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  2020-06-01 04:24:57,SEO研究中心Da An Gene Co., Ltd., Sun Yat-sen He Yunshao think, productivity and quality of nucleic acid detection reagents are the world's leading.March 16 to 24, the National Center for Clinical Laboratory health committee made 889 quality assessment nucleic acid detection laboratory, in line with the positive rate of 97%.China and Japan can be done Tat gene copies of a virus to 10.In other words, as long as there is sampling a new crown it can detect the virus, and the false positive problem does not occur.A feasibility assessment of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued expressed certainty that the nucleic acid can explore the mixed sample test, but should not be mixed with the sample number over 40, and must be judged positive samples detected in dynamic situations.Wuhan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Matilda ongoing work to adjust the detection system to detect polyculture.The latest results show that there is still a medium-scale test false-negative rate, pending further verification test large sample.Chen Lili, general manager of the company describes, in terms of the ability to improve the nucleic acid detection, early tests have been carried out pre.After the parts have been approved nucleic acid detection agent comprising one single single tube, by changing the shape of the product, the lyophilized reagent into the liquid reagent, the detection sensitivity can reach the current standards and samples into the extraction site prior specification does not link conflict, ideal for large-scale population screening.Then a helicopter flight to the top of rescuers put a rope rescue system, established after the rescue connection, using a winch and hoist rescue workers were rescued and sent to land ground quickly medical examinations and assistance, followed by another helicopter back to the scene to rescue staff back.Chengdu fire for the first time linked the waters of aviation training。。Second, close contacts to close contacts of 331 people all focused on isolated medical observation;。

  But the pressure is still great.If Wuhan City in accordance with the 10 million population, 270 million copies have been detected computing, nucleic acid testing to be completed within 10 days of the remaining staff, complete the 73 million doses of nucleic acid testing day.Wuhan existing nucleic acid detection mechanism 63, 386 sampling points.All told, each sample point to be acquired 1890 copies a day.In fact, Hubei Province, the largest medical institutions in the amount of nucleic acid detection Hubei Provincial People's Hospital, had the highest single-day amount detection part is 1741 people.In 2003, Song Zhigang became president of Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court, worked for 10 years, until 2013 retirement.Original title: big scene!Chengdu fire for the first time linked the waters of aviation training: Water airborne rescue helicopter1992.05-1993.05 Director of Ma'anshan Municipal People's Procuratorate in seventeen Ye Attorney Office。

  First, the CDC working group stationed units stationed epidemic occurred, guidance prevention and control;。。

  Since November 2018, People's Bank of China has gradually established a normal mechanism of central bank bills issuance of RMB in Hong Kong.The issue is due scrolling issue, Hong Kong's RMB central bank bills stood still after the release of 80 billion yuan.Stability of the RMB central bank bills issued in Hong Kong continue to enrich the Hong Kong market is conducive to high credit rating yuan RMB investment products and liquidity management tools to meet the offshore market investor demand, improve the RMB offshore yield curve, and promote the development of offshore renminbi currency market , as well as promoting other issuers to issue RMB bonds in the offshore market, to promote the internationalization of the RMB.(Total station CCTV reporter Sun Yan) Editor: I wish Gabay,Source: City Express。

{标题}:Original title: accused of corruption more than 9.7 million, former deputy general manager of Zhejiang Wen cast Ni Zhengwei case trial
3.Case Lu XX, XX is the same unit personnel Hao, Hao during working hours and XX have been in contact in the smoking room.May 10 As a general observation home quarantine of close contacts, May 12 due to heat generation by 120 ambulance transport to the Fourth People's Hospital, North Hospital District, the early morning of May 13 City CDC nucleic acid test result is positive, the Group of Experts diagnosed as confirmed cases.

  National People's Congress for the record review information platform also communicate with the electronic filing system of the State Council, to achieve a unified filing.National People's Congress for the record by reviewing information platform will be reported to the local laws and regulations while pushing electronic filing system of the State Council, to promote the work of filing convenient and standardization.,恐2001.07-2003.01 Ma'anshan City, deputy secretary of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Government Office for Rectifying DirectorAs of 24 April 29, Wuhan City, a total of 103 to carry out nucleic acid testing.440,000.In Hubei, has accumulated more than 1.1 million will be shared nucleic acid testing results to the whole country, "Health passcode" database, sample nucleic acid detection, crowd detection rate, share count detection results are ranked forefront of the country.In the next round of nucleic acid detection, prevention and control of disease control experts based on the analysis of risk prediction, migrant workers, urban and rural interface, the old district residents and medical workers, etc. might get focus.Expand the nucleic acid detection range of close contacts, immigration officers, fever outpatients, inpatients and new accompanying persons, medical staff, Inspection and Quarantine and border officials, regulators place workers, social welfare pension agency staff and other key groups "inspection should check to make"; other people "willing to do inspection check.".。

  Jiaxing Municipal People's Procuratorate charged: from 2010 to 2018, the defendant Ni Zhengwei use as the Zhejiang Television (Group) Co., Ltd., General Manager, East China Film Group Co., Ltd. Party secretary and chairman of his office, ordered subordinates by taking fictitious business , offset false invoices, inflated costs, etc., illegal possession of property units totaling 175 million yuan, owned by individuals.In 2006-2018, the defendant Ni Zhengwei using the his office, for the relevant units and individuals in job transfers, as producer, state-owned company's share reform, access to benefit on matters Item compensation and illegally accepting other people's property, totaling 797 million yuan.Ni Zheng Wei to attend the trial in the detention center videoPressures are still strong。”但To insist on two fronts, overall defense, Jilin, Shulan take precautions outbreaks come more real, the output of the epidemic prevention hole tie tightly, put anti-enter other areas, anti-bounce defense again reinforced , so that "two fronts" two-way force, and promote co-ordination and mutual support, ensure blocking the spread of the epidemic;Source: Guangxi Daily Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang Jie2003.02-2003.03 Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court, the party secretary, deputy secretary of the city, the municipal government Office for Rectifying Director。

  In February, Zhanghong Yong Shanxi Province was transferred to state-owned capital operation Co., Ltd. Party member, full-time deputy secretary, vice chairman, to overwhelmed checked.August 2011 to March 2014, he served as Provincial State party committee member, deputy director (attachment), deputy general manager of Jincheng Coal Industry Group;:Beijing Ancient Observatory open outdoor pavilion, an indoor exhibition hall within the control to take the number of visitors and other measures.Close contact with the audience, unable to take effective measures to protect the exhibits exhibited items temporarily shut down temporarily to carry out artificial explain, science classroom and other educational activities.。






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