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  2020-07-11 20:16:58,SEO研究中心To save time, please passengers in advance to carry liquids in your hand when passing through security, with security staff to quickly complete inspection. Editor: Yang JieTo insist on two fronts, overall defense, Jilin, Shulan take precautions outbreaks come more real, the output of the epidemic prevention hole tie tightly, put anti-enter other areas, anti-bounce defense again reinforced , so that "two fronts" two-way force, and promote co-ordination and mutual support, ensure blocking the spread of the epidemic;(A) enhance the ability to detect.The relevant units localities to speed up the upgrading of the laboratory, the transformation, the region above the county level all the CDC, more than two public hospitals to ensure comprehensive secondary standards of biosafety and laboratory to carry out PCR nucleic acid detection of pneumonia crown new basic conditions.To speed up the eight border counties (cities, districts) CDC progress of construction, the formation of nucleic acid detection capability before the end of May.To speed up the laboratory registration, strengthen laboratory staffing, enhanced training and guidance, each laboratory must have at least two qualified inspectors.。。According to estimates the relevant departments in Hubei Province, Wuhan required to complete the full cost of nucleic acid detection over 1 billion yuan.These costs are likely to be borne by the two financial Wuhan City, District,.Wuhan municipal government believes that although some high costs, but they can find the possible source of infection, prevention and control to achieve precise, to further consolidate the results of the previous stage of epidemic prevention and control, and promote the resumption of production complex.At the same time, other provinces also get more understanding and support, reassure everyone from the Han to Han.。

  But the pressure is still great.If Wuhan City in accordance with the 10 million population, 270 million copies have been detected computing, nucleic acid testing to be completed within 10 days of the remaining staff, complete the 73 million doses of nucleic acid testing day.Wuhan existing nucleic acid detection mechanism 63, 386 sampling points.All told, each sample point to be acquired 1890 copies a day.In fact, Hubei Province, the largest medical institutions in the amount of nucleic acid detection Hubei Provincial People's Hospital, had the highest single-day amount detection part is 1741 people.March 1999 to March 2003, he served as Jincheng Coal Industry Group research room of secretary section chief;According to Anhui discipline inspection and supervision network news, May 15 morning, Ma On Shan City Intermediate People's Court former party secretary, president of Song Zhigang bribery, use the influence of bribery, favoritism case, a public hearing in Chuzhou City Intermediate People's Court.We learned from the Hangzhou Railway Station, until May 24-May 15 Shi 28, including the East Railway Station, Railway Station, Station Fuyang, Jiande, Tonglu stations and railway stations and other domestic passenger train station in Hangzhou, the implementation of the second screening of all Beijing-bound train.。

  The exercise involved fire rescue brigade staff to Chengdu flying cat special rope rescue team members, interpersonal IRB shore rescue team training, flight navigation hump rescue service personnel.Subjects set, there are some open water man overboard, drowning wounded after relying on floating objects in urgent need of rescue, after receiving the alarm command center deployed Chengdu fire rescue brigade and rescue personnel hump navigable waters out joint rescue.。。

  1992.05-1993.05 Director of Ma'anshan Municipal People's Procuratorate in seventeen Ye Attorney Office,National People's Congress for the record review information platform also communicate with the electronic filing system of the State Council, to achieve a unified filing.National People's Congress for the record by reviewing information platform will be reported to the local laws and regulations while pushing electronic filing system of the State Council, to promote the work of filing convenient and standardization.。

{标题}:May 2010 to August 2011, he served as deputy general manager of Jincheng Coal Industry Group;
At present, Shenyang City, a CDC investigation has close contacts in 3 cases of 354 people, including 220 people in outside Shen, information cross provinces and 134 people; close contact investigation and the close contacts of 366 people, including 331 in Shenyang man, 35 provinces and cities outside the cross; close contact with an investigation of close contacts close contacts of 542 people.In which case Shen Hao XX in close contact with those 165 people, XX Sun cases in close contacts sink 11 (and other close contacts of cases repeat Hao XX), XX Lu cases of close contacts of people 44.

  May 2010 to August 2011, he served as deputy general manager of Jincheng Coal Industry Group;,恐Original title: just!Shenyang Published 3 cases confirmed cases, all from the same unitIn August 2019, he has been retired for six years Zhigang checked.December 2019, Song Zhigang was expelled from the party.The investigation, Song Zhigang violation of political discipline, transfer, conceal evidence, and others collusion against organizational review; violation of organizational discipline, illegal employment in workers for others, cadre promotion, etc. to benefit; violation of honest discipline, acceptance may affect the impartial performance of official duties gifts, gifts; impact of the crime of bribery bribery crime and use; violation of work discipline, violations interfere and intervene in judicial activities; breach of discipline life.(C) substantial medical material reserves.The establishment of autonomous regions, municipalities, counties (cities, districts) medical emergency protective materials repository, the establishment of medical protective material needs regularly submitted to the system and shortage of materials, ie anomalies reporting system to ensure that the number of units of each material using a reserve of not less than the daily prevention and control 10 demand.Increased protection for medical, surgical masks, disposable medical protective clothing, gowns, goggles and other 13 categories of medical isolation medical protective materials production and purchasing and storage.For higher disposable protective masks, medical caps, medical rubber gloves, medical protective shoe covers, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, disinfectant and other six categories of production capacity, adequate supply of goods, the implementation of market supply to ensure adequate medical protective material reserves.。

  Secondary screening refers to passenger ticket before entering the train station, screeners for passengers and their carry-on items for the first time a comprehensive security.Before passengers on the train, when ticket, screeners again to take the relevant train passengers and their carry-on items for security, real-name identity check passengers again.In 2003, Song Zhigang became president of Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court, worked for 10 years, until 2013 retirement.。”但Original title: Office official Norwegian post three months, sackedSource: Jilin City Postal Administration Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieTraining which, after the helicopter arrived at a predetermined area is first visually search the water, wearing a suit in the waters of the rescue aid target after confirming two rescue workers in helicopters from the surface 5-3 m distance quickly fell into the water, take a walk across the water way fall into the water, to the fast travel around rescued embodiment into the water capture.。

  Original title: two sessions will be held, the resident on-site exposureBeijing Planetarium (including Ancient Observatory) based on epidemic prevention and control situation changes, timely adjust the number of daily limit.:Way of booking tickets。

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