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In recent years,The BRICS countries actively participated in the reform process of international economic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.To maintain close coordination and cooperation on a series of major global issues such as the international financial crisis and climate change and regional hotspot issues,And through the United Nations, G20, World Trade Organization (WTO) and other mechanisms,Working hard to expand the voice and representation of developing countries on major global issues,Promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction,Become a constructive force to improve global governance and promote the democratization of international relations.From the perspective of external relations,The 70-year rise of New China is peaceful and friendly,After growing up, they will not bully the small, bully the weak, and rich the poor.Aiming at the frontier of world science and technology,Lead the development of science and technology,Strive to build a world science and technology power,It is an inevitable choice to realize the Chinese dream of national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's happiness.In 2019, Asia 鈥檚 contribution to global economic growth exceeds 2/3,Among them, China's contribution rate to global economic growth reached 39%.at the same time,On the basis of the continuous development of industrial production,High-tech manufacturing and strategic emerging industries have been growing rapidly.Many measures in the 'Opinions',It is aimed at the pain points and difficulties in the development of private enterprises.

The party and the government attach great importance to job stability.In addition to bringing the Chinese name,The ambassador came to China with a heart of 'learning''I discovered here the ancient and powerful civilization of China,Chinese society is developing rapidly,And the perseverance of the Chinese people.Because the input tax on real estate is changed from a two-year instalment deduction to a one-time deduction,The enterprise was able to carry forward the real estate input tax of 7.37 million yuan.Simultaneously,From a development perspective,Many problems are problems in progress,Is 'growing troubles',Can be solved through development,And maintain a dynamic balance in constantly solving problems.In the past ten years,The national strength of the BRICS countries continues to increase.Develop Sino-Indian relations,Humane exchanges are 'plus points.'Cut tariffs on imported goods,This reflects the great powers that China has to do.

General trade imports and exports increased by%,% Of total imports and exports,This is a percentage point increase over the same period last year.Against the backdrop of slowing growth of the world economy and international trade and greater downward pressure on the domestic economy,GDP reaches a new level,It shows that China's economic development momentum is good,Huge potential for development,This highlights China 鈥檚 growing influence in the world economy,It also allows the world to learn from the bright prospects of China 鈥檚 economy,Continue to increase confidence in global economic growth.This meeting is also the second time that the heads of state of China and Pakistan hold talks within a monthChina-Pakistan cooperation will be further strengthened.The development of China's capital market has reached a critical period of deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side.As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: 'In today's world,To say which political party, which country, and which nationality can be confident,The Communist Party of China, the People's Republic of China, and the Chinese nation have the most reason to be confident.Descalial said,Interconnection means that the exchange of funds, personnel and goods between West and China will be more active.President Xi Jinping visited Nepal this time,The leaders of the two countries have made new plans for the development of Sino-Nepalese relations,Will jointly open a new era of rapid development of Sino-Nepalese relations,Promote the development of China-Nepal friendly all-round cooperative partnership to a higher level,Better benefit both countries and peoples.As the two countries strengthen their development strategy,China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation has great potential.As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the closing ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum: 'The BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership is an important starting point for the next stage of BRICS economic cooperation.

Win the epidemic prevention and control battle,It is also inseparable from the development of strong support.'Aspirants,Do not take mountains and seas as far away as possible. 'COSCO SHIPPING will also increase its investment by 600 million Euros,Continue to expand the development potential of Bigang.

As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: No matter what step China develops,China never seeks hegemony, never expands, and never seeks sphere of influence.The eleventh BRIC leaders meeting will be held in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, from 13 to 14 local time.The theme is 'Economic Growth Creates an Innovative Future'.

All rivers,Tolerance is a virtue.We should continue to fully open up to the outside world,Provide greater preferential policies and high-quality service support for foreign capital to develop domestically,Actively utilize international trade and economic cooperation platforms such as the Canton Fair and Import Expo,Actively promote international economic and trade cooperation under the 'Belt and Road' initiative.

In 2019,Larger tax cuts and fees were implemented,A series of tax reduction and fee reduction policies such as individual tax reform and deepening VAT reform have reduced the burden on enterprises,Accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional energy industries such as the coal industry,Inject strong power for diversified, green and sustainable development.Increase the importance of 'stable employment'.The pragmatic cooperation between China and the West not only benefits the two peoples,Also benefit more people,Joint expansion of third-party markets is a new growth point for cooperation between the two countries.The US Department of Commerce turned a blind eye to this,This is a wanton stigmatization of China's policy and effectiveness of governing Xinjiang,It was a deliberate destruction of the Chinese people 鈥檚 remarkable achievements in countering terrorism and maintaining stability,It is a gross interference in China 鈥檚 internal affairs,It is a serious damage to China's interests.

In today 鈥檚 uncertain world,China advocates peace, harmony and balance,It provides very useful references and solutions for solving various global problems.'The basic trend of China's economic stability is improving and long-term improvement has not changed.'Business is the basic cell of economy,Is an important carrier of advanced productivity,Is the main source of fiscal revenue,It is an important stage for members of society to fully realize their creativity.Trofimchuk believes thatSome economic models cannot withstand such external pressure,It is at this moment that the strength and institutional advantages of the Chinese economy can be shown.He introduced,In the wave of economic transformation and development,The company successfully achieved product upgrades,With an annual output of 1.1 million tons of high-quality metallurgical coke,Coking tar, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate, sulfur paste and other coking by-products are recovered.

All localities must raise stable employment to the height of political responsibility, social stability, and people 鈥檚 well-being,As a top priority,To ensure stable employment and good results,The people's rice bowls are held securely.During this year,In reducing taxes and fees for enterprises and broadening financing channels,The government has spared no effort.Polish business cards to deepen trade cooperation.For more than 40 years of reform and opening up,Private enterprises have played an irreplaceable role in promoting development, promoting innovation, increasing employment, improving people's livelihood, and expanding openness.Contributed more than 50% of tax revenue, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technological innovation achievements, more than 80% of urban labor employment and more than 90% of the number of enterprises,Become the main field of entrepreneurship and employment, an important subject of technological innovation, and an important source of national taxation.Corporate prosperity is economic prosperity,Enterprises are stronger than countries.Descalial said,Oil refining projects in the Middle East, solar power stations in the Mediterranean, and hydropower stations in African countries,Both are opportunities for cooperation between Spanish and Chinese companies.a period of time,Xinjiang is deeply affected by terrorism and extremism,Continuous terrorist attacks have caused casualties and property losses,Greatly hindered Xinjiang's economic development and social progress.

(Huanping)Strengthen mutual political trust between the two countries.Offload the company,Although it is not a new concept,However, from the beginning of the new personal income tax law at the beginning of the year, inclusive tax relief for small and micro enterprises,By April 1st, the value-added tax rate adjustment and May 1st social security premium rate reduction ... a series of tax reduction and fee reduction policies,Further improved the business environment,Not only brings development opportunities for enterprises,It also allows enterprises to have more working capital to expand reproduction,Added new momentum to the development of the enterprise.

History has proved thatThe development of a nation and a country is inseparable from the support of talents.People's Daily reporter Weng Qiyu photo for the vision and path of building a smart society,Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out in his speech,The world is in a new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation,Smart city construction can take advantage of the development of new generation information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.Eventually, the social economy and people's lives will be improved to a new stage.The heavy price paid by the Soviet government in the 1980s should be remembered.He pointed out,The practice and exploration of 'smart tax',Provided a 'tax sample' for government departments to promote the construction of a smart society.Control the length of the epidemic,Avoid medium-term or even long-term shocks.'The world needs China,Global economic growth is inseparable from China's sustainable development.'The importance of football to Spaniards is beyond imagination,It is also a link connecting different cultures.

Symbiosis and prosperity between finance and the real economy,Counter-cyclical financial activities are conducive to ironing out the greater volatility of the economy.Adhere to the 'two-handed grasp' of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development,We must focus on the key points and work hard with precision.Technological prosperity is national prosperity.Transformation and upgrading add momentum Tax reduction and fee escort for the high-quality development of coal enterprises The transitional zone between the Loess Plateau and the Inner Mongolia Plateau in Yulin City, ShaanxiOne of the first batch of new energy demonstration cities in the country,Especially famous for the enrichment of coal and other energy mineral resources,Shenfu Coalfield, one of the seven largest coalfields in the world, is here.

1. Analysis of the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on poverty alleviation. First, the impact of the economy will bring the overall impact out of poverty.The economy as a complex system with multiple aspects,It cannot be treated simply and artificially.Descalial said,China's political influence and economic strength are increasing day by day,Today, China 鈥檚 total economy accounts for nearly 16% of the world economy,China 鈥檚 influence in Europe has greatly increased compared to 15 years ago,China is also more open.

'The potential for cooperation between West and China is huge,We must seize these opportunities.(Xie Wenze,Researcher, Institute of Latin American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Special commentator of Overseas Network)