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Source: Shaanxi Tax, Shanxi Tax, Guizhou TaxThe outbreak itself and the measures taken to combat it,It has caused a certain disturbance to the normal operation of the economy.People's Daily reporter Weng Qiyu photo Wang Qinmin said in his speech,People's livelihood guarantee is the core mission of building a smart society,Need to fully rely on informatization and intelligent means,Provide diverse, universal and equal public services for the masses.Economic globalization is a historical trend,It connects the economies of all countries in the world,Forming a community of shared interests,Even if there are contradictions and conflicts,It should also be resolved through consultation.As two ancient civilizations,China and India have the ability and wisdom to walk out of a friendly way of neighboring big countries.therefore,China participates responsibly and constructively in these matters,The international community is pleased.we believe,Continuously innovating the BRICS mechanism will burst out more powerful vitality,The BRICS countries will make greater contributions to promoting world peace and development and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

therefore,The impact of the economy will affect poverty as a wholeNot only makes the original poor areas and poor households more difficult,There will also be new poor people due to economic recession.Behind these bright and beautiful data,The Chinese government has contributed greatly to the transformation of functions and the implementation of many economic control policies.Under the guidance of open innovation,The golden fate of Asia, Africa and Africa will surely shine.The heavy price paid by the Soviet government in the 1980s should be remembered.But at the same time,We need to realize clearly thatThere is still a big gap between China's current technological innovation capability and major developed countries.And just at the end of October,President Bosonaro has just concluded his first visit to China.

Nowadays,The Central European train connecting Yiwu and Madrid,Become the 'steel camel team' in the new period.The reason is that we are facing the difficult environment of economic structural adjustment and turbulence in the international market,It still maintained a good growth momentum.The epidemic prevention and control work is still the overriding priority task.'for sure,Open the market further,Increase imports,Continuously improve the business environment,China's high-quality development will also inject firm confidence into the world's economic development.The success of the import expo is also reflected in the recognition and firm support of the countries in the world for economic globalization and the multilateral free trade system.But as long as the BRICS countries follow the historical trend,Deepen the BRICS strategic partnership,Advance global governance reform,Seize development opportunities,Unite to meet the challenge,Will surely push the BRIC countries into the second 'Golden Decade',Make new and greater contributions to vigorously boost world economic growth, promote world multipolarization, and build a community of shared future for mankindunder such circumstances,Insist on highlighting key points and attracting talents on demand,In particular, it is necessary to focus on the introduction of professionals with global vision, proficient in market rules, and international experience.

According to estimates by the Statistics Bureau,For every percentage point of economic growth,Drive employment to about 2 million people.

This certainly helps increase consumer choice and welfare,Meet the growing and diverse needs of people.With the joint efforts of both parties,A number of infrastructure projects that benefit people's livelihood and promote development have landed in Nepal.

'If you can speak Chinese,It will be easier to make friends with Chinese people.

Xi Jinping emphasized,Every time between China and Greece,It can all resonate with 'the wine meets the confidant with a thousand cups'.He pointed out,The practice and exploration of 'smart tax',Provided a 'tax sample' for government departments to promote the construction of a smart society.Countries that take this 'remedy for salvation',Generally unacceptable,There have been serious problems such as development stagnation or even retrogression.

'The second expo that closed not long ago is a good proof.President Xi Jinping attended and delivered a speech.

People's Daily reporter Weng Qiyu photo for the vision and path of building a smart society,Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out in his speech,The world is in a new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation,Smart city construction can take advantage of the development of new generation information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.Eventually, the social economy and people's lives will be improved to a new stage.Source: Shaanxi Tax, Shanxi Tax, Guizhou TaxIn the context of profound and complex changes in the international situation and the world facing a major change that has not been seen in a century,Countries should let go of confrontation and hostility led by real interests,Re-search the wisdom of common peace, common development and common stability in world civilization and history.once again,After the epidemic, the situation of the poor population should be strengthened.China is Brazil 鈥檚 largest commodity trading partner,It is the second largest source of foreign direct investment in Brazil.At the beginning of the founding of New China in 1949,The situation at home and abroad is very grim.

Technological prosperity leads to national prosperity,Technology is strong and the country is strong.The open and innovative mission of the BRICS Community of Destiny,It also includes driving more innovative development of Asian, African, and Latin American developing countries through the 'BRICS +' platform.Last April,The leaders of the two countries held their first informal meeting in Wuhan,Create a new model of high-level exchanges between the two countries,The relationship between the two countries has entered a new stage of steady improvement.From now to the next few years,It is an important window period for comprehensively deepening capital market reform.I believe that this meeting is held,The Communist Party of China will find an appropriate response to the recent economic challenges caused by geopolitics ',Gregory Trofimchuk, an expert in the field of Russian foreign policy, defense and security, told the People's Daily reporter.Descalial said,Oil refining projects in the Middle East, solar power stations in the Mediterranean, and hydropower stations in African countries,Both are opportunities for cooperation between Spanish and Chinese companies.(Southern Network Lei Zhongzhe)Foreign trade exports during the epidemic were affected to a certain extent,In order to limit the spread of the epidemic, some countriesPut restrictions on China's export commodities.Whether it is a western developed country,Or as a BRICS country in emerging economies and less developed countries to be developed,Innovation will become the main theme of changing the fate of the country.

The global vision is that China's economy empowers the world's development.In 10 years,The total economic growth of the five countries is 179%,Total trade increased by 94%,The urbanization population increased by 28%,Make outstanding contributions to the stabilization and recovery of the world economy,It also gave more than 3 billion people a real sense of gain.

Since 2006,China 鈥檚 contribution to world economic growth has reached about 30% for many years,Ranked first in the world.Looking into the future,The BRICS countries will work hard together,Promote cooperation in the three major areas of economics, trade, finance, political security, and people-to-people exchanges.Create more cooperative projects that meet the development needs of the five countries and meet the interests of the people of the five countries,Promoting BRICS cooperation to a new level,Make the second 'Golden Decade' of BRICS cooperation more vivid.What do private enterprises need most? On issues related to 'money',Private enterprises want the burden of taxes and fees to be lighter,More support from financial institutions,Financing costs are lower; in dealing with the government,Private enterprises most want a better business environment,The competitive environment and market supervision are fairer,There are fewer visible and invisible barriers to bidding,The political and business environment is closer and clearer; the rule of law is the basis for the balanced operation of the market economy,On the issue of rule of law,Private enterprises also need strong protection from law enforcement and judicial departments,Strong protection of the legal property of enterprises and entrepreneurs is needed.

This is not only an internal problem for China and the CCP,Its own superiority,It is a historic stage for the international community and human development. 'Cut import tariffs,Means less payment, more choices,The quality of the products obtained is higher.

This further highlights China 鈥檚 role as a responsible power,Willing to develop rapidly at the same time,Through mutually beneficial cooperation,Promote the common development of all countries in the world.Since the Wuhan meeting,China and India successfully held two high-level humanities exchange mechanism meetings,Carry out colorful exchange activities,A new upsurge in cultural exchange between China and India was formed.'China not only makes a solemn commitment to the world to expand its opening to the outside world,Moreover, it is constantly striving to create an international, legal, and convenient business environment.Such as continuing to promote the 'deregulation of service' reform, the introduction of foreign investment law, a substantial relaxation of the financial industry market entry barriers, the implementation of negative market access list systemand many more,Demonstrated determination and sincerity to deepen reform and expand opening up.The BRICS countries are typical multilateral cooperation platforms,The five countries have a strong willingness to cooperate,Shows the strong vitality of multilateralism.

As China continues to develop and grow,The voice of the 'China Threat Theory' in the international community has become increasingly harsh,Some people even distorted the 'Chinese dream' as 'the dream of hegemony' and 'the dream of expansion.'Continue to promote cooperation in the digital economy, next-generation communications, materials science, biotechnology and other fields,Pragmatic cooperation is helping the two countries accelerate common development and benefit the people of both countries.This certainly helps increase consumer choice and welfare,Meet the growing and diverse needs of people.