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  2020-05-30 09:01:16,SEO研究中心Han Guoyu appointed lawyer Ye Qingyuan think the reason the court to dismiss an incorrect mention Kang Gu.Taiwan's "Supreme Administrative Court" May 7 rejected Kang Gu pointed out that in the "Central Election Commission" to make the final decision whether to recall the establishment of the former, these procedural matters can not be the subject of separate lawsuits filed administrative."Supreme Administrative Court" that the object Han Guoyu application execution should be stopped, "Central Election Commission" April 17 release of Korean case established strike notice.Zhuge Research Center data to find room view also believes that in April, domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation further improved, enterprises to actively return to work to resume production, further weakening the impact of the epidemic on business.For most readers, he wrote a life of Ye Yong, the best written science fiction or documentary literature and history.Was alive, he has opened up the border of two forms of writing, find the most suitable mode of discourse.Today he bid farewell to this world, the impression is that he put down the pen, got into a space shuttle, shuttle to the endless world of science fiction and eternal historical sky. Editor: Zhang Di。。Learned that the launch of "Cloud II" 01 stars, 02 stars in the country LEO constellation for the first time the link between the satellite laser technology that can be achieved through long-distance communications technology in laser communication between satellites in orbit, can do not rely on transmissible ground station to improve real-time communication services.。

  Please long press Fanger Wei code Follow us or return to the top of the article, click Global Times?(Micro-channel public number ID: hqsbwx)] article_adlist -> Editor: Liu GuangboMay 15, National Bureau of Statistics announced in April the national economy transcripts, a number of key indicators have improved.Previously, Han Guoyu camp after the recall was the second phase of Joint clearance application to the court to stop the implementation of the Taipei High Administrative Court held that the case was not urgent need to intervene to preserve the Court, the lack of measures to protect the rights of temporary protection elements, 4 May 17, the court rejected.On the same day, Taiwan's "Central Election Commission" announced the establishment of Han Guoyu recall vote on June 6.Industry, in April, the national scale industrial added value grew 3.9% in March, compared with 1 drop.1%; 1-4 months, the national scale industrial added value fell 4.9% decline narrowed more than 1 to 3 March.5 points.。

  Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the national health committee: On this question the first to do a description.We now speak of "person to person" argument is popular or simplified to say, if it is a complete and professional said, should be "spread of the virus and the ability of communication between man and man.".In theory, there is the possibility of bacteria and viruses "person to person", but different propagation capabilities and modes of transmission of bacteria and viruses are not the same, some significant differences.For example, tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that spread strong, spread primarily through the respiratory tract.Norovirus is mainly through fecal - oral route of spread, spread ability and strong.Hepatitis B is caused by a virus, mainly through mother to child transmission and blood transmission.AIDS is caused by a virus, spread mainly through sexual and blood transmission, dissemination capabilities of both diseases is relatively limited.On this issue I would like to make such a statement.。。

  Australian Gene Technology Association, Xi Dingge (Marcel Dinger) said, "In terms of sequencing the genome, a large share of the Chinese market ahead.At present, China's large and technology as much as Illumina, they are real competitors on the market, there is a real potential for subversion.",State Council Information Office held a press conference at 2 on May 15 afternoon, introduce new crown pneumonia epidemic normalization prevention and control.At the meeting the United States Bloomberg reporter's question, said recent media reports said Wei Jian Committee of January 14 has been raised inside the country began to face a possible case of a pandemic virus, but after six days in January 20 publicly confirmed that the virus was able to "person to person" how is your comment?Some US officials claimed that China did not timely sharing virus information, data, etc., let's review how this?Thank you.。

{标题}:In the past, today it seems, do not have inspiration.In the seizure of "double victory" of the moment, to seek a clear need to develop more high-quality, firm, promising.
15, the reporter learned from the public security departments, integrated judged by the current normalization of epidemic prevention and control and road traffic needs change, to serve economic development, service enterprises return to work and students return to school to resume classes resume production, reducing the risk of cross-infection crowd gathered, to protect the safety and health of the masses, the city continues to suspend vehicle tail number limit line and vehicle number plates other towns morning and evening peak hours (weekdays 7:00 to 9:00, 16:00 to 19:00) measures to limit.

  January 19, after several groups before and after the Group of Experts and the continued efforts of local medical staff, we have a more accurate understanding of the ability to communicate between the new crown virus from person to person.So, January 20 State Council executive meeting decided to incorporate the new crown pneumonia legal infectious diseases, the implementation of "B A pipe" and other measures.Since then, the country's epidemic prevention and control situation it is more clear.,恐This morning, the Ministry of Education introduced the progress the school campus to resume classes and epidemic prevention and control, university entrance exams and graduates around, etc..Student Secretary, Ministry of Education Wang Hui, the Ministry of Education will be tight security epidemic prevention and control and test two strings with the relevant departments in time to guide the country focus on four areas:Some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, Chuzhou relevant units of public officials and relatives of the accused hundreds of people to attend the trial.The case will be scheduled for sentencing.Now looking back, the sudden new crown pneumonia is the first time the face of disease, early in the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we have accumulated evidence as fast as the existing conditions, deepen understanding, and gradually acquire new virus crown features, explore prevention law.At the same time, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, highly vigilant risk, and always to people's lives and health center, according to the law of scientific development of prevention and control policies, and perform their duties responsibly, strictly implement them.。

  BGI patients want to reduce the cost of whole genome sequencing to hundreds of dollars, Plantinga said it would make gene sequencing to be more widely applied.Plantinga said that as hindering privacy issues, Australia has no national database of genetic.Click into the Beijing News reporter Feng Qi topics: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang Jie。”但January 19, after several groups before and after the Group of Experts and the continued efforts of local medical staff, we have a more accurate understanding of the ability to communicate between the new crown virus from person to person.So, January 20 State Council executive meeting decided to incorporate the new crown pneumonia legal infectious diseases, the implementation of "B A pipe" and other measures.Since then, the country's epidemic prevention and control situation it is more clear.According to public security departments responsible person, for the May 18 city will implement the third batch of school reopened the case, in order to properly respond to resume classes brought traffic pressure, public security departments will be strengthened through internal tap the potential, scientific management, comprehensive facilities strategy, maximize the protection of the city's road traffic safety and orderly.One refinement of the "one school, one case of" grooming Paul Chang.Joint territorial Public Security Bureau, the transport sector and the establishment of educational administrative departments, schools and specific staff members "three contact mechanism", the formation of "one school, one special class," school-by-site survey, developed for the actual school situation, "a school case "plan to divert Paul Chang.Second all-out traffic control management and control.18 will start the highest level of service plans, all the police on the road, additional police in the key period from school, "a school more police" to strengthen the campus surrounding traffic control, maximize the protection of road traffic order.Further increase easy "disordering caused chaos," traffic violations intensity, sustained purification road traffic environment, maximize road capacity.Third, improve traffic safety around the school facilities.Students return to school in conjunction with epidemic prevention and control, comprehensive investigation of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and surrounding road in front of traffic signs and markings are incomplete, unclear and lack of traffic barriers and other problems, speed up the construction progress to ensure full specification before returning to school traffic safety around the campus facilities, eliminate potential risks of traffic accidents.Fourth, extensive traffic safety publicity and guidance.Safety Tips widely published by the media and new media platforms in Tianjin traffic police, real-time traffic information, enhance traffic safety publicity and guidance to the students return to school, parents and the public travel.For washing problem many small partners concerned, from the current forecast of view, Beijing, no rain the next three days, the weather is fine, the car wash index, very suitable for car washing, car washing index of five stars, you can rest assured that arrangement, but to remind junior partner, today washing may be a long row of large team, we suggest that peak shifting car wash; and Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places want to wash a small partner best action again tomorrow or the day.。

  Some backbenchers frequently hawkish remarks on the China issue, the sound even overshadowed the government officials.Australia's opposition Labor Party criticized the government Morrison lack of diplomatic flexibility and discipline in this matter, did not manage relations with China, and even sit against China's ruling coalition backbenchers to dominate relations with China.14, citing an interview with Sky News Labor leader Albanese said the government did not do the appropriate Morrison diplomatic efforts in announcing the promotion of international outbreak investigation, and some backbench MPs sound bigger than the Minister of Foreign Affairs."If we can hear the foreign minister rather than George Christensen such people stand, it will become more skilled.".Last month, exports grew 8.2% but not overly optimistic about the prospects:Liu Aihua admitted at the press conference, the urban survey unemployment rate in April reached 6%, one percentage point higher than the previous year's survey unemployment rate over the same period, indicating that the employment pressure is indeed a large.。

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