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  2020-05-30 09:47:15,SEO研究中心If you include May 10 in Shenyang have reported 1 new confirmed cases, the same case as being associated clusters of cases Shulan cases.So far, this diagnosis on the patient Shulan epidemic chain of transmission has increased to 22 people.Points settled policy is an important measure to promote the implementation of the reform of the national household registration system reform and new urbanization, Zengpi a open, fair and transparent settled channels for long-term stable employment in Beijing legitimate and ordinary workers live.During the trial policy, we made a positive social effect, by 1.More than 20,000 qualified applicants get settled, so far, has handled 11189 people settled Children in 8631 who settled a total of 19820 people, the remainder being handled in succession.These people are showing to Beijing settled a long time, strong employment capacity, industry wide coverage and other characteristics, employment and live scores accounted for more than 60%, of which 98.6% of people 10 years and over in Beijing, the industry covering 80% of the existing industry classifications, accounting for 5 percent of college degrees, college graduates and below accounted for 2 percent, in line with the original intention of the policy for ordinary workers.Some places scattered rebounded in the area where disease and cases of the places, people in contact with intermediate screening can.Wuhan is now doing preparatory work, we need to figure out the base, or can not work。。The applicant small B for example, the September 1998 to August 2003-the-job and became an undergraduate, bachelor's degree, it has been normal in Beijing during the pay social insurance.According to the revised policy, small B September 1998 to August 2003, this time legally available indicators of stable employment and stable legal domicile total of 17 indicators.5 points, 15 points Educational background index points, while minus starting from the date of graduation to pay the first four years of continuous social insurance number of years and years of continuous residence (calculated as rental accommodation) points total of 14 points, this small B learning and employment experience The final score was 18.5 points, compared with the same period of employment not only school staff more than 1 point.。

  A: For a more fair and reasonable, while maintaining schooling and employment, housing fair starting point, to avoid legal education indicators and indicators of stable employment live scoring repeat, we further defined to optimize the social security and housing deduction rules in specific operations.Namely: education indicators were cf Fufen rules, since the graduation date, forward pay social insurance deduction consecutive years of age at the same time obtained in the corresponding period of residence and continuous integration, access to social security and integration during the period of residence less than the specified number of years, according to the actual get life points; did not get social security and integration period of residence is not deductible.See table below specifies:10Currently, Beijing formed a residence permit for the carrier of the "3 + 6 + 7" policy system, we have covered the resident foreign population.In accordance with the relevant provisions of national and Beijing, a residence permit holder entitled to "employment", "social insurance," "deposit, extraction and use of public housing fund" three rights "compulsory education" "basic public employment services" "basic public health services and family planning services," "public cultural and sports services," "legal aid and other legal services", "other essential public services prescribed by the state" and other six basic public services and "immigration certificates" "redemption, replacement identity cards, "" motor vehicle registration "" apply for a driving license, "" enroll in vocational qualifications, professional qualifications apply for a grant, "" handle birth registration and other family planning services evidence "" other convenient state regulations " and other seven convenient to protect the basic rights of the resident population in accordance with law.?Education indicators, increased the degree or obtain content only person integrable, social security withholding rules during school adjustment, and further reflects the education, employment fair starting point.。

  A: In the operation management rules, the legitimate stable residence in the unit dormitory indicators, continuous period of residence of rental accommodation to applicants in Beijing the same period the number of years of stable employment legal time limit from "January 1, 2017 (excluding) before." the words "the date of this Rule (excluding) before.".。。

  12,Source: River City Evening News Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng。

{标题}:Adhere to the policy guidance unchanged
May 13 confirmed cases notified 3, at 17:00 on May 1 to May 10 in Jilin City nine confirmed cases notified in the dinner;

  For if there is contact between the two?First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases physician Yucheng Bo, director of health told Times reporter, "There is a possibility that certain aspects of these 308 individual transfers or isolated there are some omissions.This situation requires repeated investigation whether the presence of the staff working in the pick-up vehicle or strict disinfection infections lead to an indirect.",恐The newly established China Shipbuilding Group, described as "large state-owned key enterprises", contains 147 scientific research institutes, enterprises and listed companies, with total assets of 790 billion yuan, employees 31 people.It has China's largest ship repair base and the most complete ship and supporting product development capability to design and construction in line with the global classification rules, technical standards and meet the general requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of ships marine equipment, is the world's largest shipbuilding group.For the first case had "contact with infected clothing," saying, the first Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases physician Yucheng Bo, director of health told Times reporter, according to the information currently informed point of view, through contact with infected clothing is only speculation, and there is no direct evidence.Streamline the tax indicators applicant in the context of tax-funded enterprises in Beijing will receive extra points in accordance with the ratio of capital to promote sustainable and stable tax, the tax adjusted amount of tax for the past three years and more than $ 100,000 per.。

  Original title: Jilin morning shut down, open-air food market supply adequateGrand Harbor professor of mechanical engineering team led by Huang Mingxin, the US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley team and the United States, the yield strength by adding material to start a new toughening mechanisms, significantly improve the toughness of the steel material, so the success of "Super steel "reached on the high strength, ductility and toughness of three important indicators of high-end steel products required a high level, higher than the performance of its current aerospace maraging steel, and the cost is only one-fifth.。”但Ding applicant, for example, from January 1, 2016 has been owned residence other boroughs live in six districts outside the city, working in six districts of the city of January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, 2018 on January 1 to December 31, 2019 other administrative work in six districts outside the city, in accordance with the revised policy, obtained 2 + 3 * 2 = 8 points post of living area index points when Ding declaration integral settled in 2020.3 remain unchangedOriginal title: Hong Kong University developed a "super steel" performance space than steel。

  November 13, 2019, the city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau website column for the community service points located in a notice posted on the Moumou other four people handling of fraud, and effectively safeguard fair competition in the declaration order, played a strong deterrent , won widespread community support.These four people, one person due to conceal criminal record cheat settled qualifications, for themselves and their children or wife made Beijing household registration be canceled; 3 proves for providing false identity information in the declaration phase change, was promptly canceled the declaration qualifications, clues It has been transferred to public security departments for further processing.Epidemic prevention politicized DPP drama in waves: engaging in "double standard", "only anti-continent, not anti-Europe", resulting in epidemic prevention break, let the people injured in the epidemic prevention and control; the island masks scarce, people can only buy hard times three weekly masks, they hat and no cattle, donated ten million face masks to all generous in Europe and America, one would like to through the "mask diplomacy" to expand "international living space" and " Phytophthora seeking independence, "and the safety of the people behind them; in response to the outbreak on the island's economy measures on the impact of people's livelihood, it is a mess, there is no professional - so-called bail-out measures have been approved as a public farce, like a boil paste porridge, is to see the people, drink it.△ Taiwan media reports bail-out "million chaos":On education, vocational living area, age, index optimization。






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