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  2020-05-27 20:09:43,SEO研究中心Huatai Securities research report pointed out that the proportion of Shanghai international airport lines leading domestic hub and international spread of the disease for greater impact on the company's international line traffic.But long term, the status of the company's strong international hub airport, the impact of the epidemic is only a one-time impact of the epidemic is expected after the end of the flow and performance will be quickly repaired, the international line high proportion of liquidity still bring traffic.And the Office of satellite production, peak-hour capacity has been increased to 80 vehicles / hour, contributes to its continued growth and long-term traffic.2020 summer flight season international line recovery uncertain, but the domestic line to get 28.8% growth in time, or in part to make up for declining traffic. Editor: Zheng YapengJingwei new clients May 14 electrical (Meng Zhang) Recently, the State Information Center released in 2020 "trillion club city" real estate market trends judged, by 2019 17 trillion GDP will be released dependence on Urban Real Estate Investment, Zhengzhou highest, lowest Beijing.Bocas: I agree, this could have a very negative impact on the world.I and many former president of the country, former Prime Minister talked to, they are very concerned about this matter.To tell the truth, in fact, many countries want the United States to do some hard work, they are a good rider, but anyway, this is a misfortune.。。So let's stop blaming each other right.Each country can do some things they do not like, but let us solve a very respectful way, after all, the United States and China who can not disappear on Earth.。

  Australia's 7News website on May 13 article, the original question: the face of China's export ban threat, Australia or infant formula will be spared the Australian dairy industry on Wednesday evening with the Minister of Agriculture on the phone to discuss this critical threat to exports may face.With the deterioration of the relationship between Australia and China, the annual value of $ 1.1 billion export industry is in danger.Dairy farmers' main liaison committee 席格雷厄姆 Forbes believes that although Canberra and Beijing exacerbate the conflict worrisome, but the industry is still hope that the Chinese people love the Australian infant formula, "farmers are certainly very worried about this situation but we try not to jump to conclusions."(C) support the development of innovation and industrial upgrading, stable foreign trade basic disk to ensure a stable supply chain industry chain.Adhere to consolidate, enhance, improve and smooth the principle of regulation play to the advantages of good structural fiscal policies, open up "blocking point" on the chain supply chain, make up the "break point" to promote enterprise turn up as soon as possible, enhance the quality of China's economy Advantage.One is to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing.Guide capital, strategic resources to key areas of focus, and promote the industrial chain to high-end forward.Continue to support shale gas, coalbed methane and other unconventional natural gas exploitation, to support the healthy development of renewable energy, promote energy restructuring.Second, to support scientific and technological innovation.Increase support for new pneumonia vaccines and drugs crown of scientific research, we encourage sound support basic research, original and innovative institutional mechanisms, formation of the national laboratories, giving researchers to carry out scientific and technical results of long-term ownership or use rights trial.Third, the basic stability of foreign trade foreign disk.Continues to support a comprehensive experimental zone to guide the construction of cross-border e-commerce, accelerate the development of new growth in foreign trade.Foreign Investment Promotion establish and improve public service system, to guide the orderly conduct of foreign investment and cooperation.(The author is Minister of Finance) Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieGerman news television station reported May 13, the original question: Hundreds of German managers will take charter flights to China with the Chinese epidemic better, the German business organizations and diplomats is trying to let managers in enterprises back from Germany, China and Germany China.。

  Video Connection understand the situation in Jilin Province。。

  Original title: municipal plenary session second session THIRD time to adjust to May 16,Jingwei new client combing found that this year, the domestic refined oil price adjustment has gone through 8, showing "3 down 5 stranded" pattern, gasoline and diesel prices were down a total of 1850 yuan / ton, 1780 yuan / ton.According to the State Development and Reform Commission, domestic oil prices three times aground March 31, April 15, April 28 are due before the domestic refined oil prices in the international market of crude oil anchored 10 working days average price below $ 40 a barrel.。

{标题}:Many people may remember, the first day of the May Day holiday this year, the State Council to deal with novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism integrated group has issued "briefing on the new crown Heilongjiang Province pneumonia epidemic clustering about the situation.".
Presentation content is displayed, in April this year to achieve aircraft movements totaled 17,242 vehicles, an (a year earlier) fell 59.15%; passenger throughput of 81.340,000 passengers, down 87.18%; cargo throughput 32.360,000 tons, an increase of 10.11%.

  Bocas: I do not think is a laboratory leak, of course this is my personal point of view.Pompeo just to rise to greater concern in the United States, he was very tough, Trump is one of the most hawkish government of people, but I think his move was the president permission.And some of the senators declared that he is very dangerous, they are too excited, but also in strengthening the American people hostile to China.,恐According to her, after a period of time due to the outbreak closed, Berlin Zoo two weeks ago was once again open its doors to visitors in the premise to take certain restrictive measures.It is reported that the park's visitors must buy tickets in advance online, and choose a specific date and time to visit."We set the upper limit of the park visitors, in order to avoid the same time there are too many people to stay in the zoo."13, "the brigade of giant pandas to return home early" has become a hot topic.The reason is simple and helpless, affected by the outbreak, enough to eat fresh bamboo.Jingwei new client queries Bureau of Statistics found throughout, as of the end of 2019, a total of 17 cities shortlisted trillion club ranks, namely: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing , Ningbo, Wuxi, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Foshan.。

  Guoxin Real Estate Research Group Macroeconomics and high poly-analysis, high dependence on individual cities, real estate investment, indicating the high degree of dependence on investment, we need to optimize the structure of GDP by increasing industrial restructuring and upgrading efforts.According to reports, the start of national and provincial trunk highways and the "four good rural road", mainly in the upgrading, create scenic road and industrial road exert efforts to enhance the comfort of transportation in the rural areas, poor areas, scenic infill convergence road network, to achieve effective integration of tourism traffic +.。”但Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian 13 at a regular press conference when asked about the issue, said China is resolutely opposed to foreign arms sales to Taiwan or conduct military security position of exchanges with Taiwan is consistent and clear.The Chinese side has expressed serious concern France.China once again urged France to abide by the one China principle, the revocation of arms sales to Taiwan to avoid damage to Sino-French relations. Editor: Wu JinmingOriginal title: former US ambassador to Bocas accept the "Global Times" interview: Crazy accusing China, they went too farThe face of the epidemic continued to spread in the local community, the United States eager thrown pot, increased playing the "Taiwan card" efforts.March 30, US Secretary of State Pompeo claimed that the State Department will fully follow the "Taipei bill" just adopted, to assist Taiwan in the WHA "to play the appropriate role"; April 6, Pompeo to the WHO Director-General Tan Desai propaganda calling him an invitation to Taipei.People on both sides of the letter Research Association chairman COMMUNICATION ON the 13th wrote bluntly, from the United States declined in the proposal to help Taiwan WHA point of view, "the United States beat Taiwan card or moderate, will not rush shots."."China Times" 13 commented that US officials behind the DPP authorities boosted confidence that the world's oldest clarion call, the truth from the other countries without hesitation, "but unfortunately it did not, only the United States out of a mouth, the proposal to be time to start dumb.Sadly, I did not forget self-hypnosis Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also said that "US support for Taiwan through a variety of ways, the proposal is just one. '".WHO has so far received more than a dozen Member States proposal to invite Taiwan to participate in the WHA.A closer look at these countries, including Nicaragua, Palau and Swaziland, "all of Taiwan's allies.Compared to the United States before the official statement even behind, the absence of the US Joint proposals, some really embarrassing. ".The article said that China continue to buy American soybeans on the other hand, the United States released a list of excluded tariff, land only a few days ago the United States Trade Representative on the phone, indicating that although the United States land swords on the table, but in fact still in the implementation of trade agreements, "found in US government support for Taiwan's participation in WHA is less superficial "," when the United States said to give Taiwan sweets, they are often ready to hit the Taiwan card to put pressure on the mainland when.When Taiwan believe that the United States mouth, but look forward to fall, to blame the United States Jian Qiao, or blame themselves too naive?"。

  Expert: the demand side of the property market policy easing less spaceFTV News 13, said over the DPP "legislators" Tsai Ing-wen urged that "the current amnesty Chen Shui-bian, is the right time.".Tsai Ing-wen and the "presidential palace" Secretary-General Chen Chu and his staff are in consultation over the matter.:To be honest, right now it is difficult to find in bilateral relations particularly active in the field.I think if Biden won the election, it will be the next US-China cooperation on climate change issues.On the other hand, I hope that bilateral cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, joint research, to avoid future outbreaks occur more.Given the seriousness of the outbreak of a new crown, I hope the United States and share information, not only from the business point of view.。






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