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Original title: Zhejiang: Provides detection evidence of the last seven days to Zhejiang Shulan personnel requirements+ 61-2-95505519 Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng"It should be a rational view of this situation."Jiang Qing-wu said that the current global multi-country outbreak of a serious epidemic, so that our country faces a complicated, huge epidemic input pressure; the existence of asymptomatic infected individuals, but also potentially increasing the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control; with staff mobility, increased risk of a range of activities, the emergence of local confirmed cases will inevitably increase."Far into the arms warehousing when the epidemic prevention and control, or to tighten the strings."Shulan City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control workThe United States has intensified the trend of Chinese high-tech enterprises, "strangle hold" operations, China should take the high-tech sector in the United States and I "fully decoupled" prepare for the worst.We need to make substantial breakthrough in independent research and development, and carry out more active cooperation with Europe, Japan and South Korea, which is a huge and long-term test of China.Original title: chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Shanxi Province People's Congress Li Yonghong original checkedConsulate General in Sydney consular protection and assistance Tel:Original title: Shenyang placement of existing hotel rooms 5769, 3936 people are focused on isolationBack to School Time: The first batch of May 18 --21 days and 2016 graduate students back to school, the second batch of 2017 students back to school May 25 -26 May, the third batch of May 27 -28 May 2018 students return to school, the fourth batch May 29 2019 -30 day students return to school.First, all students since May 13 phased, wrong time peak load shifting gradually return to school back to school.Midwestern university was also difficult to stay.Wuhan University, for example, the province of Wuhan University graduate employment rate was only 28.87%, the flow of graduates in Guangdong reached 23.63%.2017, Wuhan and even shouted slogans millions of college students to stay Han.Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Law Committee Lord Rending Wei said the Chinese sturgeon is a national level to protect animals.In recent years, great changes in the aquatic environment of the Yangtze River, the number of many aquatic animals, including wild Chinese sturgeon, including a substantial reduction.Through local legislation to further strengthen the protection of rare and endangered species of sturgeon that, it is necessary.May 9, Guangdong Province, the major public health emergency response level dropped to three.So far, only Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Hubei, Tibet, six provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to maintain two responses, 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been adjusted for the three response levels, Qinghai, Xinjiang was four response.Original title: Ministry of Public Security released the latest Class A warrant, to see this eight fugitives call the police

Li Yonghong, male, Han nationality, born in October 1952, Shanxi Yicheng people, graduate degree.September 1984 joined the Chinese Communist Party, in October 1970 to work."By 2020, the Budget Committee will strengthen communication and contact with relevant departments of the State Council, such as taxation, pay close attention to consolidating and expanding tax cuts drop fee productive situation, especially the impact of policy measures related to pneumonia infection for novel coronavirus taken, the urge promote and carry out relevant work, continue to implement the various tax drop off the fine fee policy measures, continued to play down the effect of policies fee tax cuts ". Editor: Zheng YapengFourth, the current students outside is not yet back to school, the school will be announced in the higher level.recently,Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Protection and Services global emergency hotline (24 hours):

Currently, around grade three are opening up, but also have to face the entrance of repeat students who have attended training institute is not listed, there are still more than ten provinces for the resumption of classes at training institutions in line arrangement is not clear.Although Trump Government and China's "decoupling" component part of the campaign there is a threat, but through "strangle hold" and other means to suppress China's aggressive strategy has largely completed the mobilization in the United States, it has been difficult as a trend reversal.Source: Zhejiang Online Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengMay 2007 to January 2011, he served as party secretary Jinzhong;Zhang copper steel (fugitives number: T1502000500002018071100), male, Han nationality, April 8, 1979 birth, domicile: Inner Mongolia Baotou Hondlon District Ouphone Regency area 12 No. 402, ID number: 150207197904081019. Suspect Lin Jianchen photoIn China, we should vigorously create a mechanism and atmosphere conducive to technological innovation, but also social governance while preventing the formation of China's "reaction" to the United States struggle, we must prevent the rise of the conservative thinking.Internal unity of the true long-term needs of China and the United States struggle, it needs to establish within our more dynamic, more relaxed basis.This beauty game pattern is the most stamina, the more we will fight stronger, grew in courage.As of May 13, the country has 21 provinces deployed classes started training institutions working for the college entrance examination repetition of Health, the epidemic situation in conjunction with the rest of the provinces are judged ready.(Total station CCTV reporter Gao Chen source) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang Shen

1.2016 undergraduate students and 2017 graduating college seniors who temporarily return to school;Chu Zhaohui told China Newsweek noted that in 2000 after the introduction of Shenzhen in order to find ways to develop resources in the field of higher education, just at this time a lot of development of the mainland universities encountered a bottleneck, so the Office of the Shenzhen branch, the Institute as a development direction.Original title: Zhejiang: Provides detection evidence of the last seven days to Zhejiang Shulan personnel requirementsMay 8, Shulan City, Jilin Province notified one case of local confirmed cases in the province within 73 days no new confirmed cases of the recording is terminated.May 9, Shulan adjusted from low-risk area is in the risk zone; May 10, local Shulan confirmed cases soared to 11 cases, it is adjusted to the only high-risk areas of the epidemic, but also with prevention and control measures He rose to the highest level.After 2016, the Ministry of Education to take to tighten the trend of off-site Running Colleges and Universities.Han Wei told China Newsweek, remote school in 2018 after the Ministry of Education No. 215 document issued, it is difficult to implement basic.These colleges clear retreat accommodationEmergency response level down, indicating the scope of public health emergencies, the nature and degree of harm reduced.But in the current outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, did not show the recent local confirmed cases in Beijing, Shanghai, remained two responses to public health emergencies; emergence of local clusters of confirmed cases of Heilongjiang, Jilin, but the response level for the three, so many people had doubts."Good," King is not long, remote education colleges and universities ushered in a turning point.However, the hope of landing campuse.People leadership recently in message boards, there is a message to the Inquirer, said Shenzhen Party Secretary Wang Wei in "Shenzhen, Wuhan University campus canceled, is it true?"Shenzhen City Bureau of Education replies," according to the higher authorities required the city to discuss the introduction of Shenzhen, Wuhan University campus construction project had to be terminated."The majority of the city's urban and rural residents:"Usually to wash their hands, epidemic season in respiratory diseases adhere to wear masks, as little as possible to go to crowded places."Jiang Qing-wu said the new crown pneumonia epidemic is entering normalization, the public still maintain a certain vigilance on the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the longer term, to develop good personal hygiene habits.+ 61-2-95505519 Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng+ 61-2-95505519 Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengMay 11, deputy secretary-general of Jilin Provincial Government, the provincial epidemic prevention and control guidance team leader Gaocai forest at the press conference, the State CDC epidemiological survey of experts has arrived in Da Shulan City, May 10, Jilin Province also sent more than disease control experts, and Jilin, Shulan integration grouping of CDC staff, divided into seven epidemiological survey group, the use of epidemiological survey, big data and other means of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection into comprehensive epidemiological investigation.

According to the Jilin provincial government informed the local epidemic in this wave, since the first case of local briefing confirmed cases as of May 13 at 0:00, Shulan City has confirmed 21 cases of local cases; one case and another case related spread Liaoning Province Shenyang city.By Mo Pai Shulan first local cases of confirmed cases, has found 20 cases of confirmed cases, close contact with 367 people, but still did not find a clear source of infection.Wu Yan said that this large-scale online teaching, scope, deep level, is an unprecedented initiative in the history of higher education in the world and the first experiments worldwide, not only successfully deal with the epidemic caused by suspension, stop teaching, closed crisis, stabilize the Wuhan university, Hubei university stabilize, stabilize the country's colleges and universities, but also created a new peak of online teaching in practice, to explore the new online teaching practice, the formation of a new paradigm of online teaching, to China higher education and the world of the future innovation and development of far-reaching reform of higher education. Editor: Zheng Yapeng(B) transit time over eight hours: According to the New South Wales states that all international inbound passengers must focus on isolated 14 days.For transit, passengers have landed at least 48 hours in advance of Australia New South Wales Department of Health website online application isolation exemption will not be able to leave the isolation focus point to Sydney Airport Transit.For details, see: https: // www.health.nsw.gov.au / Infectious / covid-19 / Pages / quarantine-exemptions.aspx"Regulations" clearly forbids the capture, killing the Chinese sturgeon.Due to special needs must capture shall obtain catching permit law.Shenzhen campus, but a corner of the school and the pattern of "one school three areas" Harbin Institute of Technology, in the eastern city of Weihai in Shandong, Weihai, Harbin Institute of Technology campus, "thousands of miles of coastline, a landscape painting.".In addition, according to the notification Xi'an Translation College April 30 released by: According to the students' practical semester stay (from May 6 to 12 installments back to school to school leavers July 17), in order to reduce the burden on students, according to two month stay computing, three-month retreat accommodation. Xi'an Translation College official website screenshot(Total station CCTV reporter Liu Ying Xu Ningning Li Chao) Editor: Zhang ShenAnd a number of colleges and universities definite start datesHenan Agricultural University, issued a notice explicitly, May 16 organized the first students back to school, mainly an urgent need to carry out scientific research and graduate students living in Henan Province.Recently, there have been reports 5G requires changing the card users, China Telecom 14 responded that China Telecom's existing 4G users do not need changing the card, as long as the replacement 5G 5G mobile phone business in the region will be able to use the signal has covered the 5G.China Telecom 5G SA security enhancements SIM card primarily for higher demand for enhanced security industry application scenarios, such as intelligent manufacturing, vehicle networking, telemedicine, smart city and other areas.(Reporter Liu Yuying) Editor: Zhang ShenNotification requirements, qualifying final year students are required to submit an application in advance where the faculty, approved by the school after returning to school.Back to school and graduation specific arrangements related notice.Beijing News News (Reporter Xu Wen) May 14, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the press conference focused on the work of the hospital admitted to the shelter.National Commission spokesman Wei Jian Song Shuli introduced from February 5 to start the shelter hospital patients admitted to the hospital last of the shelter cabin off March 10, 16 patients were treated in hospital shelter 1.2 million people, to achieve a "zero infections, zero deaths, zero back.".

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