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  2020-07-11 18:31:17,SEO研究中心Original title: People's Liberation Army to provide material assistance to 12 countries and epidemic prevention forcesThird, pay close attention from high-risk to low-risk adjustment in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin market outside the area, Nangang District, Daoli District, Hulan District, A District, Mulan, Suifenhe Mudanjiang City, District, Xi'an; Fushun City, Liaoning Province Shuncheng ; Chaoyang District, Beijing, Inner Mongolia personnel to enter, where health passcode "green code" and held seven days prior to nucleic acid testing proved negative, may return to school resumed normal production complex; health passcode "green code" but can not provide proof of nucleic acid testing of the 24 hours required for the inner Mongolia 1 nucleic acid detection, nucleic acid detection of negative, production can be resumed as in the normal return to school.Two sessions is expected to be more "fight against SARS imprint".China's power Fightpandemic embodied the spirit of China, Chinese efficiency will be summarized and discussed hot topics; the next step to improve the accuracy of the normalization of prevention and control of, or on behalf of members will take suggestions and ideas; for the fight against SARS exposed problems make short board, loopholes, strengths and weaknesses should also be the focus of the meeting.For example, how to further rationalize the health system reform and disease prevention and control system, enhance the epidemic monitoring and early warning capacity, improve major epidemic, public health emergency management and treatment system, etc..。。Fourth, to further rural old-age padded short board, to ensure that tackling poverty fight and win.Continue to promote the legal registration of the nursing home, in an orderly way of life can not take care of themselves and have concentrated support the needs of poor people should do to raise support, and continue to promote the "three Tri-State area," nursing home care beds type construction.Fifth, to further improve the quality of nursing home services building long-term mechanism to promote the introduction of a comprehensive regulatory service pension policy measures, strengthen the building of pension services, improve service level of information.。

  The State Council held a joint prevention and control machine developed at the time of 13 May 15 news conference to introduce the new crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention work, the Commission invited the national health Disease Control Bureau, China CDC officials and relevant experts to answer media question.Wuhan East Lake 6 patients from the same area, the source of infection is unknownCurrently, the airport baggage tracking service is in pilot operation phase, take Air China Beijing - Chongqing, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines Beijing-Shanghai Express - round-trip passenger flights Changchun, available through "airport" the official APP or "Beijing Capital International Airport "micro-letter applet luggage bar code scanning, baggage realize the whole process of tracking and queries.Healthy Times reporter access to health Heilongjiang Netcom health committee official newspaper, found incomplete statistics, only April 13 and 14, two days, enter new confirmed cases outside the 128, there are 24 cases of permanent residence to Shulan, which , 13, 14 cases, 10 cases of 14, are entered Russia.。

  Highest honor!Once 12 people honors。。

  Two sessions this year held special node.From the epidemic prevention and control critical period appropriate to postpone the official convening of the two sessions, the epidemic prevention and control under the normal background "restart" two sessions, China has been out of the local epidemic "to the dark moment".Some foreign media commented that the two sessions to determine the time, indicating that China's new crown for the country's epidemic control are fully confident, showing that the country is returning to normal.,Li Jianjun said, is to see whether the central bank's monetary policy report, financial data or April, in general or to maintain ample liquidity in the market, which is not only to businesses the necessary financial support to the enterprise actually eat assurance, giving a expected liquidity ample, monetary policy is forward-looking guidance, help stabilize companies expected to better arrange the production and long-term business development.。

{标题}:Deputy Minister of high Xiaobing fully affirmed the achievements made in the last year special action, he pointed out that all localities and departments with a high degree of political consciousness, continue to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, relaxation and endless grasping nursing home quality of service, and gradually explore the establishment of nursing homes to improve the quality of service long-term mechanism to promote the focus of the work made new achievements.
Chinese government news network on the 12th, the State Council Leading Group for SME Development recently held its sixth meeting in Beijing.Conference organized by the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council Leading Group for SME development leader Liu He presided.

  Healthy Times reporter access to health Heilongjiang Netcom health committee official newspaper, found incomplete statistics, only April 13 and 14, two days, enter new confirmed cases outside the 128, there are 24 cases of permanent residence to Shulan, which , 13, 14 cases, 10 cases of 14, are entered Russia.,恐According to Li Zonghai introduction, of GPC3 is a carcinoembryonic antigen, involved in cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and apoptosis.Almost no expression in normal tissues, but is expressed in 70-80% of HCC,.GPC3 its tumor-specific, is considered to be a very promising target for tumor immunotherapy.Original title: Jilin City since May 7 tracked 21 cases of confirmed casesMinistry of Civil Affairs website news May 13, the day of Civil Affairs, Housing and Urban Affairs, the National Committee of health, emergency management, market supervision bureau five departments jointly held a teleconference in Beijing, the deployment in 2020 of the national nursing home quality of service construction of special action.Vice Minister of Civil Affairs committee member, Comrade high Xiaobing, Housing and Urban Affairs, the National Health Committee Health, Emergency Management, Marketing Administration of the relevant departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.Local civil affairs departments comrades attended the meeting venue.。

  Original title: world's first CAR-T in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma results published, CAR-T cells from the Shanghai team preparation chamber. Yan Chai Hospital mapLi Jianjun further pointed out that after the outbreak so far, high-level meetings and ministries repeatedly mentioned financial support to SMEs, to force the current time of economic recovery, financial support to ensure continuity and consistency, and compared to large enterprises, support for SMEs may be even more reflected in the rescue.。”但April 28, Guangxi Tiandeng new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention headquarters issued a bulletin pointed out that Guangxi Fuxin Tiandeng Zhenjiang Kishimura cloth shore village Xuwan Jie who stayed in the city of Guangzhou by the new Town sinks off the hotel has a new crown pneumonia cases, he is a close contacts.IV (including through the outer port area of the port of entry and the Inner Mongolia region) continue to implement control measures, "14 days centralized quarantine medical observation +14-day home quarantine medical observation +2 +1 times nucleic acid detection serum antibody test" for all immigration officers.It reported that a written reply to Mr Yau Hong Kong Legislative Council today to ask questions about the capacity Hain was set up instant messaging groups (known as the Hong Kong version "N, room") for members to exchange indecent video issue.Mr Yau said, on the Internet in recent months there have been incidents of social media group publishing pornographic and obscene articles, the police security network and Technology Crime Investigation Bureau has follow-up investigation and sent to the relevant social media groups and delete content requirements.Investigation is still underway and so far do not have any person arrested.。

  The findings by the Yan Chai Hospital Cancer Professor Zhai Bo, director of interventional team founder and Cozi Biomedical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ( "Cozi creature"), inventor CAR-GPC3 T cells work together to complete the team, Professor Li Zonghai.Original title: Rare!Australia and China this actually maintain a consistent .:Around the world, many countries and regions in the peak epidemic is not now, still "climbing stage", there are still many countries in the new cases every day the situation began to return to work to promote the resumption of production, the global fight against SARS is entering a new normal.As one of the world's major economies in the country out of the first outbreak of the crisis, China's actions in particular interest.From this perspective, this year's two sessions, more a kind of world significance.。






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