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  2020-05-29 14:36:24,SEO研究中心Information | Wuhan Changjiang Daily Daily news Click to enter the surging topics: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieIn addition, surging News reporter also noted that, Shulan City People's Hospital in response to the epidemic, also recently adjusted the department work: 1.Dentistry, ENT, ophthalmology, closing the office in the general outpatient department, and only emergency.2.Surgery is still the general outpatient visits and emergency room visits with reducing department visits.Hospitalized patients only carry out emergency surgery, surgical clinic appointment deadline.3.Gastroscopy, hysteroscopy is limited to emergency patients.4.Chronic disease outpatient clinic appointment to carry out.5.More clinics resume until further notice.Maren Yi: After I had the best start into the community to teach the book eight years, seven times seven years to 2084.Then there is the one amino acid business to a person familiar with this chemical, when I was deputy director in the enterprise, by the year 2006 after the financial crisis would not affect the amino acid.Finally, in 2006, I came out myself when the company staged a general manager of a private enterprise, is ×× Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in fire-resistant material piece, equivalent to professionally I only fire this.Now the company has 152 employees, the company gave each employee is paid a "five insurance", bought a social security, from 2009 to now for ten years, as of November 2019, the output value of the company now has more than 6,000 yuan per year.。。2020 May 12。

  Beijing News reporter Yi Zhou collaboration reporter Hou Shaoqing Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieOriginal title: two-day discovery confirmed cases, there is a big movement in Wuhan11 am, due to poor management area sealed off, the recent emergence of a new crown more than confirmed cases of pneumonia, East Lake District Evergreen Street Work Committee Zhang Yu new dismissal.Source: Beijing Youth Daily。

  He several requests:。。

  Zhang: Yes, but this time in the debugger, you can not just move up and down, you have to pay attention to safety points.This site should be able to think of anyone.,Hohhot People's Procuratorate news website May 12, 2020 May 11, Hohhot People's Procuratorate prosecuted according to law Hohhot branch of China Everbright Bank, former vice president Qin bribes, the crime of illegal loans case by Hohhot Intermediate people's Court pronounced the verdict.。

{标题}:Raw and: plus because the process of a younger child is still relatively small, still in school.
Navarro told Fox interview claimed to be responsible for the Chinese New crown epidemic.

  Original title: Do not panic stabilize!Jilin Shulan ready Contagion ready,恐Lirong Chen: Please try to Mandarin, Mandarin is not enough if the standard has nothing to.Ma always said he does not speak standard Putonghua afraid.Also in an interview with "Sunday Morning Futures" program interview, Navarro said that the US President Trump "with three years to create the world's most powerful, most beautiful economy", but "China with 60 days put it destroyed. ".Associate Dean of International Relations, Renmin University of China Jin 11 to accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that since the words and deeds of Navarro very unreasonable Recently, his performance is nothing more than out of personal prejudice, hostility and political strategy needed.According to "Jilin Daily" reported May 7, Shulan confirmed one case of a new crown indigenous cases of pneumonia, ending 73 consecutive days without the territory of Jilin Province new confirmed cases and new suspected cases of good posture.According to the country's new crown pneumonia epidemic zoning classification standard, May 9, Leading Group Office of the provincial epidemic prevention and control in a timely manner Shulan risk level adjustment from low risk to medium risk.May 9, Shulan add new domestic crown pneumonia diagnosed 11 cases.May 10, Shulan level of risk neutral risk-adjusted high risk.。

  Maren Yi: I have to say on these.Zhang Jun: Supreme Procuratorate have deployed requirements, the Attorney General should take the lead in handling the case, but difficult to do some complex cases, this case I think is not very difficult to stop for very complex, so why should we Attorney General directly responsible for it?I think it's because taking into account the multi-party liability, but also administrative complaint process more carefully some of the more robust, more particularly, to private enterprises, we paid special attention.Why should we pay attention to it?Xi Jinping, general secretary last November held a private business forum in Beijing, requiring equal treatment of private enterprises, encountered problems to deal with equal justice, equal protection.Justice procuratorial work to serve the overall situation of the country, not only China's judicial organs of the judiciary and the West is to do so.Private enterprises should especially be in accordance with the law equal protection today, related to employment, social stability, private entrepreneurs involved in criminal cases, can not catch catch does not catch, can not appeal the appeal does not appeal, will be sentenced to probation probation proposed recommendations.Seem inequality, it is not inclined to private enterprises, but essentially equal.Because in comparison to state-owned enterprises is concerned, private enterprise is weak, particularly in financing and so on, should especially be protected.So only by the Attorney General to do this case.。”但"Shulan issued" public micro-channel 41 points announced the evening of 11 11:05 month "hold Do not panic!Shulan supplies adequate, stable supply!": Recently, Shulan City Bureau of Commerce for epidemic prevention and control area of three large supermarkets to supervise and inspect the implementation of prevention and control measures to strengthen the material support, to ensure adequate supply of daily necessities of the people, price stability.Lirong Chen: You mean the contractor is affiliated private right?He is not willing that this money?Lirong Chen: He is deliberately trying to open the door in the morning when the door is open in the afternoon when the door came down, he did not know if open, then did not ask.。

  Wang Zhonglin pointed out that a decisive outcome is not equal to a decisive victory, emergency response downgrade does not mean anti-down, must not be taken lightly, careless, lax slack; we must clearly see that the epidemic entered the rebound and risks remain, always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control and resolutely put an end to formalism, to the prevention and control measures firmly and realistically grasp the floor, effectively forming a closed loop prevention and control.After a lapse of 107 days, Shanghai Disney Resort reopened May 11.Chinese tourists laughter here, but let the ocean White House hawks "caught mad.".:Raw and: I followed him for thirty years.。






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