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Original title: umbrella!Beijing thunderstorms today, "patronizing" confront the many changes coming daysLixiang Xin Changping District, Beijing Hospital, vice president, director of Respiratory Medicine, Chief PhysicianIn 1992, the Italian scientist and mountaineer came to China, measured in the height is 8846.50 meters.In 1999, with the support of the National Geographic Society, an American Everest Expedition team will fix the GPS device on top of bedrock, calculate the height of Mount Everest is 8850 meters, the world's highest peak meters high and long.Zhang Yali (female) Longwan Beijing Qiao daughter-fruit production and marketing cooperatives chairmanDomestic regulations to Qingdao Yellow Sea mean sea level tide station as starting altitude land surface computing."We can imagine a sea-level, it is a curved surface, surface gravity value equal to all of this is starting high altitude surface.Qingdao where the surface elevation of zero (standard origin) have a gravity value, just find the gravity value at Everest below, you can find the starting side."The party Yamin interpretation, airborne gravity measurement data that can help us more accurately identify the elevation of Mount Everest the following starting side.Taiwan's electronic paper said that an important strategic position in the Bohai Bay, the sea is an important window of Beijing, Tianjin region, continent or sea weapons test area, Continental Navy carrier-based aircraft training base is located right near the Bohai Bay.CCTV military program has revealed that the PLA has conducted more than "Blue Shield" air defense exercises here.It reported that this is quite a long time exercise, meaning that the exercises should be quite extensive.It seems from the drill site, the Navy should be able to detect air defense, missile defense and amphibious landing, etc..Occur in 2020.5.18 Total No. 947, "China News Weekly"Primary health care institutions are mostly located in relatively remote areas, compared to the inherent differences in various remote means life convenient and cost-effective, and large metropolitan hospital.This is an experience of 10 years of studies studying youth, it is difficult to produce enough attraction.If the primary health care sector just in the downtown district, the situation is slightly better.But on the whole, more prosperous region, medical resources are relatively more developed, the demand for community, county and township hospitals themselves are not high.Known large hospital and very easy to siphon effect, leading to the situation of primary health care institutions more embarrassing.Liu Hongjun Beijing Jinyu sulfur Technical Director Water Environmental Protection Technology Co., senior technicianLu Ye Jin (female) Sinopec Sales Company Limited Beijing Branch of oil Shili gas station owners, senior technicianSource: China Weather Network Editor: Liu Debin SN222Spring and summer, the weather and more changes are expected on the 20th night and 21 during the day, there will be light rain Beijing Weather "patronizing".The arrival of rain will also bring you cool capital, the next few days, Beijing large temperature fluctuations, the public needs to pay more attention to nowcasting, make travel arrangements ahead of time, and adjust the dress according to temperature changes, avoid cold. Editor: Yang Jie

Taiwan, "Wang reported that" 14 said recently been recruited Granville terrestrial school after complaints discriminatory remarks, "pre-emptive" high-profile press conference held at the attitude of the so-called oppressed, claiming that because he mentioned "in the classroom Wuhan pneumonia "and" Republic of China "and other words, the school is required to apologize to the terrestrial.MAC spokesman Qiuchui positive 14 that Taiwan is a pluralistic and open society, "according to the Constitution to defend the academic freedom of the university campus lectures, can not be violated for any reason."."Minister of Education" Pan Wenzhong is unequal to clarify the truth, it said in a statement, "I am the Minister of Education of the Republic of China, the absolute support of our professors anywhere saying 'I am a professor of the Republic of China' ', he threatened to do this project teams to investigate Chung Yuan Christian University.Liu Kuisheng Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. Department of Civil Engineering and General Contracting Xiaotangshan Hospital renovation project area BCDE field commander, mid-level engineersAccording to Taiwan's United News reported on the 14th, the Bohai exercise continent long time span theater, the PLA will be more than military branches, inter-theater amphibious landing, to win more practical subjects island of exercise, air and missile defense, with its The purpose is to "shock and awe 'Taiwan independence', in preparation for settling the Taiwan issue by force if necessary.".It reported that the China Maritime Safety Administration May 11 issued notice of military exercises, beginning from May 14, for a period of two and a half months of live-fire exercises in the Tangshan Port, during which the ship has nothing prohibited from entering the security control area."Tsai Ing-wen 'does not rule out cross-strait war' dream might come true."Li Guodong (Manchu) Co., Ltd. Beijing solid waste removal and transportation logistics center Arm hanging a compressed car squad leader, senior workers

On behalf of the Hong Wei (female) Beijing New Energy Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., senior engineerZhang Yali (female) Longwan Beijing Qiao daughter-fruit production and marketing cooperatives chairmanLi Taisheng Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Beijing Union Medical College Hospital of Infectious Diseases director, chief physicianHigh-speed sector Fu mussels:High-speed mussels together:Our country made it clear that in 2010, to establish and improve the basic health care system covering urban and rural residents, increasing the target to achieve basic medical and health services and of.But suffer from a shortage of primary care personnel problems, this work has not really effectively promote the open.Although during this period, the country also introduced a number of medical staff are encouraged to work in primary health care policies, such as solving career preparation, career or give full funding, but the effect is always not so obvious.This is the height determination, also related to cooperation in Nepal.During the October 12, 2019 to 13, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Xi Jinping's state visit to Nepal, the two countries issued the "Joint Statement", which proposed: the two sides will jointly announce in the height and carry out scientific research cooperation.For the implementation of the "Joint Statement", Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Sports General Administration and the regional government organized the 2020 Everest elevation measurements.

In addition to ChinaInternational CompetitionOrban said that the Chinese people through hard work, success epidemic under control, I congratulated.Hungarian people will never forget China's timely provision of much-needed medical aid to Hungary and other protective supplies to fight the epidemic, deeply grateful.Hungary has always firmly pursues the one-China policy.Hungary two sides have conducted sound cooperation in the field of high technology, promote the development of the Hungarian economy.Hungary ready to strengthen economic, trade, finance and other areas of cooperation, will continue to support and participate in the Eastern European countries - China Cooperation. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang ShenChina has twice announced the elevation of Mount Everest.There were two main methods altimetry: first is the traditional method of CTT to triangular elevation measurement for the base, leveling, triangulation, measuring leads, etc., various correction data obtained is calculated gravity, atmospheric , ultimately resulting in the height of the valid data.The second, is the GPS satellite geodesy method first used in 2005, we must first be able to build a fit with the shape of the Earth maximize the reference ellipsoid, with a GPS instrument to obtain accurate Everest relative to the reference ellipsoid of the Earth by satellite three-dimensional coordinates.Just make sure the elevation difference between the reference ellipsoid with the real Earth at the highest point of Mount Everest, will be able to get the exact height of Mount Everest.The premise of GPS measurements, as well as the GPS receiver was placed on the summit."China Times" on the 14th that Taiwan set off a "hatred of the anti-China" sentiment in the DPP's election operation, Lu Zhongyuan University of event may be born with the will of the Taiwan school watershed.The article said, "Taiwan is the most beautiful scenery, the most ugly political landscape.View of beauty and ugliness of the key decisions in the hand of every Taiwanese ". Editor: I wish GabayReports quoted military experts as saying the mainland, the People's Liberation Army held military exercises in the Bohai Sea side of the timing and exercise time is very unusual.Tsai Ing-wen will be inaugurated on May 20, the Taiwan authorities on the "Taiwan independence" is also farther and farther down the road, getting faster and faster.This exercise is expected to focus on the combat environment, including the multi-joint and combined arms warfare, amphibious landings, won the island as well as air and missile defense, electronic warfare, etc., "to ensure that once the mainland across the Taiwan authorities' anti-secession law," the red line, the mainland has determined , the ability to non-peaceful means to resolve the Taiwan issue. ".It reported that the PLA this election exercise in the Bohai Sea on the edge, on the one hand this is an inland sea waters, the foreign ship machine can not close surveillance; on the other hand almost all the exercises focus on missions and tasks courses.In addition, in the Bohai Sea military exercises, to facilitate the PLA land, sea, air and rocket forces maneuvering to protect very convenient.Fax: 010-55564748In the short term, an earthquake could affect the elevation of Mount Everest.In 1934 an earthquake occurred in Nepal, Mount Everest from the epicenter, only 9.5 km significantly affected, the highest peak so "short" about 63 cm.April 2015, Nepal has suffered 8.Level 1 earthquake occurrence locations as far away as 200 km away.Studies scholar Everest height using satellite remote sensing data, the results show that the height of Mount Everest has decreased to some extent.However, sensing means to monitor changes in elevation Everest low precision, accurate determination of the height of Mount Everest, the need to use high-precision observation means to achieve geodetic.Equipment at home, China is one of the measurements in the height of the highlights."In addition to airborne gravity surveys, and the rest are still using the technology in 2005, but this time with a lot of domestic equipment."The party Yamin told the" China News Weekly ".Taiwan and China Culture University Professor Zhou Yangshan 13 published an article that this year's "May 20", cross-strait relations will deteriorate further in the electronic newspaper!He fears that in the new crown pneumonia outbreak, Taiwan's "anti-China", "hatred of" consciousness soaring, people from the mainland advocate "Cambrian" on the public, both sides have been caught soldiers fierce war-risk showdown situation, everyone (on both sides relationship) did not dare to have any optimism to look forward to.In recent times, in addition to the PLA exercises held in the Bohai Sea, the mainland continued to "Sword" in the Taiwan Strait surrounding.Taiwan's "United Daily News" said in early February, the mainland military aircraft across the Bashi Channel from the first island chain, during which also implemented around the island, even through the Strait center line; in March, the mainland military aircraft group for night training in the waters southwest of Taiwan, near the " Taiwan air defense identification zone "; April 10, China Liaoning ship, with two guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigates and two aircraft carrier battle groups a comprehensive supply ship, across the Taiwan Strait.At the same time, the mainland's Taiwan frequently release window "Cambrian" argument, "China Taiwan Network" director of Taiwan Affairs Office recently published entitled "The People's Liberation Army experts authoritative interpretation 'Cambrian' when Taiwan began," the article, the eastern war zone micro-channel public number is also issued a document "lost illusions, ready to fight," said "the key is to do all the pre-war ready to grasp the initiative in the war.".These articles prove safety trends closely, "Taiwan-US relations", meaning a strong warning to Taiwan.Zhao Xing (female) Beijing Dumbo Training and Development Center director Shijingshan DistrictXingwei Bing Mentougou District Miaofengshan Tan Chang village party secretary and village committee directorSource: China Weather Network

Tong Zhaohui Capital Medical University, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, party committee members, Vice-PresidentReporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, after nearly five months of public testing of each APP system is fully running and optimize the sound, the overall smooth running.By comprehensive judgments, various aspects of the current carrying capacity of APP system, service support capability to ensure that Beijing Public Transport 'one yard pass by "comprehensive and reliable service.Aircraft measurements are not feasible.If the helicopter directly to the summit, more than 8000 meters of the top of Everest jobs for highly demanding aircraft, small local peak, the helicopter could not land, put down the measurement personnel and equipment in motion, the wind caused the helicopter's propeller, it may cause an avalanche.In addition, the experts pointed out that Everest airflow instability, strong winds, low temperatures, measured UAV can not fly in the summit, the summit also did not experience the robot operation.Geodetic scientist SURVEYING had quite vividly describes the measurement of Everest reason, "Parents regularly to the amount of their own children growing tall, is as it should be.To deepening understanding of human nature, the Chinese people to the deepening understanding of their homeland."Zhang Jie Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., the investment sub-center Tongzhou Branch Vice President, mid-level engineersSUN Shi Bing Beijing University teacher, professor"Our eyes have seen the height of Mount Everest, is not it true height."2005 Everest measuring operational commander Zhang Yanping, who was mentioned during an interview," because the earth is elliptical, the starting point of your line of sight is your feet that point, rather than the foot of Mount Everest that point, so you see lower than their real height of Everest Some."As a result, the exact elevation of Mount Everest, first to find the foot of Everest altitude 0:00.If the measurement climbers successfully summited, we wanted to know whether the change in height of Mount Everest, still need to be patient.Party Yamin introduced after data measurement, 2 to 3 months before publication of the final results. Click into the topic: 2020 Everest hoisting measuring open Editor: Liu Debin SN222Pan Yong-Beijing business and education Kun Holding Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, ChairmanThe most recently measured in 2005, China measured the rock face of Mount Everest height is 8844.43 m, to get UNESCO recognition.On this basis, another key measure is the grading system of diagnosis and treatment.On the basis of some common diseases, patients should be required to go through community clinics and medical facilities initial triage, and then go to General Hospital for treatment.So, doctors of primary health care institutions have the necessary work content.Moreover, the primary hospital share part of treatment steps can ease the strain on the resources general hospital, the doctor fatigue status quo, which flows to the grassroots anti-pushing doctors.Once the formation of such a mechanism, the development of grass-roots hospitals will be just around the corner.Nepal Mount Everest is not without independent measurements of elevation.According to Xinhua News Agency reported, in April 2019, four Nepalese measuring the composition of the team left Kathmandu, went to the southern slope of Mount Everest base camp, began to self-measure the height of Mount Everest, so far, yet new data released in Nepal.

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