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What can not give you(J) to build eco-industrial data applications.For cultivating a number of key industries Industrial Big Data solutions provider.Encouraged by the development of industrial innovation and big data applications contest, help industry.Increase promotional efforts to carry out data applications training activities online and offline.Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) noted that, as vice mayor of the city of Lanzhou in Yan Zhijian three years, has worked with Yu Haiyan, east of cattle, a Zhang, Xu wave and many other city leaders to work when he was in Lanzhou.Phytophthora involving large epidemiological data group issuedRecently, the former secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee Zhao bribery case first instance court, accused of money-making 7.1.7 billion yuan.Due to huge amounts of illicit money above, attracted widespread attention."Chinese Navy, the Chinese navyLake and micro ship (hull number 887)Qiaokou Liujiaoting Allen Street residents in Wuhan Liu said: "Be assured that with relatively few ah, her daughter is also more comfortable for himself assured."Naval vessels reply:(Xvii) data products and services to build industrial system.Promotion of industrial large data collection, storage, processing, analysis, and service sectors related to product development, to build a large data base, versatility product system.Foster a number of data sources and data service providers serving enterprises, the development of a number of focused data standards, third-party service providers in the field of testing and evaluation, research and consulting."I did not check out the infection in case of positive, negative, or check out the sick, how to do?"In response to this worry the public, Peng Yanqiong said that if the nucleic acid testing positive, conscious without any symptoms, that is asymptomatic infection, due to possible contagious, asymptomatic infection need to obey the command of centralized quarantine medical observation management, with checks timely medical treatment; if nucleic acid testing negative, consciously related symptoms, must be to find a specialist hospital for diagnosis based on symptoms and test results, to be rule out other suspected cases after treatment.Original title: Our policy of food stocks to meet consumer demand for more than a year of national residentsPeng Yanqiong said nucleic acid testing detected only reflect the state at the time, and also to rule out the possibility of false negatives.However, the public need not be too nervous.The new crown is diagnosed with pneumonia and related clinical symptoms and other test results into account, if a fever, cough and other symptoms immediately to the hospital for investigation. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng(E) promoting industrial open sharing of data.Support industries upstream and downstream enterprises of open data, strengthen cooperation and build a safe and reliable industry data space, the establishment of mutual benefit sharing mechanism.Guide and regulate the flow of open public data resources, encourage the relevant units by sharing, exchange, trading, etc., to improve the level of data resources of value creation.

According to the Beijing News News Market Regulation Administration website news, recently, media reports Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province babies Square maternal stores to a solid beverage posing special health food marketed to children allergic to milk, false advertising special features, suspected consumer fraud.Market Supervision Administration attaches great importance to oblige the market supervision department of Hunan Province on someone's businesses to conduct a thorough investigation, severely punished severely according to law, the timely publication of the findings to the public.(Xii) promote the development and application of standards.Strengthen the construction of big data industry standard system, accelerate data quality, data governance and the development of key criteria such as data security, the conditions are ripe selected industries and regions to carry out verification and test pilot promotion.(Xix) a sound working mechanism to promote.Provincial industry and information technology departments (Big Data industry department) to establish a working mechanism to promote industry Big Data, Big Data will coordinate development of local industry development.Encourage local conditions around the strengthening of policy innovation, research major issues, evaluation of the implementation of policy advice, help industry innovative big data applications.Keep up with the speed of warshipsAn Renli noted that not long ago, the Chinese government promulgated the "Opinions on the elements to build a better market allocation of institutional mechanisms".As a central file first comprehensive system of market development guidance elements, "opinions" aim to eliminate institutional obstacles to the free movement of factors of expanding the role of markets in the feature configuration, complete and construction elements of the market, to achieve factor prices and market liquidity , and promote fair and efficient configuration elements.

Set sail from DjiboutiIn addition, the current global epidemic to the inflection point yet, inside and outside the complex and challenging situation, energy security, food security, supply chain security chain stability and keeping grass-roots operation, sucked economic development initiative firmly in their hands an important starting point.Why so much emphasis on the official "six guarantees"?Fifth, improve data governancesomeone said:Third, promote data sharingParty since the nineteenth Grand Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the State Control Yuan Zhao, Zeng right, Chen Gang, Zhao Hongshun, cloud light, Lai Xiaomin violation of discipline problems, who reviewed the investigation, are following the rules according to discipline process involved in property law, to restore discipline and law loss behavior to the legal property of state property, collective property and private citizens caused. Click into the topic: former secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee Zhao sacked behind the Editor: Zheng Yapeng

Among them, Yu Haiyan served as party secretary in Lanzhou between October 2012 to October 2016, four years in power Lanzhou.Yu Haiyan January 2017 from the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor position "sacked", the "double open" bulletin referred to the "serious damage to Lanzhou City, Gansu Province in particular, political ecology" and other issues, "Yu Haiyan coterie "and other issues also will be disclosed.He said: "Compared with the West, China can more effectively guide a lot of money, mobilize enterprises and citizens.During the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis and the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, the Chinese have demonstrated the ability to."Given the recent city's new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and Jilin city has actual control, mutatis mutandis, high-risk areas, in order to further improve the city's "anti-enter the outside, inside the anti-bounce" the prevention and control work, the urban and promote the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention control and economic and social development work headquarters, hereby announce the relevant matters as follows:Long live with family members, as long as a family member to do it on the line of nucleic acid detection check?First Hospital of Wuhan recently received a lot of public calls, as well as the necessity of infection among family counseling family do nucleic acid detection.Original title: My discovery of rare wildlife experts: are considered "fetish" in ancient timesAccording to reports, Zhao case involved the seizure of funds and items have been confiscated in place; frozen involved in real estate and equity seized, will be disposed of in accordance with the judicial decision.In addition, Zhao discipline and law of property recovered by the discipline inspection organs at all in place.Employment as people's livelihood, is the top priority, but also with the "Six stability" among the "steady employment" coincidence.Worst hit by SARS, more this year to reduce employment needs of enterprises, some recruitment delays or cancellations.In the first quarter, 229 million new jobs in cities and towns, a deceleration of 95 million people, visible to the naked eye pressure.For the huge amount involved in the whereabouts of the above property, the commission website disclosure, have been detained, seized and transferred to judicial organs for about 6.3.1 billion yuan, and seized, frozen about $ 100 million of real estate and equity. Zhao trialKnockout "trough point" and a lot ofA Chinese guyHe said the move reflects China will improve the efficiency of market allocation of factors of land, labor, capital and other production, while accelerating the development of technical data and factor markets, and promote the development of the digital economy."This will allow China to further deepen reform and opening up, to achieve high-quality development, building a modern economic system, to improve the toughness of the economy and lay a solid foundation."(Wangen Bo) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang Shen(XX) to strengthen the financial and human resources support.Play a guiding role of financial resources, promote policy banks to increase credit support efforts precision.Encourage financial innovation products and services to support industrial innovation and entrepreneurship Big Data.Improve personnel training system, cultivate compound talents both with large data capacity and familiar technology industry needs.Original title: Super new competition system greatly increased chance downgrade?Also a large number of "chicken game"?Original title: Chinese Football Association: the club at all levels have expressed support for the initiative and agree pay cuts

(Xiv) to build industry data security management system.Clear the main responsibility and enterprise security management responsibility at all levels of government supervision, building industrial data safety responsibility system.Strengthen situational awareness, testing and evaluation, early warning data safe disposal of large industrial capacity building, closed-loop management, comprehensive protection for data security.China news agency, the country is more than meeting the State Council recently held a train combing found that "six guarantees" are one of the important topics.American Research Center senior fellow Sula Bu Gupta said: "China's included, no one could foresee the intensity and severity of this epidemic, especially the new crown unknown virus infection characteristics.This is really a once pandemic."Original title: Our policy of food stocks to meet consumer demand for more than a year of national residentsFourth, deepen the application of dataFor the huge amount involved in the whereabouts of the above property, the commission website disclosure, have been detained, seized and transferred to judicial organs for about 6.3.1 billion yuan, and seized, frozen about $ 100 million of real estate and equity. Zhao trialBeijing Daily (ID: Beijing_Daily) Integrated @ People's Navy, CCTV News, Reviews Editor: Zheng YapengChinese President Xi Jinping evening of May 13 with the Sri Lankan President Gotha Baya phone.Source: PTD message micro well micro channel numberOriginal title: Chinese warships sailing the Gulf of Aden coincidence motherland, 1 minute stirring dialogue!If I call for help.Guy I have received another one

Culture and Tourism of the problem is highlighted in: department statistics fulfill statutory duties not in place to prevent and punish fraud statistics fraud weight of responsibility is not tight, statistical data quality needs to be improved.




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