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  2020-05-27 01:23:54,SEO研究中心Shanghai first round of reform will be closely integrated central environmental inspectors rectification and municipal environmental inspectors, leading cadres performance appraisal system up to speed up and improve the ecological environment and improve the quality of public satisfaction at the core, to fight pollution prevention campaign of full deployment and achieved remarkable results.Since 2017, Shanghai completed a comprehensive clean energy alternative to the small coal-fired boilers, the full realization of ultra-low emissions from coal-fired power plants, industrial enterprises volatile organic compounds governance in the nation; the central city to promote ecological corridor, parkland and features Parkway construction, green space per capita more than 8 square meters.Shihe District Xinyang City Board of Education on a small Shihe "brush face into the campus" situation description of the event feeStudent Secretary, Ministry of Education Wang Hui: We hope that through the "Hundred Days sprint" action, mobilize all social forces, hope the community, especially employers actively involved, opening up new channels of employment, college graduates together to achieve "steady employment "" security of employment "objectives and tasks.(Total station CCTV reporter Pan Hongxu) Editor: I wish Gabay。。Shanghai attaches great importance to the work of the inspectors, while the Governor and reform, enact reform legislation to address the large number of outstanding ecological and environmental problems around the masses.As of December 2019, the Inspectorate turn to do the reports from the public issue has gone through 1653, which ordered rectification 1433; 714 filing penalty, a fine of 75.7 million yuan; an investigation and detained six people, interviewed 321 people, accountability 10.。

  Shanghai municipal government should be based on the report of inspectors, working out a reform program, within 30 working days to report the State Council.Implementation of the rectification and reform program must be open to the public in accordance with the relevant provisions.These issues, the US politicians to answer truthfully, to the world an explanation.(Reporter warm)It reads as follows:"The new service" by providing data analysis, process optimization services, customer development, distribution and other services under a series of lines, and these service tools, process technology, which greatly reduces the threshold of innovation and entrepreneurship + Internet services, also reduced the risk of innovation and entrepreneurship, to increase employment, improve social services supply and so has a great role in promoting.。

  These issues, the US politicians to answer truthfully, to the world an explanation.(Reporter warm)。。

  Reform must also be firm for a general lack of patriotic education and the history of Chinese education, school education sector in Hong Kong, confidently promote national education, history education rectification of names, standardization.Some critics say the education sector in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's return 20 years, primary and secondary education is not complete "de-colonization" of the reform, some of the British Hong Kong during the Chinese distorted sense of national identity, history and civic education is taught to students retained directly down has led many Hong Kong young nation, and the "one country" full of prejudice, and some even hold high the flag of the United States, the British flag, participation in illegal demonstrations.This is a serious problem.,During the evening peak, east, west, north of the city's Second Ring Road, Third, Fourth, Fifth Ring and Chang'an Avenue, Fushi and other tie-line traffic pressure, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengde, Airport Expressway, Beijing opened high-speed Beijing-fast, Fushi and other tie-line direction of Beijing there will be traffic jams.。

{标题}:Among them, Dacheng Road, Fengtai District, Wumart supermarket store collection container due to failing to set up garbage, was ordered to make corrections to the scene, and will face a fine of 3 1000-30000 yuan.To identify problems of law enforcement in the early check in, Haidian District, Hui Temple Courtyard 7 Beijing Urban Construction Property Co., Ltd., Haidian District, on the Sixth Street building Deshang Kant Panda Van (restaurant), are due not to put garbage classification corresponding the collecting container identification, was the scene ordered to make corrections, and the sub-office of $ 1,000 fine; Renji Hills community living garbage management responsible - Beijing Huimin Renji Property management Co., Ltd. for consumptive muck muck did not apply for cancellation Carolina license, was the scene ordered to make corrections, and impose a $ 2,000 fine; Beijing Hong Run Samson cleaning services company for classification fails to collect, transport different types of garbage, was ordered to make corrections to the scene, and impose a fine of 10,000 yuan.
It reads as follows:

  Exposure to American politics virus epidemic,恐Inspector requirements, Xi Jinping Shanghai to firmly implement the ideas of ecological civilization, and resolutely carry the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection.To hold on to consolidate the achievements, maintain strategic focus of environmental protection, without wavering, no slack, no chap.To further strict law enforcement, compaction responsibility, inspectors focused their attention on reform, accelerate the ecological environment of the Yangtze River restoration.According to discipline in accordance with regulations to be serious responsibility according to the law, the issue of negligent of its duties, instructed relevant departments to further in-depth investigation, clarify responsibilities, in accordance with relevant provisions of serious, precise and effective accountability.The need to carry out ecological damages or the need to bring public interest litigation, should the relevant provisions.According to reports, this year will expand the scale of graduate admissions, an increase of 18.90000.Top-scale expansion of colleges and universities, an increase of 32.20,000.The Ministry of Education recently issued a document to do the work in 2020 Undergraduate deployment, mainly to preventive medicine, emergency management, pension management services, e-commerce and other professional tilt.Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is currently working with the relevant departments to promote the work of second degree enrollment.Lies "script" ed no matter how, can not hold the audience's boos。

  Prosecutors in the prosecution phase of the litigation rights of the accused to inform law GAVIN enjoyed questioned the defendant in accordance with law, listened to the views of counsel.Panzhihua Municipal People's Procuratorate prosecution allegations: GAVIN defendant as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and illegally accepting other people's property, a huge amount, which shall be held criminally responsible for taking bribes.According to the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau, responsible person, to promote the "Beijing solid waste management regulations," further implementation, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the city, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau will lead the relevant municipal departments, district governments, regional management committee to carry out garbage classification comprehensive law enforcement work, to put in the garbage classification, collection, classification transport, sorting disposal violations occurring in four areas to investigate and punish, promote garbage classification body to implement the responsibility to promote the whole society to develop the habit of garbage. Click into the topic: Beijing garbage classification Editor: Zheng Yapeng。”但Although the world has entered a post-Cold War era long ago, but the Cold War mentality of some American politicians are still entrenched in the 21st century body of the second 10 years, and the idea is still rigid in the dustbin of history.This time, they dug out a series of lies "opposing everything" script from the trash, even worse is that this is a fabricated case in facing new global crown pneumonia outbreak of severe test.May 12, the first 105 games in Beijing novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control press conference.Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Xu Jian gave a presentation, to continue to do prevention and control of epidemic situation of judgments and assessments.School districts to implement the main responsibility and territorial responsibility, adhere to the case of a school, the class as a unit to achieve closed-loop management, in an orderly return to school to resume classes.Source: Shihe District Xinyang City People's Government website Editor: Zheng Yapeng。

  Some people so the US "anti-intellectual", the reason is very simple, that is trying to take China as a "scapegoat" to elute own culpability, deceiving the American people in order to profit in the next general election.China's fight against SARS wanton discredit the United States.Facing the new crown virus, prevention and control efforts China has made great efforts paid a huge sacrifice, fulfilled its obligations to the international fight against SARS.Some US politicians continue to attack, discredit, concocted all kinds of stigmatization of speech, it's no bottom line is frightening acts.:American politicians misjudged the situation, but also miscalculated.And by bullying powers, even if temporary enrichment, but also will make America overdraft face and the little remaining credibility!(Reporter Zheng informed)。

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