, male, Han nationality, Chinese Communist Party, was born in November 1976, a native of Anhui Dangshan, Provincial Party School graduate education, the current deputy director of Huaibei Municipal Research (presiding).For the news, Huawei's US chief security officer Andy Purdy on their personal social network said the US government may restart the possibility of cooperation in standards work, it needs to set up and authorized independent certification and testing is very important.This in turn promotes trust and transparency.Andy interview, said the rule changes do not involve the sale of products in question who is able to Huawei.:Moderator: FBI claimed that "the investigation found that hackers trying to steal public health data.".。






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