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For more than a month,The vast majority of soldiers in white who supported Hubei lived and forgotten their lives,Night and day,Always fighting at the forefront of prevention, control and treatment.'Although we are still young,But the country can be assured! 'In this battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Many 'post-90s' and 'post-00s' have no fear of difficulties and brave burdens,Showing the youthful power of agitation,I wrote a youthful answer without regret.Strengthen leadership and grasp the overall situation,It is the fundamental requirement to win the epidemic prevention, control and blocking war.Wild animals are human friends,Is an important member of the earth home.The harder and harder the struggle,The more you can fully understand the profound truth that socialism can concentrate on major affairs.Maintaining awareness of the epidemic prevention is the prerequisite foundation for epidemic prevention and control.

Because the confirmed cases of new pneumonia show an upward trend every day,Inevitably, the public feels more nervous.Secondly,Need to further clarify the subject of information collection and related legal responsibilities,To avoid arbitrary possession and dissemination of personal information by subjects such as pharmacies and supermarkets.'The relevant person in charge of Dongyue Group told reporters.

The doctor has no worries behind him,There is no 'whispering harassment' in front of me,The only thing in the brain is to save the disease,Is the normal state of war and epidemic,Only in this way can the results of the 'epidemic' war be achieved with less effort.China is courageous in safeguarding the common interests of emerging market countries and developing countries,Actively respond to common challenges and problems facing the world.For a long time,China, as an extraordinary great power, is committed to contributing Chinese wisdom and Chinese power to the improvement of global governance.It has become the mainstay of safeguarding multilateralism and democratization of international relations.once again,to be honest,I do n鈥檛 think any government or country can take on such a huge job in such a short time,This includes rebuilding the public health system, logistics, and maintaining domestic security.we hope,There can be more 'good laws' like Fujian and Guangdong for wildlife protection,True dense weave,Let people who eat wild game have nowhere to 'mouth'.

In this regard,On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation and supervision of policies in various places,On the other hand, we must strengthen the protection of the collected information.The health department timely revised the diagnosis and treatment plan,Announce to the public the list of designated hospitals and hot clinics nationwide above county level.Since the outbreak of new coronavirus infection pneumonia,Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core,All departments across the country acted quickly,Coordinated linkage,According to the principle of territorial management,Implement various prevention and control measures,Give full play to the advantages of the socialist system of 'concentrating forces on major affairs',Started a people's war to prevent and control the epidemic.He introduced,Although the company stocked a batch of products years ago,But it is unable to meet the needs of customers in sufficient quantity,therefore,Longkou Tubing began to prepare for the resumption of work early,Approved by Lutou Town and the city epidemic prevention and control headquarters,After further on-site verification by the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau,Officially resumed work on the 10th.When a sudden public event occurs,The public will habitually incorporate past experience, thinking, memory, etc. into the interpretation of recent events,Adopt strategies such as selective understanding, selective filtering and selective communication.Although some confusing claims have not exposed the shortcomings in the short term,Whether it is paid labor,Voluntary voluntary service,Are all contributing to epidemic prevention and control,Are worthy of social praise and encouragement,but,Clarify the unique identity of volunteers,Emphasizing their special status in epidemic prevention and control,There is still a necessity and urgency that cannot be ignored.'In the face of the epidemic' big test ',The vast number of young people live up to Shaohua, their mission, and their unremitting efforts,In the fight against the epidemic,Gained care, responsibility, responsibility, courage,Let youth bloom where the party and the people need it most,Shining on the road of fully building a well-off society,Bloom in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream! (Li Ming, Hao Zhonghua)'President Xi Jinping said:' China will be more open,It will benefit the world even deeper. '

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Countless young volunteers have invested a lot of time and energy,Participate in the war epidemic regardless of rewards,Their dedication deserves high respect.the first time,I went back to my home with my parents,Whether wearing a high-speed rail or flying by plane, I wear two layers of masks,And did not take off the whole process; the first time,No matter how good the weather is,There are fewer people moving outside,People who travel also wear masks; for the first time,During the Spring Festival,It could have been a lively New Year,But temple fairs and large-scale cultural activities are gone,So deserted; for the first time,I did n鈥檛 go to my relative 鈥檚 house for New Year 鈥檚, New Year 鈥檚 Eve, dinner, sitting around the fireplace, and laughing;The winter vacation is so long,Ca n鈥檛 go to school when the school starts; for the first time,Class and self-study on the Internet at home; for the first time,It has been more than a month since I left home; for the first time,Experience such a horrible virus for yourself.At the fact level,To tell the people comprehensive, true and accurate information; at the value level,To have effective emotional communication with the people,Pursuing the value recognition of the people,Because no matter how important the information you provide,The premise is that someone must be willing to listen, listen to, understand, and accept.Compared to large enterprises,Many small and medium-sized enterprises have small scale, uneven development, and relatively weak ability to resist risks.In front of the epidemic,SMEs bear the brunt,Encountered the cold winter.They actively contact and dock,For the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the transportation of production and living materials,Working more than ten hours a day is the norm.President Xi personally deployed,Direct in person,National Mobilization,Play a game of chess,Strong leadership, coping ability, organizational mobilization, and implementation are the core keys to effectively control the virus and ultimately overcome the epidemic.From relaxing market access to expanding financing channels,From innovative legal environment to reducing fiscal and tax burdens,From encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship to guiding precise development,The development vitality of SMEs has been continuously released.current,A sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia affects everyone's heart.

Chinese President Xi Jinping evening of May 15 with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban phone.




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