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  2020-05-30 09:17:38,SEO研究中心After Beijing announced the arrangements for back to school, tonight, Leading Group Office of epidemic prevention and control of Peking University issued a notice, from June 6 to arrange qualifying final year students in stages voluntary and orderly return to school.To avoid similar cases of corruption in the financial sector, not only to clean up the financial system in the "tiger" and "flies", but also tightly enclosed cage systems, spare effort from the optimization rules and regulations and work details.For example, in 2020 April 6, China Construction Bank issued "Staff relatives avoidance provisions" for the whole family firm for recruiting staff matters and leading cadres of the case to avoid further specification, calling for "all employees must not recruiting relatives to the head office the department and shall not recruited to the same site where the department staff themselves, the same outlets, directly under the same institutions, the same foreign institutions. ".This initiative can ensure fair and equitable recruitment to the maximum extent, prevent the occurrence of corruption, all kinds of violation of discipline problems nipped in the bud in."Because business home away from home, he was from passive to active bribery bribes, even willing to be hunting, and ultimately to the abyss of crime of bribery.It is also because of the lack of supervision than eight hours, Jiang Zheng violation of life from discipline to discipline violations of integrity, and finally embarked on the road of crime of bribery."Special Programs, says investigators. Editor: Zheng Yapeng。。For college students, without the approval of Beijing adhere to the principle of not returning to school.From June 6, colleges and universities have campus epidemic prevention and control conditions, can be arranged graduate students in grades voluntary return to school.。

  Cao Fang had successionThe meeting noted:The high specification meeting, reported the relevant circumstances, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank, Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission, National Development and Reform Commission.Meanwhile, the 2020 high school sports and health courses eligibility exam, exam content and organization of schools by the Beijing custom.To guide school districts in the trial after four weeks of school organization and implementation of good high school sports exam.。

  Red Star News reporter He Pengnan Click into the topic: Focus Sun Yang "violent resistance to inspection" hearing Editor: Zheng Yapeng。。

  After the Beijing public health emergency response mechanism down to two, Beijing education system epidemic prevention and control work leading group to guide colleges and universities to fully implement the normalization of epidemic prevention and control initiatives, we will organize experts to assess school-by inspection, qualified after school before organize students return to school in stages.,Yang Xin (Commission for Discipline Inspection)。

{标题}:Original title: Super planned June 27 opening play, 16 teams serpentine arranged in groups
Birmingham continued, Australia "is not the only voice to promote the (investigation) of" and support the relevant resolutions of the EU in the World Health Assembly on May 17.

  At present, the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang team total of 12 people, party secretary Chen Quanguo, deputy party secretary three people, namely Shohrat Zakir (borough president), Wang Jun positive (corps party secretary, political commissar), Li Peng new (autonomous education Work Committee).,恐Original title: Bayannaoer former vice mayor of Wuhan City Silver Star checked on suspicion of serious violation of lawOriginal title: Bayannaoer former vice mayor of Wuhan City Silver Star checked on suspicion of serious violation of lawSun Deshun being investigated, highlighting the current anti-corruption efforts of a large financial circles.The official informed, inter alia: "Sun Deshun Department of corruption in the financial sector particularly serious nature of particularly bad, a huge amount of typical and should be dealt with severely."Thus, discipline inspection departments investigated and dealt with very seriously moth financial sector, the black sheep of the political climate and the impact of this kind of relationship between cadres, must be severely punished according to law, no punches.。

  April 19, Australian Foreign Minister Payne has called the outbreak source of the problem so-called "independent international investigation" and that WHO should not be involved.However, the origin of the virus in the process of promoting the survey, Payne has been directed against China, but also threatened, he said China is very concerned about the epidemic information "transparency".She claimed, would like to know the source of the virus to China through the "independent investigation", China's approach, there is no adequate public information, etc..We believe that, through a series of initiatives with a strong anti-corruption and clean government action, financial circles bad atmosphere will certainly be replaced by clean and honest righteousness.。”但Compulsory education schools to implement random balanced series of classes, non-placement exam before the organization is prohibited under any name or set up key classes, speed classes, the experimental class.After the outbreak in Hubei gradually brought under control, regular anti-corruption and clean government work, discipline inspection and supervision work in Hubei more requirements.April 1, Hubei briefing 5 from psychiatric problems in violation of the provisions of the central eight, including Wuhan Newport WIT Bonded Zone Development and Management Co., Ltd., deputy party secretary, the former Commission for Discipline Inspection Xie Qi problem of illegal use of official vehicles, Bristol City Adult Education Center Party branch secretary, on behalf of the president Chun Chuan, who Tourism violation of public funds, and so on, these eight provisions contrary to the central issue, though seems to be some "little things", but in fact already have signs of corruption, if not conscious to be controlled, it is bound to have more serious consequences.Thus, during the current Hubei return to work the complex production, the anti-corruption and clean government to do more work on the details, leaving to cover the whole province at all levels, to form a more clean and healthy political culture.It was mentioned that support the development of SMEs to seize highlight two aspects, one is trying to expand aggregate demand, increase financial support for one of the main markets.。

  According to Australia's SBS news messages, Australia and China tried to expand on beef and barley export issues discussed, Birmingham confirmed on the 12th, he has asked to talk with China, but it has not been, and will be maintained open communication.This is also China's consistent attitude, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the virus repeatedly made it clear that the source of the problem, in the scientific community there is no clear conclusion before any hasty conclusions non-professionals is extremely irresponsible behavior on the international community to cooperate to combat the epidemic no benefit. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng:Prosecution allegations in the indictment: the defendant Sun Deshun use as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch Vice President, Bank of his position to facilitate Beijing Branch, vice president of CITIC Bank, President, etc., to seek benefits for others and illegally accepting other people's property, a huge amount, which shall be held criminally responsible for taking bribes.。






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