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  2020-05-25 19:22:53,SEO研究中心(Xiv) to guide employees do personal protection.Employees should minimize unnecessary to go out, to avoid going to crowded places.Organization of front-line staff pre-service training, epidemic prevention and control knowledge to understand and master the new coronavirus personal protection knowledge, health habits and health emergency epidemic prevention and control methods.We advise those in the United States who do not into the drama too deep, too fascinated to advise American politicians about the thoughts and energy on the fight against the epidemic and maintain the safety of the American people up, to do their own thing, but mostly international cooperation in the fight against SARS to play a constructive role, and not preoccupied with how to divert attention, shifted responsibility. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengWangjing, a district director of the industry committee said the cabinet is to facilitate the acceptance express courier store owners, but for the time-out fee issue, many owners have expressed objections.Timeout fees does not appear in the previous act, and has been performing in the contract agreement."Beyond the agreed scope of the contract.If you insist on doing so, we also consider the removal of these groups express cabinet."Express contract with the cell operator cabinet industry, the Commission, in addition to the collection of fees is not agreed, but also includes" exclusive agreement "is in addition to the company, the district may not introduce other brands courier cabinet.。。Internet access service establishments reopened。

  (A) annual examination 2020 second English listening test machine, time: June 13 to 14.Visitors should be kept a safe distance between people, to avoid the gathering, if necessary, police officers will take limiting measures.Dispersion sit while waiting in reception areas and avoid crowding, crowding together.Please leave a timely and orderly reception venue after the problem, reduce personnel gather.Original title: for the first time in a single month of positive growth this year!Jiangsu Province, import and export value in April 3662.800 million yuanThe patient with flight personnel from the entry Sanya City, the province that is in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control of immigration officers, full implementation of closed-loop management, centralized quarantine for 14 days and nucleic acid testing, test results were negative.。

  Original title: Feng nest should be charged, the 10 asked to be solved!The Consumers Association has been vocal。。

  As for the "invisible costs", according to Jiangsu TV May 11 reported that Nanjing, a community self-built cabinets and express information system, courier charges unilaterally storage charges, took three years to break even, or even slightly thereafter profit.,(Ix) equipped with protective materials.Internet service establishments shall be equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, medical alcohol-free hand-washing disinfectant, disinfectant wipes and other protective materials, equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfection of medical alcohol and other items in a public rest area, toilets and other areas, for consumers and employees at any time disinfection.。

{标题}:During the visit to minimize the collective epidemic prevention and control, and where people reflect the same aspirations, press the provisions of the "Petition Regulations" elected five people (including) the following representatives, subject to staff guidance, and consciously accept the vaccination, safety inspections, promptly after the end of the reception ordered to leave the reception site, reduce the retention time, reduce the risk of infection, and consciously safeguard the order of petitioning.
(J) to strengthen epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity.Internet service establishments to make use of the official site, multi-channel micro-channel public number, prompt cards, electronic display, promptly publicize place operating rules during the epidemic and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, enhance employee and consumer awareness of epidemic prevention and control.

  Look at the "drug division"."Amendments storm", some vertical storm teacher performance garish, which incite violence most prominent are two: The Curse of the Police Children "survive 7 years old," "before the age of 20 killed," the Logos Academy teachers Dai Jianhui; and on social networking sites issued a "black police dead family" of Sacred heart Canossian College of Liberal Studies teachers have to rely bell.Last December, the Legislative Council passed a motion of Education, Department of Education requires teachers responsibility seriously investigated longitudinal violence, punish the publication of hate speech, teachers encourage students to participate in illegal rallies or street violence.But since then, there have still vertical violent "drug division," come out from time to time, such as the recent report of the teachers said to be the cause of the Opium War "by the British to send troops to attack China Non-Smoking" blatant to whiten the Opium War.,恐Training institute, repeat classes when high school education can be restored offline?Beijing on novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the press conference, City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi said, for off-campus training institutions, after the reopening of time to determine the next line, two Municipal Education Commission clearly off-campus with Wei Jian, disease control departments training institutions and the prevention and control standard conditions resume, the district organizations to assess the acceptance, after passing inspection can gradually resume classes.In his view, the courier company is enjoying cabinet courier services, rather than consumers.In fact, there should not be conflicts between consumers and courier cabinet.Direct settlement between the courier and express cabinet, is the ideal state.Throughout the process, consumers only need to dig money once, when is the next single.The remaining should be paid to the courier express company operator cabinet."Of course some people will say, if this courier likely to rise, but the market itself is now fully competitive, if an enterprise prices, consumers can choose to 'vote with their feet'."Tong Chao said that if the contract is not agreed, the operator began to express cabinet charges, are changing the contents of the contract, should be changed after mutual consent."But now many contracts cells have no such agreement, but also the process of charge without the consent of industry committee, which alleged breach of contract, does not work on jurisprudence."。

  (Xv) the establishment of communication mechanisms.Internet service establishments should establish an emergency communication mechanism epidemic, the epidemic reporting channel flow, timely detection of outbreaks should be reported to government authorities.Address: Beijing's Fengtai District, West Third Ring Road 1;。”但The circular stressed the need to strengthen epidemic prevention and control.Postal administrations at all levels and delivering of enterprises in accordance with the State Post Bureau work arrangements, continued work out a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.Enterprises should refer to "epidemic prevention and control practices recommended during the Post Express production workplaces" issued by the State Post Bureau, optimize manufacturing operations process management, earnestly implement wear masks, body temperature detection, disinfection of ventilation, avoid aggregation prevention and control measures, firmly and realistically fine catch normalization of epidemic prevention and control, to prevent aggregation of infection events.For epidemic prevention and control measures may not be implemented in the enterprise, we must resolutely correct specification, pay close attention to the implementation of rectification.Visitors should be kept a safe distance between people, to avoid the gathering, if necessary, police officers will take limiting measures.Dispersion sit while waiting in reception areas and avoid crowding, crowding together.Please leave a timely and orderly reception venue after the problem, reduce personnel gather.(Xiii) make the employees' health monitoring.Good employee health management in accordance with local requirements, master track employee travel, etc..When the pre-service staff to detect body temperature, fever, respiratory symptoms, and report to suspend work.。

  Original title: Shandong: Top-examination is scheduled for June 20 - 21, wereCity of Letters and Visits Office also opened a "petition Beijing" micro-channel public number, click on the menu numbers public - after "online petition online petition platform" to register log in, put forward their claims to the text, documents and images in the form.:(E) junior high school proficiency test (geography, biology subjects), high school proficiency exam eligibility to work, be postponed to late September.。






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