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Due to the outbreak relationship, back to Beijing this year, passenger traffic continued to the present.Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station and back to Beijing Capital Airport passenger traffic is increasing, the station around the road and the airport expressway traffic also increased, expected next week, these traffic stations surrounding traffic pressure is still large.Traffic congestion is also more prone to the hospital, the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, three hundred and two hospitals, cancer hospitals, some of the roads surrounding the Chaoyang Maternal and Child Health Center in 7: traffic jams easiest between 30: 00-10.At the same time, basic digital service life of our country already has.As of March 2020, the scale of China Internet users up to 9.0.4 billion, the Internet penetration rate of 64.5%.Internet users pay scale of 7.6.8 billion, accounting for 85 of total Internet users.0%; mobile phone users scale up to online payment 7.6.5 billion, accounting for 85 mobile phone users.3%.These huge Internet users, for our transition to digital services, and promote the development of new service provides a good foundation.Original title: the opening of two of the country next week, some urban roads will be temporary controlText / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing Wuwen JuanAccordance with international law, epidemics and other public health emergencies of international events is a "force majeure" in the law.Some US politicians constantly staged theater of the absurd, not help control the epidemic, reduce deaths.Face of the facts, Pompeo and other politicians, if not "get on", the energy used in the prevention and control of the epidemic on the country, can only be seen as unreasonable the world.(Reporter Zhu Chao)Correspondent | edge Wan Li Editor: Zheng YapengThird, the "new service" is a platform for the integration of life service industry.Early life digital services, most start from the consumer side, emphasizing the value of traffic, emphasis on the use of digital means of drainage.To services digital life into a representative of the "new service", not simply expand the flow, the flow is not simply to expand the line to online traffic, but through the whole process of digital operations, improve service efficiency, continuous improvement of quality of service to enhance the consumer experience."The new service" is not only the end consumer digital transformation, the formation of online consumer guide consumers, online experience, online payment, complete service process, but the digital transformation of the service of the entire link from the digital storefront renovation to digital and precise logistics, to the precision of on-site service, to the intelligent deployment of service resources, timely queuing system stores and other services are data-support to form a precise and efficient system.It reads as follows:The same day, the city's urban management and law enforcement agencies for investigation garbage classification from 51 offenses, mainly related to restaurants, hotels, enterprises, construction sites, supermarkets, property and so on, there is a problem where restaurants, hotels and enterprises relatively more prominent; No major violations, including the garbage collection were put into a container appropriately labeled, failing to set up separate collection of garbage containers, failing to set up food waste collection and storage facilities, etc..Fifth, the "new service" is the direction of national policy support, but also the direction of development of the electricity supplier industry, service industry's future."The new service" link to start from the back end of the transformation of the digital technology gives directly into all kinds of stores, supply chain services digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, stores, services and supply chain digital consumer end of efficient docking, will solve the problem once appeared, thus promoting digital services, and intelligent online.

Unicom recommended a software called "smart campus" to a small area Shihe, the software has a campus safety management (includes temperature monitoring), home-school interaction and moral education management functions.After ordering the software, available to parents of students entering the campus body temperature information monitored.The software required to pay fees, the standard is 100 yuan per student per year, the fees charged by the Unicom.Parents can be on a voluntary basis to decide whether to order.According to statistics, only a small portion of the students' parents ordered this software, without ordering software will not be able to enter the school campus does not exist.Reform must also be firm for a general lack of patriotic education and the history of Chinese education, school education sector in Hong Kong, confidently promote national education, history education rectification of names, standardization.Some critics say the education sector in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's return 20 years, primary and secondary education is not complete "de-colonization" of the reform, some of the British Hong Kong during the Chinese distorted sense of national identity, history and civic education is taught to students retained directly down has led many Hong Kong young nation, and the "one country" full of prejudice, and some even hold high the flag of the United States, the British flag, participation in illegal demonstrations.This is a serious problem.Shanghai Yangtze River shoreline use a total of 309 projects, of which 34% are illegal items.Concrete Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ming Pu occupy 50 meters along the Yangtze River pier, shoreline temporary license has expired in August 2017, the Municipal Transportation Commission ordered before January 31, 2019 demolition terminal facilities, but has not yet dismantled to inspectors.The pier has not obtained the river construction-related formalities, not supporting the construction of pollution control facilities, but city water sector failed to be included in the 2018 Yangtze River shoreline clean-up remediation and utilization projects range.Shihe District Xinyang City Board of Education on a small Shihe "brush face into the campus" situation description of the event feeNot as good as in charge of the blame blamed

Plans to attract more than 400,000 graduates supplementary schools and kindergartens teachersForeign investigative bodies polls show that 85 percent of Chinese respondents believe that their country has experienced outbreaks will become stronger, and holds the same idea that only 41% of Americans.Who is responsible, we have to play a big country?The fight against SARS poor who also malicious "rejection pot"?Facts speak louder than sophistry, fair mind.(Reporter Wang Zhuolun) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: I wish GabayData show that during the epidemic, more than 50% of super experience from offline consumer to "Distribution + from mentioning", "buy and from mentioning" and other restructuring, even if the experience under the main line made by a few and bookstores, Wanda, big Yue even in the oil city of Kunlun convenience stores, but also actively promote the online purchase, distribution and other real-time service model.The original takeaway platform and other professional service platform for local life, but also actively online supermarkets, fresh distribution as a new selling point to promote the construction of its life as a local service platform status.There are 100 000 new stores during the hungry it word of mouth epidemic.During the Spring Festival, which Beijing to buy food takeaway orders increased by 9 times, super orders also rose over 2 times.Fresh orders for other platforms also have more than 2-fold increase.Jingdong original home and other electronic business platform also attract more super settled, provide a richer real-time delivery service.US media recently exposed a memorandum Republican National Committee sent to the Senate campaign, which recommends candidates "active attack China" to deal with the epidemic crisis.This document is ironic Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman as American "good script".Such new old saying that the "script" nothing more than "three axes" routine, first to cover up internal problems by establishing an external opponents, the performance of slander "China's cover-up led to the spread of the virus," passing the buck because of adverse results in prevention and control of epidemic pandemic responsibility; followed by a partisan push to consolidate power, criticized the performance of competitors' weakness of the Chinese attitude "; third is to rely on incitement to hatred for political purposes.For this event, take the following measures:"24365 Campus network recruitment services platform" has provided nearly ten million jobs Information"The new service" has the following characteristics:

Shandong Province has completed the 2020 summer college entrance and preparing for summer college entrance examination candidates are required to pay.Shandong Province has completed the 2020 summer college entrance examination, but are not ready to participate in summer college entrance examination, only to participate in vocational (specialist) admissions alone, comprehensive evaluation of vocational (specialist) enrollment, Special Sports, walks and other admissions separate entrance examination candidates without pay.Ban "Huang Shih" "in the field of education," "poisonous materials spiritual opium" is related to the way of life of the majority of young students is related to the future of Hong Kong, is the common responsibility of the Hong Kong SAR Government and all citizens of.Build consensus, strengthen the reform of education in Hong Kong re-start, but also to Hong Kong young people a better future! Editor: Zheng YapengOriginal title: Central Inspectorate first ecological and environmental protection to the Shanghai feedback inspector caseFor example, through online booking, etc., combined with digital technology store, coupled by the service provisioning system of "industrial internet platform" to store service flexibility combined with home services, scientific and reasonable arrangement service resources, can achieve precise service, punctual service, to avoid wasting resources and services consumers wait.For example, China's electricity supplier fresh low permeability, larger space.Fresh development of China's electricity supplier began in 2005.Prior to 2012, the major electricity supplier to fresh vertical-based professional business platform.Since 2012, the major electricity supplier a comprehensive e-commerce platform for the gradual addition of fresh, 2015-2016, the electricity supplier has become a hot fresh capital.But after a lot of fresh vertical business platform have been closed down, into a period of depression.One very important reason is the transformation of the supply chain is not completely.Original title: Ministry of Education: the implementation of special help poor families and graduatesFirst, immediately contact Unicom, refund fees charged.Up to now, the fees charged have been refunded in place.The fight against the epidemic of consumers and service providers are a very good education.In the epidemic period, because the service can not be provided by existing contact mode, the overall online sales side of.For example, as of March 2020, China's online education users scale up to 4.2.3 billion, an increase of 110 over the end of 2018.2%, accounting for the overall Internet users 46.8%.In early 2020, the country's middle schools delayed opening, 2.6.5 billion students in general turned to online courses.Tencent meeting office tools such as the Internet have become a very good teaching tool, the decreasing trend of online education supply.Original title: last year Beijing 15 medical institutions in the pilot network of nurse about 3.30,000 peopleInspectors found that, in recent years, with a substantial increase in the amount of nanotubes sewage, sewer overflows straight row cases have become more prominent.Municipal Water emphasis on the lack of sewage treatment capacity is not a problem, the sewage treatment capacity-building overall progress is slow, this should be on building the "five-second" period Taihe sewage treatment plants, Anting sewage treatment plant expansion project and other projects progress lags behind.2018, the city's sewage treatment plant sewage overflow traffic up to 58 tons / day, an increase of 45% compared with 2016 first-round Inspector.Cooperation between government and business platform, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure to meet the "new service" demand for new infrastructure."New service", the focus is not the flow of dividends harvest, but a new infrastructure.This new class of infrastructure not only include hardware, such as 5G, intelligent logistics facilities, and other things, but also includes various software and service platform.Software should be actively developed by a variety of "new services" platform.By government-enterprise cooperation, and promote the construction of new infrastructure.Again, no catering truck, catering cabinet intelligent, smart courier cabinets and other facilities, is of great significance for the development of new services.These facilities are large upfront investment, long payback period, need to have some policy support.In some areas, you can pilot a new service policies related infrastructure of public services.Original title: last year Beijing 15 medical institutions in the pilot network of nurse about 3.30,000 peopleInspector requirements, Xi Jinping Shanghai to firmly implement the ideas of ecological civilization, and resolutely carry the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection.To hold on to consolidate the achievements, maintain strategic focus of environmental protection, without wavering, no slack, no chap.To further strict law enforcement, compaction responsibility, inspectors focused their attention on reform, accelerate the ecological environment of the Yangtze River restoration.According to discipline in accordance with regulations to be serious responsibility according to the law, the issue of negligent of its duties, instructed relevant departments to further in-depth investigation, clarify responsibilities, in accordance with relevant provisions of serious, precise and effective accountability.The need to carry out ecological damages or the need to bring public interest litigation, should the relevant provisions.Yangtze Estuary Chinese Sturgeon is endangered aquatic organisms and mystus, knife anchovy fishery resources such as spawning grounds, feeding grounds and migration routes, to protect the Yangtze River estuary tidal wetlands of great significance.But City Water Authority (city Oceanic Administration) wetland conservation work on the Yangtze River Estuary inadequate attention, failure to require strict control of beach development activities.Since 2013, Shanghai Land Reserve Center implemented nine laps around the beach project in the Yangtze River estuary, where the four projects without obtaining the river construction project approval procedures, illegal occupy the beach 7.33 acres.

According to the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau, responsible person, to promote the "Beijing solid waste management regulations," further implementation, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the city, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau will lead the relevant municipal departments, district governments, regional management committee to carry out garbage classification comprehensive law enforcement work, to put in the garbage classification, collection, classification transport, sorting disposal violations occurring in four areas to investigate and punish, promote garbage classification body to implement the responsibility to promote the whole society to develop the habit of garbage. Click into the topic: Beijing garbage classification Editor: Zheng YapengShanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Changxing base for large-scale open-air painting, pollution prevention measures are not taken, affecting the surrounding environment, the ecological environment in Shanghai and two departments Chongming District, not in place of their punishment according to the law, resulting in long-term problem of illegal business presence.The first group of central environmental protection inspectors to carry out investigation of Pudong New Area with black gas stationsFor this event, take the following measures:In addition, the "new service" platform of integration, has a certain value to reduce service costs, so as to solve the problem of rigidity service cost growth.For example, a range of services through platform integration of resources, shared services sites, shared services staff, etc., can effectively reduce the cost of service.Fourth, inspectors also found a number of other outstanding issues.Original title: The five-day!Shandong summer college entrance examination registration fee May 25 launch!On the first primary school Shihe "brush face into the campus" charge event, the Bureau set up an investigation group investigating, hereby make the following statement:Service is an experience consumption, for consumers, on the one hand prior to consumption, lack of quality of service expected resistance, on the other hand, after consumption, quality of service issues recourse more difficult.The use of digital technology, the service can be made in advance with the quality of predictability, recourse may afterwards.Plans to attract more than 400,000 graduates supplementary schools and kindergartens teachersAnd this corresponds to the loans, the end of April, foreign currency loans 167.79 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.9%.End loan balance of RMB 161.91 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.1%, the growth rate of the previous month 0.4 percentage points lower than the same period last year 0.4 percentage points.In addition, in late April the stock of social financing scale of 265.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 12%; April social financing scale in increments of 3.09 trillion yuan, over the previous year.42 trillion yuan.Nursing services gradually extended from medical institutions to community and family, chronic disease management services to the clinical treatment of disease, old age care, long-term care, new areas and promote the direction of rehabilitation, hospice and other development.

May 12, Hangzhou issued "Notice on 2020 compulsory school enrollment school work," the implementation of public, private school enrollment synchronization, the number of private school enrollment more than a few programs, the implementation of computer-generated random allocation admission.




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