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Some American politicians in the eyes of ups and downs of the stock, has fluctuated votes, but there is no public health and life and death.They believe that "the United States has a strength far greater than in other countries", by virtue of power can "take-all world", it is above the international moral axiom and rule system, you can rely on "law of the jungle" rampant the world.In these people, the fig leaf of "freedom", "human rights" has long gone.So, where residents' deposits go of it?Series of special recruitment activities organized Hubei graduates Meanwhile, this year will expand the implementation of the "special post plan", will recruit 10.50,000 people, 5,000 more than last year.To further strengthen the school and kindergarten teachers are equipped to take "first job, then research" initiative, plans to attract more than 400,000 graduates supplementary schools and kindergartens teachers.The Ministry of Education will expand moderately with the relevant departments, "three of a help" "Western plan" and other central-scale grass-roots employment projects; to promote the state-owned enterprises, small and medium micro enterprises to absorb employment of university graduates; graduates to join the army to expand the collection of scale; encourage further intensify primary health care, community services and other areas of recruiting graduates; the development of more scientific research assistant jobs.Hong Kong's education that have long to solve this problem, first of all sectors of society should reach a consensus, a comprehensive review of the education sector has long suffered "spiritual opium" against.You know, condone, "Huang Shih" is condoned stretch black hands of young people, is poison the next generation; faire "toxic materials" hatred and violence spread unchecked, it is to put students into the dark and dangerous.US politicians of all parties, "the claws", things did not run their own.In the United States, minorities and people of color to highlight the impact of the epidemic in vulnerable.The new crown pneumonia deaths in New York, Hispanics and African-residents accounted for 34% and 28%, respectively; nursing homes, veterans homes and other long-term care facilities in more than one.60,000 people died due to the epidemic of new crown.From the development trend, various types of life services industry a platform of integration is becoming a trend.For example, take-away platform is integrated fresh electricity providers, household supermarkets, entertainment and other online services, combined with maps, online ticketing and many other formats, emphasis on service resources fully integrated to form a more comprehensive service life closed loop.In addition, this year a total of 44 college graduates in Hubei Province.90,000 people enrolled in the provinces Hubei Ji graduates 6.40,000.The Ministry of Education together with relevant departments and Hubei provinces to develop a "+ central place" "Ten batch" and helping Hubei.Among them, Hubei graduates organized a series of special recruitment activities, it has provided job information 32.40000.(Total station CCTV reporter Pan Hongxu) Editor: I wish Gabay(Qilu Evening News?One point Qilu reporters Gongyue Yue) Editor: Zhuxue SenJiading District investigation involving heavy metals business is not in place, groups of inspectors randomly selected three electroplating enterprises, are present not approved before construction, sewage treatment facilities and other issues set beyond the tube.Shanghai Painting Co., which hopes metal nickel-containing wastewater treatment facilities kangaroo beyond the tube; Shanghai Union of Metal Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in 2014 explicitly eliminated the use of hexavalent chromium passivation process, the scene of serious pollution problems.The first Central Inspectorate for environmental protection Pudong New Area landfill flanking water sampling"Loan demand has picked up, reflecting the economic activity began to improve."Wen Bin said that in April the central bank continued to guide financial institutions to cut LPR encourage enterprises to reduce financing costs and improve the relevance and effectiveness of financial institutions to increase credit support to the real economy.Financial institutions should make mortgage loans, is credited with Quicken Loans, continue to increase the fight against SARS enterprises, small and medium micro enterprises, manufacturing, infrastructure and services in the field of long-term loans, business loans and residents to promote moderate repair loans.At the same time, the United States all the "fans of the operation" Similarly puzzling.World Health Organization announced the suspension of funding, increase Iran, Venezuela and other countries of sanctions, despite the risk of spread of the virus to speed up the repatriation of "illegal immigrants" . a series of practices to Latin America, was simply trying to cover up the fact that their uncontrolled epidemic prevention and control, transfer of global sight , to avoid spread of the epidemic responsibilities.According to the Hong Kong SAR government education department statistics, since last June to the end of this year, we received a total of about 171 teachers may be involved in professional misconduct complaints, mostly involving published hatred, curses and other inappropriate remarks.A high school assistant principal actually curse "black police dead family" "police-year-old children will not survive.".These educators should use their dissemination of knowledge, teach people to perform good deeds of power and resources to spread the seeds of violence hatred, breaking the teachers' professional bottom line, the loss of morality, is the shame of the education sector.So, ban "spiritual opium", the most critical part of this is to remove bad "Huang Shih".So, where residents' deposits go of it?

Third, a number of regional issues highlighted River sewage discharge.Shanghai first round of reform will be closely integrated central environmental inspectors rectification and municipal environmental inspectors, leading cadres performance appraisal system up to speed up and improve the ecological environment and improve the quality of public satisfaction at the core, to fight pollution prevention campaign of full deployment and achieved remarkable results.Since 2017, Shanghai completed a comprehensive clean energy alternative to the small coal-fired boilers, the full realization of ultra-low emissions from coal-fired power plants, industrial enterprises volatile organic compounds governance in the nation; the central city to promote ecological corridor, parkland and features Parkway construction, green space per capita more than 8 square meters.And China, with its huge population of 1.4 billion, epidemic prevention and control warfare made significant strategic results.Hard-won gains, thanks to the party and the government and people highly responsible attitude to the whole country and efficient action, and saving lives is the top priority at all.Fourth, the relevant recommendationsShanghai first round of central environmental inspectors rectification has yielded significant results, but some localities and departments to implement the work is still a gap, there is a perfunctory rectification, the rectification of surface phenomena.

In addition, in late April the stock of social financing scale of 265.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 12%; April social financing scale in increments of 3.09 trillion yuan, over the previous year.42 trillion yuan.According to statistics, this year's college graduates from 52 poor counties not uncap a total of 13 families.29 people, including filing card established family of four graduates.55 million people.Student Secretary, Ministry of Education Wang Hui said it would help this part of the implementation of special student employment.Fifth, the "new service" is the direction of national policy support, but also the direction of development of the electricity supplier industry, service industry's future.Whether it should take responsibility for hidden epidemic?In the end when the epidemic was first appeared in the United States?Throughout the United States last year, the so-called "flu" in possession in the end how many new cases of pneumonia crown?US tight-lipped about why key information on its function, use a safety factor of biological laboratories in the world such as the establishment of?The United States can invite WHO and national experts to look into?Deplores aside, one wonders why so many inexperienced people took to the delinquency of minors astray?These issues, the US politicians to answer truthfully, to the world an explanation.(Reporter warm)Internet Care Services made remarkable achievements in 2019, 15 pilot medical home care agencies to provide Internet service, the service reached 3.30,000 people adapt to people's diverse health needs.Care system gradually improve, one hundred twenty-three care system to further improve the rapid development of specialist care, nursing innovation has become increasingly active, the basic set up long-term care service system "to support institutions, community-based, home-based".Beijing to encourage social capital to do medicine, nursing services to promote the development of the city's existing seven nursing homes, nursing stations 22, effectively expanding the supply of primary care services, and promote the construction of grading treatment system. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng

From the government point of view, the focus should be on how deregulation.2020 February 14th Central Committee comprehensively deepen reforms passed the "Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the development of reform and opening up service industries," which requires classification services to relax access restrictions, building supervision system.For the trend line of the service, to study issues related to market access policy.Online entertainment, online cultural services, medical Internet, online education and other emerging industries, the competent departments to actively study more adaptive and targeted market access policy to promote its orderly development, especially to avoid the rigid market offline direct online access policy to apply, to the development of these industries adversely affected.To encourage consumers to actively expand online demand.Through credit protection and other aspects, to dispel consumer concerns about online spending, making it the flexibility to use a variety of online services, in order to achieve line of local life.Student Secretary, Ministry of Education Wang Hui: We hope that through the "Hundred Days sprint" action, mobilize all social forces, hope the community, especially employers actively involved, opening up new channels of employment, college graduates together to achieve "steady employment "" security of employment "objectives and tasks.(Total station CCTV reporter Pan Hongxu) Editor: I wish GabayInspectors believe that Xi Jinping Shanghai to adhere to the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly study and implement President Xi Jinping ecological civilization thought, closely around the important instructions instructions from the General Secretary Xi Jinping to Shanghai to work, from high population density, small geographical space, historical debts of reality, and actively explore new way ecological and environmental protection, environmental protection and ecological civilization construction has made remarkable achievements in the nation.Into May, the new crown virus raging in the United States, hundreds of people are infected, more than 60,000 people died of illness . unfortunately some US politicians did not put the main focus on epidemic prevention and control, but too busy with political show, kept spreading "political virus", exposing the naked American "law of the jungle".Cooperation between government and business platform, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure to meet the "new service" demand for new infrastructure."New service", the focus is not the flow of dividends harvest, but a new infrastructure.This new class of infrastructure not only include hardware, such as 5G, intelligent logistics facilities, and other things, but also includes various software and service platform.Software should be actively developed by a variety of "new services" platform.By government-enterprise cooperation, and promote the construction of new infrastructure.Again, no catering truck, catering cabinet intelligent, smart courier cabinets and other facilities, is of great significance for the development of new services.These facilities are large upfront investment, long payback period, need to have some policy support.In some areas, you can pilot a new service policies related infrastructure of public services.Original title: Henan Xinyang a primary school face brushed into the campus for a fee local Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC involved in the investigationProsecutors in the prosecution phase of the litigation rights of the accused to inform law GAVIN enjoyed questioned the defendant in accordance with law, listened to the views of counsel.Panzhihua Municipal People's Procuratorate prosecution allegations: GAVIN defendant as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and illegally accepting other people's property, a huge amount, which shall be held criminally responsible for taking bribes.Source: Daily NewsInspectors found that, in recent years, with a substantial increase in the amount of nanotubes sewage, sewer overflows straight row cases have become more prominent.Municipal Water emphasis on the lack of sewage treatment capacity is not a problem, the sewage treatment capacity-building overall progress is slow, this should be on building the "five-second" period Taihe sewage treatment plants, Anting sewage treatment plant expansion project and other projects progress lags behind.2018, the city's sewage treatment plant sewage overflow traffic up to 58 tons / day, an increase of 45% compared with 2016 first-round Inspector."The new service" has the following characteristics:Generally believed that service with a synchronous production and consumption, and the "new services" With digital technology, make this synchronization diminishing.Online education, for example, now most of the educational process can achieve a time-resolved, this greatly increases the flexibility of service provision, thus opening a new space for the development of service industry."The new service" can also be part of the solution consumers lined up with the co-existence of excess capacity problem.A large number of service processes can not be stored, so businesses must be prepared in accordance with the service capacity of the largest traffic, which will inevitably lead to excess capacity problem.And consumers to shop randomness, can cause problems consumers waiting in line, which reduces the productivity of the service sector, but also undermines consumer experience.By digitizing appointments, stores and other intelligent transformation, to improve the consumer experience.Home services through precision mode, to avoid excess production capacity.However, this anti-China hiding in a dark corner script concocted by politicians from the United States, although Hey, it can not become a shield against viruses.The face of the epidemic, who is the enemy and who is a friend?In a time and space are constantly closer to the world of public health environment for all closely linked, regardless of national boundaries and national viral infection is the common enemy of all mankind face.Countries need to work together to address the crisis, establish defense cooperation.But as the world's number one power in the United States at this time was busy thrown pot haggle, playing "play to kill," the trick, the interference of the world unite to fight the epidemic, which is the irresponsible behavior of humanity, it is a poison.American politicians misjudged the situation, but also miscalculated.And by bullying powers, even if temporary enrichment, but also will make America overdraft face and the little remaining credibility!(Reporter Zheng informed)

May 12, the first 105 games in Beijing novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control press conference.Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Xu Jian gave a presentation, to continue to do prevention and control of epidemic situation of judgments and assessments.School districts to implement the main responsibility and territorial responsibility, adhere to the case of a school, the class as a unit to achieve closed-loop management, in an orderly return to school to resume classes.Generally believed that service with a synchronous production and consumption, and the "new services" With digital technology, make this synchronization diminishing.Online education, for example, now most of the educational process can achieve a time-resolved, this greatly increases the flexibility of service provision, thus opening a new space for the development of service industry."The new service" can also be part of the solution consumers lined up with the co-existence of excess capacity problem.A large number of service processes can not be stored, so businesses must be prepared in accordance with the service capacity of the largest traffic, which will inevitably lead to excess capacity problem.And consumers to shop randomness, can cause problems consumers waiting in line, which reduces the productivity of the service sector, but also undermines consumer experience.By digitizing appointments, stores and other intelligent transformation, to improve the consumer experience.Home services through precision mode, to avoid excess production capacity."The new service" also has the practical needs of developing.For example, take-away food and beverage, fresh electricity providers, instant delivery, booking services, greatly enhance the ease of life of urban residents, with the continuous improvement of instant distribution network, expanding the scope of instant distribution, consumption will further enhance the quality of change consumer experience.The original layout of the city is concentrated in the city center contradiction complete consumption facilities, and gather a large number of consumers, crowds will bring convenient services, but the crowd also gave consumers a traffic jam, wait in line for bad service experience.And in the era after the outbreak of the epidemic prevention work crowd will also bring new risks.Full service digital life link that will address the core contradiction, the city improved the layout mode.From the point of view of urban traffic, according to Baidu map released "2018 Annual Report of Chinese Urban Transport", urban traffic travel destinations, accounting for 15 everyday life.7%, recreation accounted for 31.34%.Both accounted for half of the overall purpose of the trip.The daily life, personal services accounted for 4.08 percent, leisure and entertainment, shopping accounts for 18.51%, accounting for 9 food.96%.If you can push these digital living services industry, will be beneficial to ease urban traffic conflicts.According to the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau, responsible person, to promote the "Beijing solid waste management regulations," further implementation, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the city, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau will lead the relevant municipal departments, district governments, regional management committee to carry out garbage classification comprehensive law enforcement work, to put in the garbage classification, collection, classification transport, sorting disposal violations occurring in four areas to investigate and punish, promote garbage classification body to implement the responsibility to promote the whole society to develop the habit of garbage. Click into the topic: Beijing garbage classification Editor: Zheng YapengText / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing Wuwen JuanInspectors noted that environmental protection work in Shanghai achieved remarkable results, but the standard requirements of the central people's expectations benchmarking, benchmarking Shanghai location, there are still gaps and shortcomings.United States presidential election in the final analysis is the internal affairs of the United States, who is elected, the Americans who are losing their choice.However, for the election of self-interest, malicious kidnapping, wanton vilification of his country, to deceive and mislead international public opinion, it is beyond the scope of internal affairs, international politics is blatant hooliganism, must resolutely oppose and resist.(Reporter according to Yang Jun)Notice that the fees in accordance with the "Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province Department of Finance Circular on college entrance examination fees of" (Lu Development and Reform cost [2019] No. 1087) to perform, language, mathematics, foreign language (written) examination standard fee $ 40 for each subject, each candidate will be required to pay summer college entrance examination fees totaling 120 yuan.Beijing News Alert Recently, Xinyang brush face a primary school into the school to be measured body temperature raised concerns regarding payment.May 12, Xinyang City Shihe River District People's Government website posted note on the incident, said the company has been in touch with China Unicom, refund the fees charged.Up to now, the fees charged have been refunded in place.In addition, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation JISC.In 2020, the fight against the epidemic process to home services, community shops, fresh electricity providers, online entertainment, online medical, online office, online education is characterized by digital services, the protection of basic social life, avoid social panic, to prevent the spread of the epidemic has played a significant role.On the other hand, the epidemic of services online, pattern innovation, service separation and so had a big popularity.Consumers have become accustomed to during the epidemic online service to address the needs of various life, and major life service platform, business platform, online office platform, super entity, the entity affecting service shops, educational institutions, medical institutions in the epidemic under , attaches great importance to service lines of, resulting in a lot of the new service model.Among them, the real economy, RMB loans issued increased by 1.62 trillion yuan, an increase of 750.6 billion yuan; the real economy issued foreign currency loans increased RMB 91 billion yuan, up by more than 124 billion yuan; entrusted loans decreased by 57.9 billion yuan, 61.8 billion yuan less year on year decrease; increase trust loans 2.3 billion yuan, a deceleration of 10.6 billion yuan; undiscounted bankers' acceptances increased 57.7 billion yuan, an increase of 93.4 billion yuan; corporate bonds net financing 901.5 billion yuan, up by more than 506.6 billion yuan; net government bond financing 335.7 billion yuan , up 107.6 billion yuan less; domestic non-financial corporate equity financing 31.5 billion yuan, up by more than 5.3 billion yuan.During the epidemic, with life industry digitized as representative of the "new service" is on the rise.The development of "new services", there are still many problems to be further addressed.

Does no one find it?The panel found idling regulatory responsibility, layers fall, make a nest "Shuoshu" advantage of the loophole, his fat belly.




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