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  2020-05-26 12:11:53,SEO研究中心Public information, Gao Hong, male, Han nationality, born in December 1969, Hebei Xinji people, graduate degree, Master of Philosophy, senior accountant, joined the Communist Party of China in December 2000, July 1990 to work.Gao Hong served as deputy secretary of Inner Mongolia Erdos City Political and Legal Committee, Wuhai City Mayor.Some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, Chuzhou relevant units of public officials and relatives of the accused hundreds of people to attend the trial.The case will be scheduled for sentencing.The services sector, in April, the country's service sector production index fell 4 year.5% decline narrowed 4 to March.6 points.1 April, the service sector production index fell 9 year.9%, a decline in the same first quarter narrowed.8 points.。。Click into the Beijing News reporter Feng Qi topics: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang Jie。

  Some backbenchers frequently hawkish remarks on the China issue, the sound even overshadowed the government officials.Australia's opposition Labor Party criticized the government Morrison lack of diplomatic flexibility and discipline in this matter, did not manage relations with China, and even sit against China's ruling coalition backbenchers to dominate relations with China.14, citing an interview with Sky News Labor leader Albanese said the government did not do the appropriate Morrison diplomatic efforts in announcing the promotion of international outbreak investigation, and some backbench MPs sound bigger than the Minister of Foreign Affairs."If we can hear the foreign minister rather than George Christensen such people stand, it will become more skilled.".Sarkozy to pick up the three major industrial investment in real estate development investment decline narrowedSource: China Weather Network Editor: Yang JieOriginal title: Continue limited to the line Tianjin!。

  Public information, Gao Hong, male, Han nationality, born in December 1969, Hebei Xinji people, graduate degree, Master of Philosophy, senior accountant, joined the Communist Party of China in December 2000, July 1990 to work.Gao Hong served as deputy secretary of Inner Mongolia Erdos City Political and Legal Committee, Wuhai City Mayor.。。

  Recently, Nankai District, Tianjin CPPCC former party secretary, Chairman Mao East (bureau) suspected of taking bribes case, prosecuted by the Tianjin Municipal People's Procuratorate, the first branch of the law to the Tianjin First Intermediate People's Court.,"Australia's relationship with China in trouble, it's time to find a way out," Australian independent media "dialogue" Web site published a signed article on the 14th Lok Zhuobo University professor Tony Walker said, "Morrison dug for himself and Australia diplomatic cave, unwittingly involved in the debate on China's response to new virus outbreaks responsibility of the crown ".Morrison April 22 with US President Bertrand ordinary telephone, to discuss China's responsibility in the outbreak, after pushing himself "an independent international investigation" of the origin of the epidemic.The article said, "why Morrison and Bertrand Putonghua after the intervention of the topic immediately, remains a mystery.In the diplomatic history of Australia, which could become one of the most suspicious of attempts ".。

{标题}:According to public security departments responsible person, for the May 18 city will implement the third batch of school reopened the case, in order to properly respond to resume classes brought traffic pressure, public security departments will be strengthened through internal tap the potential, scientific management, comprehensive facilities strategy, maximize the protection of the city's road traffic safety and orderly.One refinement of the "one school, one case of" grooming Paul Chang.Joint territorial Public Security Bureau, the transport sector and the establishment of educational administrative departments, schools and specific staff members "three contact mechanism", the formation of "one school, one special class," school-by-site survey, developed for the actual school situation, "a school case "plan to divert Paul Chang.Second all-out traffic control management and control.18 will start the highest level of service plans, all the police on the road, additional police in the key period from school, "a school more police" to strengthen the campus surrounding traffic control, maximize the protection of road traffic order.Further increase easy "disordering caused chaos," traffic violations intensity, sustained purification road traffic environment, maximize road capacity.Third, improve traffic safety around the school facilities.Students return to school in conjunction with epidemic prevention and control, comprehensive investigation of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and surrounding road in front of traffic signs and markings are incomplete, unclear and lack of traffic barriers and other problems, speed up the construction progress to ensure full specification before returning to school traffic safety around the campus facilities, eliminate potential risks of traffic accidents.Fourth, extensive traffic safety publicity and guidance.Safety Tips widely published by the media and new media platforms in Tianjin traffic police, real-time traffic information, enhance traffic safety publicity and guidance to the students return to school, parents and the public travel.
January 3, I appoint the relevant research institutions to arrange samples for laboratory cases of parallel testing is done at the same time several laboratories can verify each other; also carried out to identify the pathogen.

  January 10, initially developed a test kit, then spent nearly a week on the kit is optimized; and the organization of Wuhan fever outpatient department and observing the patient and carry out active screening.January 12, we share the World Health Organization genomic sequence information novel coronavirus, enable more countries to quickly diagnose patients, but also sounded the alarm for prevention to the world, it sent a signal to remind.,恐Original title: Nankai District, Tianjin CPPCC former party secretary to Mao East and the others to be prosecutedTianjin prosecution according to the law for the East Mau prosecution alleged bribery caseOriginal title: ZHANG Wen-hong talk about "hand writing", not too fast reply。

  In addition, the employment pressure is relatively large focus groups, such as migrant workers."In late April, we organized a quick survey of migrant workers return home carried out thoroughly.Learned from the situation of view, in the butt after a series of measures to promote the employment of migrant workers and other measures to the nearest place of action, employment of migrant workers has been a certain degree of improvement in late April-scale migrant workers have returned to previous years, ninety percent left and right, but there is still a distance away from the normal level.From the point of view of college graduates, there are 8.74 million college graduates this year of entering the job market, it is indeed a big pressure on employment."Liu Aihua representation.The second is to strengthen the organization to administer the exam.Various aspects of the implementation of the proposition, system volume, paper, storage, distribution, Scott, scoring defense and other security measures and measures to implement the provisions strictly regulate the examination affairs, increase fraud crackdown examination, examination organization to ensure foolproof.。”但Sarkozy to pick up the three major industrial investment in real estate development investment decline narrowedBeijing News News (Reporter Feng Qi) May 12, the Ministry of Education school to resume classes held on campus epidemic prevention and control situation conference, the Ministry of Education to respond to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown Work Leading Group Office, Sports Health and Art Education Secretary Wang Dengfeng said that in the case of the epidemic, the college entrance examination, a strong base in a planned enrollment of sports test items can be adjusted as appropriate.One of the advantages of Tongling, maybe that urban governance.As the first national smart city pilot city.2019, '' Tongling mode 'to open a new chapter in small urban governance "won the Yangtze River Delta Urban Governance Best Practices Award.In the same year, Tongling, Anhui Province released the first digital city in the top-level planning, "" digital Tongling "building development plan (2019-2023 years)", plans to use 3-5 years to build a national digital city advanced city.IFLYTEK "urban super-brain" system were integrated data Tongling City, 57 units, the amount of data expansion from the 586 class to the 1132 class, expanded from the original more single government class data to urban management, public services, transportation, finance and credit and other data.Up to now, the city has brought together 3.1 billion big data, constructed with data aggregation, data management, data development, platform data sharing capabilities.。

  Open a new era of a new journey for the care.In the process of full implementation of the health of Chinese strategy, promoting health Beijing building and continue to deepen the medical and health system in order to access to basic health services as the goal, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, strengthen the institutional innovation, to enhance their professional capabilities and expand areas of expertise to make people more precision docking diversified, multi-level health needs, and strive to achieve population-wide, comprehensive, full life-cycle maintenance and protection of people's health care.In addition, as one of stimulating the economy, "Troika", the consumer also has to pick up. Data show that in April, the total social zero up to 2.82 trillion yuan, down 7 year.5% decline narrowed compared to March 8.3 points.:January 9 this year, "Inner Mongolia Daily" published the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Congress Standing Committee Bulletin" shows that "autonomous Thirteenth People's Congress on behalf of Gao Hong was ordered to resign as a representative, Wuhai City, the Ninth People's Congress eighteenth meeting decided to accept his resignation.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on behalf of, on behalf of Gao Hong eligibility terminated."。


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