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  2020-07-11 19:17:33,SEO研究中心(Vii) the main responsibility for the implementation of prevention and control.Entertainment should implement the main responsibility for prevention and control, strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control regulations, enactment of this place prevention and control system and emergency plans, the responsibility to implement the prevention and control of specific individuals.In addition, he said, "will not postpone summer vacation primary and secondary schools, as planned release". Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengOriginal title: for the first time in a single month of positive growth this year!Jiangsu Province, import and export value in April 3662.800 million yuan。。(Vi) establish duty system.Entertainment venues should arrange for someone to supervise the employees and customers to comply with quarantine requirements, timely counseling to consumers, diversion, avoid crowds, keep a safe social distance.。

  (C) adhere to limiting reservation.Restored and opened to Internet service establishments limited measures limiting personnel should be strictly enforced, make an appointment to take consumption, peak load shifting admission, interval sit and other measures, and the number of consumers to implement dynamic management within the premises, to prevent aggregation of risk.In addition, the abundance of nest did not disclose their "invisible income", such as advertising costs.A courier cabinet manufacturers publicity, said the third-tier cities, the cabinet advertising revenue 1000 yuan -3000 yuan per month, screen advertising revenue 500 yuan -1000 yuan per month.Over the past year, the Hong Kong education continue to expose people stunned problem.Can not get rid of chronic illness, ill will, it is time to make a major operation riddled with the Hong Kong Education.Look at the "drug division"."Amendments storm", some vertical storm teacher performance garish, which incite violence most prominent are two: The Curse of the Police Children "survive 7 years old," "before the age of 20 killed," the Logos Academy teachers Dai Jianhui; and on social networking sites issued a "black police dead family" of Sacred heart Canossian College of Liberal Studies teachers have to rely bell.Last December, the Legislative Council passed a motion of Education, Department of Education requires teachers responsibility seriously investigated longitudinal violence, punish the publication of hate speech, teachers encourage students to participate in illegal rallies or street violence.But since then, there have still vertical violent "drug division," come out from time to time, such as the recent report of the teachers said to be the cause of the Opium War "by the British to send troops to attack China Non-Smoking" blatant to whiten the Opium War.。

  Notification requirements, to guarantee service delivery concerns.Postal administrations at all levels should strictly implement the urge posting and delivery of enterprise service delivery concerns the standards, protection of business premises, and stable operation of the end outlets, do a good consumer advice service, complaint handling, consumer tips, etc..Beijing postal bureau to urge companies to do on behalf of members of the resident party newspapers delivery service work; supervise confidential communications security company to protect postal, postal kiosks strengthen management to prevent illegal publications into the market; supervision and guidance posting and delivery companies to comply with the provisions of the temporary traffic control flexible arrangements for transportation and collection and delivery service, express Mail prevent backlog.。。

  (B) adhere to the orderly opening.In the case of fully prepared and epidemic prevention measures should be strictly in accordance with the territorial around the party committee and government unified deployment, at the county level units, zoning classification, determined to restore the opening hours of entertainment and specific requirements.Epidemic in high-risk areas, the epidemic risk areas have greater uncertainty and greater pressure area outside input, it should be strictly prudent to control the opening hours of recovery.,He Jian said that the industry committee and the property will respect the contract, even if the termination, they have contractually agreed to lift bilateral cooperation relations.But the positioning of the approach abundance nest express cabinet is a district public support resources, suddenly without any discussion to change the rules for the use of the recipient fees, lack of respect for the user, "Express cabinets that do not have this thing, so over so many years also , this is already not a necessity."。

{标题}:Notice that two of the country is an important meeting held at a critical period for a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control to further consolidate the good momentum, but also building a moderately prosperous society and "Thirteen Five" is very important in planning to wrap up meeting of the General Assembly.Postal administrations at all levels and enterprises to improve delivery concerns political stance, strengthen the responsibility to act, to strengthen the organization and leadership, in-depth mobilization, detailed embodiments, strictly implement the responsibility, careful analysis of judgments service delivery concerns and needs of security and stability risks have taken for management initiatives, maintaining postal courier industry safe and stable operation, maintain safe and smooth delivery concerns channels, guarantee the smooth holding of two of the country.
(Vi) establish duty system.Entertainment venues should arrange for someone to supervise the employees and customers to comply with quarantine requirements, timely counseling to consumers, diversion, avoid crowds, keep a safe social distance.

  Easy to see that our education problems, and it is a great problem.Must now be determined to set things right, get to the root, to the Hong Kong Education riddled with major surgery, must not be allowed to "poison division," "toxic materials" poison adolescents in Hong Kong.(Shu Wen Zhifei) Click to enter topic: The situation in Hong Kong focusing Editor: Zhang Shen,恐Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau inspector He Qinghua a 13th State Council on the joint prevention and control mechanism of a news conference, Hubei, Battle, Battle of Wuhan decisive outcome, the national epidemic blocking action also made significant strategic achievements, our country epidemic prevention and control work has entered a state of emergency to normalization from the prevention and control of state.How do the normalization of prevention and control work, carry out the Party Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements regarding epidemic prevention and control and coordinate development of economic and social development, normalization of work to do, the Central Leading Group agreed to deal with the epidemic, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism issued the "guiding opinions on normalization of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention work," mainly in five areas.(Xviii) strengthen supervision and inspection.Around cultural and tourism administrative departments should strengthen the restoration of entertainment open to the inspection and supervision, investigate and punish illegal business activities in accordance with regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain market order.5 Q: But do not pay overtime to store what will happen?。

  The circular stressed, postal administrations at all levels to maintain security and stability, in accordance with the overall prevention and control, in order to face the idea of Checkpoint, according to "protect the inner ring outer ring, the inner core security" and the principle of "strict tight, key control," the The delivery urge enterprises to strictly perform acceptance testing, as the real name acceptance, over-clear "three systems".The patient with flight personnel from the entry Sanya City, the province that is in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control of immigration officers, full implementation of closed-loop management, centralized quarantine for 14 days and nucleic acid testing, test results were negative.。”但 Source: National Post micro-channel public number Editor: Zheng YapengDuring the visit to minimize the collective epidemic prevention and control, and where people reflect the same aspirations, press the provisions of the "Petition Regulations" elected five people (including) the following representatives, subject to staff guidance, and consciously accept the vaccination, safety inspections, promptly after the end of the reception ordered to leave the reception site, reduce the retention time, reduce the risk of infection, and consciously safeguard the order of petitioning.To ensure personal health, people visiting places must enter the letters received full right to wear masks, present a valid ID, Beijing health treasure my health status should display "no abnormal".。

  Notice that the Beijing Bureau to deploy the mail express delivery concerns enterprises to strengthen security checks, during the closure of the meeting from May 14 next day, the mail processing center in Beijing express delivery before the full implementation of the "secondary screening", no security logo Mail Express will be returned, not transit delivery; according to the actual situation, public security, national security and other departments to implement before delivery "three security" for key parts sent express mail.(Xi) detecting the registration admission do.Venues should be equipped with temperature measuring facilities and equipment, and arrange for someone on duty.The audience into the venues must wear masks, body temperature, produce health code.The audience refused to wear a mask or abnormal body temperature, it shall be refused entry.:Original title: Hainan one case of asymptomatic infection outside input into confirmed cases。






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