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  2020-05-31 00:00:24,SEO研究中心3.Entertainment reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measuresThe two sessions with the protection of the smooth progress of the announcement, more than in previous years, appeared in late February this year because of the impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the country held two sessions postponed.Previously, officials have announced the National People's Congress will be held May 22, the CPPCC National Committee was held on February 21, Beijing is about to enter the "two sessions Time".Anthony Wong in face book issued a document called, "People in Taiwan.Isolation fourteen days."The news triggered concerns pan-green camp on the island.DPP Deputy Secretary-General Lin Fei-Fan Post in the comments below the article says, "Welcome", there are Internet users a message that "it naturalization Taiwan!"Anthony Wong replied that the" preparation ".。。Original Title: cells 2 days by six cases new crown, surrounding the nucleic acid detection 70,000。

  Original title: "Hong Kong independence" to become the "Taiwan independence"?(C) adhere to limiting reservation.Restored and opened to Internet service establishments limited measures limiting personnel should be strictly enforced, make an appointment to take consumption, peak load shifting admission, interval sit and other measures, and the number of consumers to implement dynamic management within the premises, to prevent aggregation of risk.(Xi) fire hazard investigation.Entertainment before the resumption of business should actively cooperate with relevant departments, a comprehensive investigation of fires and other fire safety problems, and in accordance with "the Ministry of Culture on the implementation of safe production responsibility to inform strengthen the cultural market of work safety" (Man City Fa [2017] 5) the relevant provisions strengthen the place daily inspection, do not meet the safety conditions of the whole legislation reform legislation.The results of research and practice in the world for the first time opened the gap between the predicted guidance and control, greatly simplifying and lowering the threshold for application of forecast guidance, both in the development of control theory still has a typical significance in raising the level of application engineering, is a large contribution to the world in the field of aerospace control.。

  May 12, Lehigh tide appointed party secretary of Beijing Municipal health director at a press conference for the capital, the higher epidemic prevention and control work requirements, measures should be more closely, we remain vigilant and alert state should be adjusted to optimal.One can imagine that in two of the country this year, in addition to security detection equipment, plus the resident and the venue will be set up infrared thermometer.In addition, more stringent control measures there may be a "closed management".According to the staff of a local people's congress of the "Global Times" describes the closure of local management measures during the two sessions are "two first-line participants (conference venue and hotel accommodation, round-trip journey), the entire vehicle to protect, lunch room to room.".。。

  (Xv) the establishment of communication mechanisms.Internet service establishments should establish an emergency communication mechanism epidemic, the epidemic reporting channel flow, timely detection of outbreaks should be reported to government authorities.,(Vi) is equipped with protective equipment.Venues to be equipped with masks, gloves and other protective materials, and equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies in the bathroom, to provide the necessary guarantees for the protection of employees and visitors.。

{标题}:(Vii) strengthen epidemic prevention publicity.By setting venues should prompt card, display a variety of ways publicity materials, electronic display, strengthen epidemic prevention and control knowledge scientific propaganda.
(XVI) prepared to deal with the disposal of when an outbreak is detected.Entertainment venues such as the emergence of epidemic suspected symptoms should be immediately launched emergency plans, do on-site management, to avoid panic, with the health sector to take quarantine measures, do cleaning and disinfection work and the temporary closure of premises.

  To implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on coordinate development of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work and economic and social development, "the State Department to deal with novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism for guidance on doing new crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work opinions "(State power invention [2020] No. 14) requirements, an orderly entertainment reopened, the development of this guide.,恐In the George W. Bush presidency, the then US Secretary of State Colin Powell at the UN Security Council shows little bottle containing a white powder to prove Saddam's regime holds weapons of mass destruction.But the fact that no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.(Vi) establish duty system.Entertainment venues should arrange for someone to supervise the employees and customers to comply with quarantine requirements, timely counseling to consumers, diversion, avoid crowds, keep a safe social distance.(Vi) is equipped with protective equipment.Venues to be equipped with masks, gloves and other protective materials, and equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies in the bathroom, to provide the necessary guarantees for the protection of employees and visitors.。

  Source: China Space News micro-channel public number Editor: Zheng Yapeng(Xii) make the employees' health monitoring.Good employee health management, master track employee travel, etc..Employees are required to wear masks at work, temperature screening and health inquiry, fever, respiratory tract symptoms should seek medical advice immediately and report.。”但During the outbreak, the relevant departments issued dozens of emergency social security policies, effective up for the lack current system, resolve the people's livelihood difficulties during the fight against SARS, however, introduced a number of emergency policies, but also reflects the current system is still inadequate, the need to further improve.I suggested that this emergency policy in a reasonable, mature and timely measures into existing institutional framework, and into long-term, stable institutional arrangements can effectively enhance the role of the social security system reassurance.For example, for work-related injuries sudden major public health events in health care and related staff pension finds and death of workers, the requirements are more mature and recommendations into the work injury insurance system to avoid Zai Yu again when similar policies issued temporary emergency public health incidents."Human Resources and Social Security Development Statistics Bulletin," the data show that in 2018, the annual industrial injury insurance fund revenue 91.3 billion yuan, 74.2 billion yuan fund expenditures.At the end of work injury insurance fund balance accumulated 178.5 billion yuan (29.4 billion yuan including reserves), can provide strong financial support for work-related injury during the epidemic and related health care personnel and workers killed pension.annex:annex:。

  ING Greater China economist Peng Hong, explained: "China has the ability to trigger the collapse of the dollar and financial markets by selling US Treasury bonds.US Treasury devaluation, its yield will rise sharply.Does not rule out the possibility of the global financial catastrophe."(Ix) equipped with protective materials.Internet service establishments shall be equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, medical alcohol-free hand-washing disinfectant, disinfectant wipes and other protective materials, equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfection of medical alcohol and other items in a public rest area, toilets and other areas, for consumers and employees at any time disinfection.:Second, the related medical costs during the epidemic after proper solution, to further improve the health care system。


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