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  2020-06-02 13:09:05,SEO研究中心Zong Yi (fugitives number: T5001090000002019095123), male, Han nationality, March 5, 1988 born, long face, body slim, domicile: Mayu Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, three Matsumura, ID number: 330381198803054115. Lei Ye Jian suspect photoSince the exemption approval and convergence flights have greater uncertainty, Consulate-General in Sydney remind Chinese citizens choose carefully turn by returning to Sydney, rational planning personal travel.Zhang copper steel (fugitives number: T1502000500002018071100), male, Han nationality, April 8, 1979 birth, domicile: Inner Mongolia Baotou Hondlon District Ouphone Regency area 12 No. 402, ID number: 150207197904081019. Suspect Lin Jianchen photo。。In addition, since May 5, peak shifting back to school when school students according to plan the implementation of mistake, the school will return to school faculty, staff and students all free nucleic acid detection.。

  May 8, Shulan City, Jilin Province notified one case of local confirmed cases in the province within 73 days no new confirmed cases of the recording is terminated.May 9, Shulan adjusted from low-risk area is in the risk zone; May 10, local Shulan confirmed cases soared to 11 cases, it is adjusted to the only high-risk areas of the epidemic, but also with prevention and control measures He rose to the highest level.Second, due to flight Tiaojian, currently within Australia only non-stop domestic flights in China in Sydney.Sydney proposed by the transit of Chinese citizens to return home in addition to the first condition to be met, but also to comply with the NSW government about the transfer requirements.(B) transit time over eight hours: According to the New South Wales states that all international inbound passengers must focus on isolated 14 days.For transit, passengers have landed at least 48 hours in advance of Australia New South Wales Department of Health website online application isolation exemption will not be able to leave the isolation focus point to Sydney Airport Transit.For details, see: https: // www.health.nsw.gov.au / Infectious / covid-19 / Pages / quarantine-exemptions.aspxEpidemiologist, Public Health, Fudan University, former president Jiang Qing-wu said the emergency response level in the provinces, the provinces after the outbreak of their own judgment to set the overall situation, it is difficult horizontal comparison across the country, a three provinces in response to the state of not more secure than the other two state response provinces.Compared with public health emergencies emergency response level, the provinces issued by counties (cities, districts) epidemic risk classification more realistic.。

  + 61-2-95505519 Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng。。

  Vice Minister of Public Security, deputy director of the national anti-crime office Du Hangwei requirements of national public security organs in accordance with the national anti-crime effectively do the deployment, under the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is normalized to implement the territorial responsibility as the main starting point to data war to fight, Technology war to achieve tangible results, synthetic war as the main means to propaganda, education is an important supplement to persuade overseas territory of two battlefield synchronization force, a strong push "clear" action.Ministry of Public Security of the Mafia involved in the evil one by one clear goal pursuit of fugitives responsible for the implementation of losses Dubu.,Original title: How to see the local epidemic local iteration?Expert: prevention and control, or to tighten the strings。

{标题}:Civil personality rights Chapter of the Draft of the previous draft, "the employer shall take reasonable measures to prevent and combat the use of authority, affiliation and other sexual harassment" to make changes, the "employer" to "agencies, businesses, schools and other units.".Experts said the move will bear the responsibility to prevent sexual harassment to further clarify the scope of the unit, which will help establish prevention of sexual harassment "firewall".  Editor: Zhang Shen
Linjian Chen (fugitives number: T2106040000002019085072), male, Han nationality, October 30, 1988 born, about 172 centimeters tall, domicile: Fuding City of Fujian Province, Liu Xiang Riverside Road No. 3, ID number: 352203198810300514.The suspect Li Xiaobing photo

  However, local colleges and universities make up the short board, but it is difficult to achieve leapfrog development.Chu Zhaohui told the China News Weekly, after Shenzhen University to do it, and not the actual effect of the original high expectations, Shenzhen higher education with social development does not match.,恐Original title: chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Shanxi Province People's Congress Li Yonghong original checkedShanghai Municipal People's Congress Law Committee Lord Rending Wei said the Chinese sturgeon is a national level to protect animals.In recent years, great changes in the aquatic environment of the Yangtze River, the number of many aquatic animals, including wild Chinese sturgeon, including a substantial reduction.Through local legislation to further strengthen the protection of rare and endangered species of sturgeon that, it is necessary.Why can not find the source of infection。

  Recently, there have been reports 5G requires changing the card users, China Telecom 14 responded that China Telecom's existing 4G users do not need changing the card, as long as the replacement 5G 5G mobile phone business in the region will be able to use the signal has covered the 5G.China Telecom 5G SA security enhancements SIM card primarily for higher demand for enhanced security industry application scenarios, such as intelligent manufacturing, vehicle networking, telemedicine, smart city and other areas.(Reporter Liu Yuying) Editor: Zhang ShenEmergency response level down, indicating the scope of public health emergencies, the nature and degree of harm reduced.But in the current outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, did not show the recent local confirmed cases in Beijing, Shanghai, remained two responses to public health emergencies; emergence of local clusters of confirmed cases of Heilongjiang, Jilin, but the response level for the three, so many people had doubts.。”但The majority of the city's urban and rural residents:"Regulations" a special chapter on the protection of sturgeon collaboration made provisions: First, to carry out law enforcement cooperation in the protection and management of sturgeon.Law enforcement cooperation with other relevant departments of the Yangtze River Basin, jointly combat related offenses.The second is to strengthen research cooperation.Synergy between the sturgeon resource surveys and habitat monitoring, research major issues of common Chinese sturgeon protection and management.The third is to strengthen cooperation sturgeon rescue.And other relevant departments of the Yangtze River basin shared housing rescue facilities and equipment and technical resources together to enhance the level of housing aid. Editor: Zheng Yapeng"The new crown pneumonia can not come out of thin air, 'the source of infection is unknown' only shows that prevention has not done a solid epidemiological investigation work is still room for improvement."Jiang Qing-wu said that in this case, the professional disease control institutions at all levels should provide support Shulan, from epidemiology, genetic analysis of the virus and other levels, trace the source of infection of local clusters of cases," if these jobs do a solid, there will be results, the outcome will be able to deploy more targeted prevention and control measures. ".。

  According to CDC epidemiological investigation of close contacts of confirmed cases, the situation now announced as follows:January 2011 to December 2015, the House Judiciary Committee People's Congress chairman of any province;:These full coverage, undergraduate courses covering science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, art, teach all the 12 disciplines.The types of courses, including a variety of categories of public courses, specialized basic courses, specialized courses, theory courses, classes, and other experiments, teaching model has a variety of forms live classes, taped lessons, Mu class, remote guidance."It is worth mentioning that, to restore the real scene virtual simulation and home exercise, 'cloud' fitness gym class also greatly enriched, innovative form and content of online learning, loved by everyone and welcome."Said Wu Yan.。






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