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  2020-05-31 23:54:14,SEO研究中心Global Times: So, "McCarthyism" in the United States, "Resurrection" yet?This will have consequences?Jingwei new client combing found that this year, the domestic refined oil price adjustment has gone through 8, showing "3 down 5 stranded" pattern, gasoline and diesel prices were down a total of 1850 yuan / ton, 1780 yuan / ton.According to the State Development and Reform Commission, domestic oil prices three times aground March 31, April 15, April 28 are due before the domestic refined oil prices in the international market of crude oil anchored 10 working days average price below $ 40 a barrel."Real estate development investment-GDP ratio" is regarded as a measure of local economic growth indicators of dependence on Real Estate Investment.The higher the proportion, indicating more severe economic dependence on real estate investment.。。German diplomat that Beijing provides a very convenient procedure for the entry of German managers.In addition to Germany, "Quick Entry" program also will apply to South Korea and Japan or Britain, France and Switzerland and other countries to invest more in China's business executives.An EU diplomat said, "This means that executives do not have two-week quarantine."But in the 48 hours prior to departure, they must submit a new crown undiagnosed pneumonia health certificate to China.German Foreign Ministry confirmed that the companies return to work after China and Germany, there is high demand for talent, the Department being reviewed on China's proposal.。

  British "Guardian" May 12 article, the original title: Australia-China trade tensions caused by Australia's Federation on the export of agricultural concerns of farmers worried about the future, the case of escalating trade tensions, agricultural trade will be disturbed in Australia.Australian National Farmers Federation said that China is Australia products including wool, cotton, cereals, dairy products, seafood and horticultural products and other important markets.Australia Founder trying to play down the impact of extensive beef and barley diplomatic issues to cool.French "Le Monde" recently reported that, in 1991, the French company Thomson -CSF (now Thales) once $ 2.8 billion sale price is not equipped with six weapons to Taiwan, "Lafayette" class frigate.April 7 this year, the Taiwan side said that plans for these French-made frigates to modernize in order to decoy launching system with them, against missile attacks.Reconstruction contracts obtained by French DCI-DESCO company, amounting to approximately 25 million euros.Principal analyst at Centaline Dawei on the new latitude and longitude client said that the next policy implications RRR cut interest rates, housing prices get motivation gradually improve, and more again high premium rate of land transactions, capital chain impact of the epidemic on housing prices, although large but difficult to reduce domestic financing, some companies take the initiative appeared to improve again.Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from January to April, the country's 50 city hot spots to sell 1.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.3%.Among them, the city a total of 50 hotspots in April 5044 land transfer.700 million, this is the first time during a single month exceeded 50 million, the average residential land premium rate is April 1 of the second-tier cities is the second half of 2019 to its highest level.The average premium rate as high as 15.54%, 12 March.58%.。

  Australian Broadcasting Corporation on May 13 reported that the original title: Analysts predict China will not aim at Australian iron ore export tariffs ban on beef and barley, the Australian agriculture as a whole had a chilling effect.It is also worried about whether the Australian Wine and Dairy will be the next target.But analysts believe that China is unlikely to take action against the huge Australian iron ore industry, after all, as a result, also the risk of the Chinese economy.。。

  When this research, Sun Chunlan stressed the need to implement prevention and control measures fall fine, prevention and control eliminate blind spots dead, and resolutely fight anti outside input, this tough battle in the anti-rebound.,According to statistics, the highest wholesale price of pig IOUs 18 this week.38 yuan / kg in the mid-week (May 11, 12), the lowest 14.75 yuan / kg in the late week (15 May), showed that meat prices rebound in the early weeks, weeks late diving, fell significantly.Recent pork prices continued to decline, merchants say prices are changing daily.Photo Beijing News reporter Chen Lin。

{标题}:Beijing News News (Reporter Chen Lin) not only pork prices fell, but fell a little fierce.May 15, the reporter visited Beijing emerging markets learned this week, the price of the new market IOUs pigs shot up in the early weeks, weeks later, "diving", out of a parabola.Today, the average wholesale price of pig IOUs down to 14.75 yuan / kg, a week down 2.13 yuan. 2020 and 2019 over the same period the average price of pig IOUs comparison chart (5 9 - May 15).
At present, the large size hog breeding stock farms still large size large backlog of more obvious pork, pork before large size is not completely digested by the market, selling pressure gradually increases in hog.The official said, "the latter part of the trend is still to the price of meat 'downside volatility' main magnitude greater downside still occur in May.".

  Global Times: Ten years ago, the two intellectuals had thought, "We're in the same boat, in advance in the same direction.".Do you think today's China and the US still do the same ship?,恐Proactive fiscal policy more positive and promising, fiscal and better play to the basic role of an important pillar of the national governance of the proper meaning.The new crown pneumonia epidemic on revenue growth and a great impact.In the first quarter of negative growth in revenue is expected in the year 2020 the general public budget revenues will be lower than last year.At the same time, will coordinate development of epidemic prevention and control work and economic and social development, to protect the decisive battle to complete objectives and tasks of tackling poverty, building a moderately prosperous society, expenditure still maintain a certain strength.Proactive fiscal policy more positive and promising, is conducive to overall good economic and social development and epidemic prevention and control work, Paul resident employment, protect the basic livelihood of the people, the main insurance markets, energy security, food security, supply chain security chain stability and keeping the grassroots operation.Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from January to April, the country's 50 city hot spots to sell 1.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.3%.Among them, the city a total of 50 hotspots in April 5044 land transfer.700 million, this is the first time during a single month exceeded 50 million, the average residential land premium rate is April 1 of the second-tier cities is the second half of 2019 to its highest level.The average premium rate as high as 15.54%, 12 March.58%.China Sichuan Giant Panda "Renee", "Jiao Qing" in June 2017 arrived in Berlin.August 31, 2019, "Renee" gave birth to twins, named "Dream", "Dreams", this is the first time within Germany giant panda cub born.(End) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Wu Jinming。

  Some industry began to recover.According to the China Times reported on the 13th, Penghu first announced eight industries lifted, but the industry must meet a number of requirements of real-name system, body temperature, and other social distance.Eight so-called Taiwan's traditional industries refers to the eight industries, including the audiovisual industry, singing, hairdressing industry, the warm sector (bath), a ballroom, industry (and provide a place with a partner), dance industry (not prepared partner), restaurant industry, bar industry and teahouse specialty coffee industry.But there is no industry-wide Penghu able to meet the conditions, it was decided to wait and see, so as not to get in trouble.As for the concern of the tourism industry, Taiwan, "Transport Minister" Lin Chia-lung on the 13th confirmed under evaluation.He said the epidemic is planning to travel, the fastest end of May there will be the first step on the line wave group."China Times" said the epidemic tourism provision target of NT $ 300 million yuan, about 50,000 tourism professionals join group step on the line, so that people are separated in terms of transportation, restaurants, lodging and attractions like the to the at the level of disinfection can ensure safe and try to cause a person to a room type, take a ride interval to replace the round table vegetable meal together and try to wait for the mountains, the sea or the islands open attractions.The second stage is "peace of mind travel", "hope after ignition caused by tourism recovery", and then planning area and the epidemic under control of Chouzu "International Tourism Alliance" open entry and exit.Source: Beijing Youth Daily。”但But especially in the case of Jilin Shulan but people worried.Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, a quarter of Shanghai Airport traffic fell significantly, overall passenger throughput and aircraft movements were down 42.5% and 57.1%, of which domestic lines were down 44.56 and 8%.4%, international lines were down 38.2% and 55.1%.Among them, in April of this year the domestic passenger transport 77.490,000 passengers, down 75 year.25%; international passenger transport 2.60,000 passengers, down 99 year.02%.。

  Katarina Sperling said the giant pandas from China's Sichuan Province, "Renee," "Jiao Qing" as well as Germany's first newborn panda cubs in their August 31, 2019 gave birth to the "dream", "Dreams" a four is now in good condition, very healthy body.(C) the success of the "subtraction", insisted that the government tighten their belts.Heights section with the central government departments to take the lead an austere life, and control a variety of general expenditures; local finance continue Yajian "Three" funds, strictly control the meeting and other travel expenses is strictly prohibited new construction, expansion of government office buildings and hotels.:DPP whole generation will by 2017 have been proposed amnesty flat, when more than 570 people involved in the party has 509 signatories, to when he was party chairman Tsai Ing-wen of pressure, but then was not adopted.When the electronic newspaper on the 13th that Chen Shui-bian mother Recently hospitalized due to fracture, Chen Shui-bian issued a photo to visit, also said "This may be the last time my mother had to accompany Mother's Day," and this makes the issue more urgent.The article said that May 20 is approaching, "pro-independence" throw "Delete national unity" and "amnesty Chen Shui-bian," the two issues, Tsai Ing-wen was bound to react.Taking into account the former greater impact, so she could pardon flat.(In name) Editor: Wu Jinming。






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