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Wuhan Bureau of Statistics official data showed that in 2019, the resident population of 11twenty one in Wuhan.20 million people.If calculated according to 10 days, an average of 112 per day screening.12 million people.Source: China Youth Daily, integrated from the National Health Construction Committee, Jilin Province, Wei health committee, the concept of news Click to enter the feature: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Sina God HKEAA 20,200,514 Editor: Zheng YapengZhao Lijian said, We have noticed relevant reports.It is understood that China Customs at the time of inspection of imported meat products, continuous individual companies found Australia batches of beef products exported to China in violation of the requirements of the competent inspection and quarantine departments to determine the.To protect the health and safety of Chinese consumers, China has decided with immediate effect, suspend the acceptance of the import declaration four Australian companies meat products, and has informed the Australian authorities, the Australian side requested thorough investigation of the cause and make corrective.You can learn about the specific circumstances of the competent authorities.Recently, the Ministry of Education, eight departments issued "on accelerating the construction of ideological and political work system."."Opinions" clear, to improve institutional mechanisms Lide tree people, the Lide tree people into the moral, cultural knowledge, all aspects of social practice education, through the disciplinary system, education system, teaching system, management system, accelerate the construction of targeted, content perfect, perfect standard, run scientific, logistical support, with remarkable results of ideological and political work system.May 13, the Ministry of Education, Jiangnan University Personnel Division in the Ministry of Education announced the appointment and removal of the decision of the Party Group, Ren Jiangnan University President Chen Wei, deputy party secretary, Chen Jian no longer serve as Jiangnan University, deputy party secretary.Personnel Department of the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department responsible comrades attended the meeting.May 13, the CYL Central Committee, China Internet Network Information Center released the "2019 National Children's Internet Usage Report": Our Children's Internet penetration rate of 93.1%, three percent of pre-school students on the Internet. Editor: Zheng Yapeng22.Construction of high-level teachers.According to the "four" good teacher requirements, the implementation of political theory, training in rotation, practical training and other systems.Employment improve teacher assessment methods, Morality and style as the first team quality teacher evaluation standards.Implementation of special courses ideological and political training programs for teachers.Full play to the exemplary role academician, national "people plan" leading talent Philosophy and Social Science, Culture masters and the "group of four people", "Cheung Kong Scholar", "Outstanding Youth", national teacher, etc..Construction of Qizhua school teachers ideological and political quality of the work system, and organized propaganda typical ethics, academic honesty education to deepen, strengthen ideological and overseas returnees and young teachers guide.Implementation of the "Guidelines for university teachers of Professional Conduct ten new era", the strict morality "veto system", increase the intensity of punishment for misconduct of teachers, promote the moral construction of the long-term normalization.When asked why this will be screening the community workers said there are now asymptomatic infection, also resumed production complex in Wuhan, there have been new cases, it may be the reason.Original title: Culture & Tourism Ministry: KTV reopened, the number of consumption can not exceed half ApprovedWuhan officials said above, we have done some preliminary screening sample, but the sample is very small, a lot of data and we expect the final difference.Some experts analyze the reasons that there may be a sample selection problem, the sample size should be expanded."We are now actively respond to the issues raised in all aspects, and gradually research".Civil Aviation Authority recently issued a "Circular on further optimize cargo flight routes of administration policy."."Notice" proposed to relax the Beijing Capital Airport, Daxing Airport, "one city, two" cargo airline operating arrangements.Third, the teaching systemMay 7 Shulan City, Jilin Province, a laundress new crown diagnosed with pneumonia, to May 12, a total of 22 people diagnosed with this disease spread chain.Discuss China suspended four Australian companies exporting beef to China, China's tariffs on Australian barley and other issues .

Because of a wedding, a neighboring city also dangerousChen Wei, male, born in April 1966, June 1988 to join the party, to work in July 1988, Dr. Jiangnan University food science graduate school, professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.April 2017 Ren Jiangnan University Party Committee, Vice-Chancellor.11.Flourishing Campus Culture.Adhere to foster good school spirit teaching style, continued to carry out activities to create a civilized campus.Construction of a number of cultural heritage base.Cultural values play a campus building landscape, heritage and school history motto of the school song.Original fine colleges and universities to strengthen cultural creation and promotion.China's manned space program chief designer of the spacecraft system Zhang Bonan said in an interview confirmed that the placement accuracy "exceeded our expectations, 10.8 ring ".1988.09-1991.03 instruments at Lanzhou Municipal Office Director

Liu Bao Zhengzhou Rural Commercial Bank party secretary, chairman of the board, before the firm as chairman in farming, Liu Bao also served as general manager of the Henan association of credit business, general manager of the Risk Management Department.Zhengzhou Rural Commercial Bank is the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of silver, the original Zhengzhou City suburb of Rural Credit Cooperative Union, Zhengzhou City, the urban Rural Credit Cooperative Union merger of joint-stock commercial bank founded.September 29, 2019, Henan Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce Bank opened in Zhengzhou.Source: China Youth Daily, integrated from the National Health Construction Committee, Jilin Province, Wei health committee, the concept of news Click to enter the feature: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Sina God HKEAA 20,200,514 Editor: Zheng Yapeng2.Objectives and tasks.Lide tree people improve institutional mechanisms, the Lide tree people into the moral, cultural knowledge, all aspects of social practice education, through the disciplinary system, education system, teaching system, management system, accelerate the construction of targeted, content improvement, standard sound, run scientific, logistical support, with remarkable ideological and political work system for college.1998.08-2002.10 Lanzhou Municipal People's Congress Chief of StaffHonor covered, exploits heheSecond, the theory of armed systemSome experts questioned the need for universal screening of nucleic acid.China CDC epidemiology chief expert WU Zun had explicitly said in an interview with CCTV, mainly for large-scale nucleic acid testing focus groups and key communities, like Wuhan East Lake emergence of the epidemic in this district may be, there is no similar case the district does not have to be.

At 17:00 on May 1 to take the car home after May 10 confirmed cases notified dinner Jilin nine in home and rest.Source: Ministry of Education website Editor: Zheng YapengAs you mentioned about the attitude Chinese Ambassador to Australia, I would like to emphasize that China has always insisted on mutual respect and equality on the basis of the development of friendly relations and cooperation with other countries.I also suggest that you carefully read the Chinese Ambassador to Australia's original interview.Chinese Ambassador to the stance of the Australian side for some recent erroneous words and deeds give rise to concerns about Chinese people's discontent, but also concerns about the bilateral relations may be affected.What's wrong with you?I do not know "economic coercion" we talk about this argument?Case 3 Female, born in 1973, the Department of Jilin Province, May 10 confirmed cases notified Shulan close contacts 9.Information: Jiading District Information Office Editor: Zheng YapengEight, assessment inspection systemIn Jilin Province, Wei Jian Commission today releasedSelf-driving to Chuanying Lotte Mart Tong line Fumi dinner at 13:05 on May Yuemu Jia days after return.Eight, assessment inspection systemTherefore, the accuracy of the placement decision is maneuvering way, split between, in the direct driving system GNC spacecraft support adaptive prediction correction guidance (guidance navigation and control systems).7.Strengthening the role of Philosophy and Social Science Education.Strengthen the leading role of the Marxist theory of discipline, the introduction of a number of Chinese specialties Philosophy and Social Sciences masterpieces.Philosophy and Social Sciences to strengthen and standardize the selection of materials planning pipeline work.Course Construction of Marxist Theory increase the majors in various disciplines Philosophy and Social Sciences.Push forward the construction of Philosophy and Social Science courses Cheng Sizheng, literature, history, philosophy majors curriculum should help students master the Marxist world outlook and methodology, history and reality, theory and practice, such as combining a deep understanding of the dimensions of a new era of China Xi Jinping Features socialist ideology.Economics, management, law class professional courses to train students to Benefit the People, integrity, professionalism minor in Germany and France.Education class curriculum to focus on Strengthening Teachers' education, as teachers guide students to establish a school, Proper Behavior career aspirations.Overcoming all obstacles, solve the case for the peopleCase 2 Male, born in 1979, the Department of Jilin Province, May 10 confirmed cases notified Shulan close contacts 9.8.All curriculum comprehensively promote ideological and political construction.Co-ordination with the ideological and political course of ideological and political course construction, building comprehensive coverage, type of rich, progressive levels, mutual support curriculum.A number of key construction improve ideological and moral cultivation, human quality, the spirit of science and cognitive abilities of the students basic courses.Science, Gong Xuelei curriculum to focus on science and technology education and training and ethical methods of scientific thinking, students explore the unknown, the pursuit of truth, and climb the peak of science sense of responsibility and mission, students craftsman spirit of excellence powers.Agronomy courses to focus on students of power "three rural" feeling, to guide students to "understand agriculture, rural love, love farmers'.Medical specialties courses should focus on strengthening medical ethics education, focusing on strengthening the doctor benevolence education, educate and guide students to respect the patient, learn to communicate, to enhance the overall quality.Art class courses to educate and guide students to establish a correct view of art and creative concept, and actively carry forward the spirit of Huamei Yu.

Prevention and control do not effect.1.guiding ideology.Xi Jinping, the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement the Party's education policy, to uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership, adhere to the socialist orientation, to Lide tree people simply ideal and belief education as the core, to nurture and practice the socialist core values as the main line, in order to establish the key sound full, full, all-round education systems and mechanisms to raise the overall quality of ideological and political work.In a routine press conference yesterday, the Australian media has a reporter's question, according to Chinese Customs news, China will four Australian beef exporters included in the list of prohibited imports, but not told why.Can you tell us what the Foreign Ministry because?Chinese Ambassador to Australia previously mentioned, the Chinese people of Australia are pushing "independent international review," the source of the outbreak to express their dissatisfaction, may be reluctant to buy Australian beef, the speculation that this is China's "economic coercion" to the Australian side.Does this limit associated with Australian beef imports?28.Strengthen the party's overall leadership.Ideological and political work in colleges and universities should attach great importance to the position, strengthen management and work instructions.Each Party Committee to co-ordinate the various fields, the links, resources and strengths in all aspects, and guard against formalism, bureaucracy, strengthen institutional mechanisms, system design aspects of the project layout, team building, security and other conditions, regular analysis of ideological and political field case study and solve major problems, coordinate and promote the implementation of key tasks, the party committee responsible comrades implementation of leadership responsibility, leaders in charge of the implementation of direct responsibility.Party Secretary is primarily responsible for the ideological and political work, school principals and other members of the team carry out "party with responsibility, A Pair of responsibility.".University Leaders' members to take the initiative into the classroom, into the classroom, into the quarters, into the cafeteria, into the community, into the talks, into the network, contact the student front line.Original title: Australia anxious, seeking dialogue ."Guidelines" requirements must be implemented entertainment reopened wear masks, testing registration system.Entertainment facilities and equipment shall be equipped to measure body temperature, and arrange for someone on duty.Consumers enter the premises must wear masks, body temperature, to produce health code, and real-name registration.Consumers do not wear masks or abnormal body temperature, the place should be refused entry.Consumers in the place of science in public areas should wear masks."We hope the Australian side with China towards the line, effectively uphold mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, do more to help Australia mutual trust and cooperation, in line with the comprehensive strategic partnership between Australia and the spirit of the thing.As for the specific meeting you mentioned, it is recommended to understand the competent authorities."Zhao Lijian Data FigureMay 7 Shulan City, Jilin Province, a laundress new crown diagnosed with pneumonia, to May 12, a total of 22 people diagnosed with this disease spread chain.16.To promote the "one-stop" student community building.Relying College, dormitories and other campus student life, students explore forms of organization, management, service mechanism reform, to promote the party organization, management, service and other units stationed in the park to work, the university hospital leadership, management strength, service force, ideological and political pressure to force students education and management service line, the park will create a set of ideological education of students, teacher-student exchanges, cultural activities, live service in one of the garden's educational life.Whether national screening discussed two months agoMinimize aggregation,At 16:03 on May 46 aboard bus from Tianjin to the liberation of West Street Station Chief Hall Station, Jian Sheng Sunday dinner at sushi nearby.

Examination recommendations that are not within the scope of examination by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will be forwarded to relevant parties for research and processing through the filing and review linkage linkage mechanism, and the handling of the examination recommendations will be tracked.




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